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comfortable, and durable nature they fulfil the The retail prices vary from 25 cents to $2.00% requirements of buyers who desire to make figures that allow the druggist a good profit. modest presents of real worth. Children's, ladies' and men's sizes are obtainable, and the retail prices vary from 50 cents to $3.00 a pair,

Here is a novelty for fall and holiday sella

It depending upon size and degree of ornamenta- ing that holds good profit possibilities. tion. The dealer's profit is from 50 to 100 per

is a non-tarnishable picture frame made of cent of the cost price.

nickel-plated steel and fitted with a velveteen

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desks, telephone operators attach it above their switchboards, housewives place it in their back. The silver-in-appearance frames are kitchens, doctors hang it beside their beds. Be- guaranteed not to rust or tarnish. A number cause of its manifold uses and low cost-$1.25 of the managers of large drug stores report —many customers will buy more than one. In that the article meets with a quick turnover lots of one dozen or less the price to druggists when accorded prominent display. is 90 cents each.

Displaying a case of this sort on counter Sweet-grass work-baskets constitute a nov- tops or in show windows has proved a source elty line that can be made to produce liberal of profit to many druggists. Automobilists returns with very little effort. They come in and others whose pleasures or occupations ex

pose them to dust and wind find that goggles


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GOGOLES a variety of sizes and shapes and are always in popular demand because of their manifold are practically a necessity. “Movie” patrons, uses. The delightful sweet-grass fragrance too, use the colored glasses to relieve the eyeadds greatly to their desirability. Deep round strain incidental to following closely the scenes baskets, similar to the one shown in our illus- portrayed on the screen. The goggles range tration, range in diameter from 4 to 12 inches. in price from 25 cents to $1.50 a pair.

tracted, and with too fine a powder there is a BOARD QUESTIONS ANSWERED

likelihood of “clogging.” Moistening the drug prepares the constituents for ready solution

and establishes an affinity between the cellular A MINNESOTA EXAMINATION.

contents of the drug and the fresh menstruum,

enabling the latter to permeate the cells by PHARMACY.

osmotic action. If the menstruum were to be 1. What are Seidlitz powders composed of, brought in contact with the dry powder, how are they put up, and which ingredient is absorption of the menstruum would take place wrapped in the white paper ?

very slowly or would be interfered with enSeidlitz powders (compound effervescing tirely. powder, U. S. P.) are made by dividing into

The moistened powder, after having been 12 equal parts an intimate mixture of 31 first passed through a sieve to break up any grammes of dried and finely powdered sodium lumps, should be transferred to a suitable perbicarbonate with 93 grammes of dried and

colator (having in the lower opening a piece of finely powdered potassium and sodium tar- moistened cotton) all at one time, and then trate. Each of the 12 parts is then wrapped in shaken down by tapping the sides of the vessel. a separate blue paper. The other portion of the The moistened powder is then allowed to reSeidlitz powder is made by dividing into 12

inain in that condition for a period varying equal parts 27 grammes of dried and finely from 15 minutes to several hours, unless otherpowdered tartaric acid and then wrapping each

wise directed; after which the powder is of the 12 parts in a separate white paper. One pressed by the aid of a plunger of suitable set of the two powders (a blue and a white) dimensions, more or less firmly in proportion constitutes a "Seidlitz Powder."

to the character of the powdered substance and 2. (a) If a customer wanted to take a Seid- the alcoholic strength of the menstruum. litz powder, how would you mix it? (6) The smaller end of the percolator should be What happens when the two solutions are fitted with a perforated cork-stopper bearing a mixed.

short glass tube extending from 3 to 4 cm. (a) By dissolving the smaller powder in a beyond the outer surface of the cork. The fluidounce or more of water and the larger in glass tube should be provided with a closely twice or three times the quantity and then mix- fitting rubber tube, at least one-fourth longer ing the two solutions. The customer should than the percolator itself, and ending in andrink the mixture before it has ceased to effer- other short glass tube, whereby the rubber tube

may be so suspended that its orifice shall be (b) A reaction takes place between the tar- above the surface of the menstruum in the pertaric acid and the sodium bicarbonate, by which

colator. sodium tartrate is produced, adding somewhat The percolator is then placed in position for to the laxative property of the draught, and percolation, the rubber tube (for regulating the carbon dioxide escapes, causing a brisk effer- flow of the percolate) is fastened at a suitable vescence. The acid is in slight excess, and thus height, the surface of the powder is covered causes an agreeable acidity in the solution. by an accurately fitting disk of filtering paper 3. Describe the process of percolation, giv

or other suitable material, and a sufficient quaning the reasons for each step in the process. tity of the menstruum poured on through a

In the process of percolation the first step is funnel reaching nearly to the surface of the to place the ground drug (which should be of paper. If these conditions are accurately obthe degree of fineness directed by the formula) served, the menstruum will percolate the powin a basin and moisten it uniformly with the der equally until it passes into the rubber tube, specified quantity of menstruum.

The same

and reaches in this a height corresponding to degree of fineness throughout the powder is its level in the percolator, which is now closely essential for the reason that the menstruum covered to prevent evaporation. The apparatus must be able to act uniformly on all parts of is then allowed to stand at rest for the time the powder. The degree of fineness is also specified in the formula. essential because with too coarse a powder the To begin percolation the rubber tube is lowmedicinal ingredients might not all be ex- ered and its glass end introduced into the neck


of a bottle previously marked for the quantity When red iodide of mercury is dissolved in of liquid to be received, if the percolate is to water by means of the addition of potassium be measured; or of a tared bottle, if the perco- iodide the result is a compound solution. late is to be weighed. By raising or lowering 7. What are infusions? this recipient the rapidity of percolation may The process of infusion is understood to repbe increased or lessened, as desired. A layer resent the solvent action of boiling water on of menstruum must constantly be maintained vegetable drugs during the time occupied in above the powder, so as to prevent the access cooling; it may be varied, as to a longer or of air to its interstices, until all has been added shorter period of time, according to the degree or the requisite quantity of percolate has been of extractability of the principles to be disobtained.

solved, and should always be conducted in The success of the process of percolation closed vessels. largely depends upon the regulation of the flow 8. In making infusions should the substances of the percolate. If this should be too rapid, be boiled? incomplete exhaustion will result; if too slow, No, for boiling is likely to destroy volatile valuable time may be wasted. The rate of flow principles or principles easily injured by heat. for extracts and fluidextracts for 1000 9. Give ingredients and method for making grammes of powder should range from 2 to 5 infusion of digitalis. drops a minute; for official quantities of tinc- To make 1000 Cc. of infusion of digitalis tures and preparations of about the same proceed as follows: strength from 8 to 15 drops a minute. The Upon 15 grammes of digitalis (bruised), proper rate of flow varies, of course, with the contained in a suitable vessel, pour 500 Cc. of quantity and character of the drug employed boiling water, and allow it to macerate for an and the density of the menstruum.

hour. Then strain, add 100 Cc, of alcohol and 4. In the extemporaneous preparation of 150 Cc. of cinnamon water to the strained chalk mixture, would you use a mortar? Why? liquid, and pass enough cold water through

A mortar should be used, as directed by the the residue on the strainer to make the product Pharmacopæia, for the reason that in no other measure 1000 Cc. Mix well. way can a smooth and evenly suspended mix- 10. Should infusions be made from fluidture be obtained.

extracts ? 5. (a) What is a solution? (b) What is a No. Quite different principles are extracted saturated solution?

from drugs by water than those which are (a) A solution may be defined as the blend- obtained by alcoholic liquids. In infusions ing together of the molecules of two bodies to the water-soluble principles are desired, and a form a homogeneous liquid.

diluted fluidextract is never a proper substitute. (b) When all of a body is dissolved that is 11. What is the official Latin name for each capable of dissolving at a certain temperature of the following: (a) spirit of nitrous ether, the solution is called saturated. A solution (b) oil of orange, (c) peppermint water, (d) which is saturated at one temperature, how- solution of magnesium citrate, (e) salol. ever, will be either supersaturated or subsat- (a) Spiritus Aetheris Nitrosi. urated at all other temperatures. In pharmacy (b) Oleum Aurantii Corticis. the temperature which has been adopted for (c) Aqua Menthæ Piperitæ. saturated solutions is 15° C. (59.6° F.), be- (d) Liquor Magnesii Citratis. cause the temperature of living-rooms where (e) Phenylis Salicylas. solutions are supposed to be kept or used is 12. What is the best solvent for each of the rarely below this point, and at all higher tem- following: (a) boric acid, (b) potassium peratures the solutions (with a few excep- iodide, (c) camphor, (d) gum benzoin, (e) tions) will be subsaturated.

chloral hvdrate? 6. (a) What two kinds of solutions are (a) Glycerin. there? (b) Give examples of each kind.

(b) Water. (a) Simple and compound.

(c) Alcohol. (6) When potassium iodide is dissolved in (d) Alcohol. water the result is a simple solution.

(e) Water.

(To be continued.)


A DRUG MAN'S VACATION. To the Editors :

I have just finished a delightful outing on beautiful Santa Catalina Island, California. This is a great place for anglers, from April to November.

Santa Catalina is reached after a two hours' run from Los Angeles.

The boatmen are all expert and have ample tackle and bait. A man can try for almost any kind of fish his fancy dictates. While I was there, during a single day three varieties of

business career I was induced, together with a young lawyer friend of mine, to buy some shares in a western mine. We invested $1300 apiece, which was the extent of my capital at that time; and then we sat back contented, with a smile on our faces, to await the outcome.

We expected to see the stocks take a skyward jump and we watched the market eagerly every day. But the quotations were always the same, not varying a single point in days.

After a month had elapsed we received a letter which stated that we would have to forward $200 more in order to stay in the game.

As I did not have that amount on hand, I hustled about to find the necessary cash, which I did, at a bank in a neighboring town.

Once more we sat back to await the outcome. But this time we were not so confident. The smile was gone.

Day after day we watched the marketuntil at last our curiosity was rewarded. We received another letter, this time to the effect that our company had failed and we were minus all we had put in.

Our broker extended his sympathy, wishing us better luck next time. He hoped we would place other investments with him!

Did we? Let the swallows answer.
New York.


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To the Editors:

When it comes to unreadable prescriptions, here is a good one! It came in yesterday and



shark were brought in, weighing from 200 to 700 pounds each. Swordfish weighing from 290 to 377 pounds have been caught. Then there is the tuna, the yellow tail, and the black sea bass, running up to 491 pounds. It seems that most of these fish are caught by novices, trying their hand for the first time at deep-sea fishing

Truly a wonderful spot, and a fisherman's paradise!

CARSON ANGEL. Los Angeles, Cal.


Rhen ret TV 2 oge








I was much interested in the articles you printed last summer in which druggists told how they had got stung. Here is my contri- I am sending it to the BULLETIN, thinking that bution:

perhaps somebody can wise us up a little. It When I was young and just beginning my may be that one guess is as good as another,

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