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tion, that it is becoming increasingly harder Here is a case, surely, where the enforceto make both ends meet, and that they are ment of the law must be tempered with reason. compelled to expect more of their clerks in the It is the understanding that it will be. way of alertness and intelligence than they did eight or ten years ago. Here and there a note of warning is sounded. It is contended that AS TO SCHOOLS OF PHARMACY. clerks are demanding more than the traffic will

Some rather interesting statistics were colbear.

lected recently by Prof. R. A. Kuever in beThe clerks, in turn, are rapidly coördinating half of the American Pharmaceutical Associatheir forces. They have local associations,

tion. They had to do with schools and colState associations, and a national association.

leges of pharmacy. It may surprise many Organizers are at work constantly, and occa

people to know that there are 73 such institusionally the inference gets into print that in

tions now existing in the United States, bethe end certain segments will become affiliated,

sides one-third as many more "unrecognized” en masse, with the American Federation of

schools described by Professor Kuever as Labor. One concession demanded, and not

"diploma mills” and “plugging courses.” without reason, is shorter hours. What the outcome will be it is hard to fore

Of the 73 regular schools, it is exceedingly tell. But one thing is certain—the wider the gratifying to know that 42 of them hold memgap grows the harder will it become to re

bership in the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties. At least this many insti

. cement its two edges. It is a matter that demands serious consideration. The hand

tutions, therefore, are able to meet the memwriting is on the wall. It will not do to ignore bership standards of that organization, and it.

are gradually working in the interests of higher and more uniform education.

Some data was collected from the schools NO CAUSE FOR ALARM.

belonging to the Conference, with reference to There is no reason in the world why any the amount of preliminary education demanded druggist should feel unduly concerned about as an entrance requirement, and it was discovthe changes made in the new U. S. P. and the ered that 35 per cent of the colleges require one new N. F. These changes are in no sense year of high-school work or its equivalent, 33 radical; and the fact that both books are, to a per cent demand two years, 5 per cent three degree, invested with the solemn authority of years, and the somewhat gratifying number of law does not warrant a stampede to the tall 26 per cent insist upon the completion of a full

a timber.

high-school course of four years. This situaAs far as doctors' prescriptions go, the two tion is quite different from that which existed Pharmacopoeias—the old and the new—might only five or six years ago, and it gives assur

— be interchangeable, and no lives would be lost. ance that both preliminary standards and curThe druggist need not fear a lack of coördina- riculum standards are gradually being elevated tion with the physician; speaking in a general in sympathy with the broader educational evoway, doctors are not yet basing prescriptions lution of the time. on the new order of things. When they begin to do so, it is up to them to indicate the transition.

According to the American Druggist, the The change from the old to the new must filing of a list of its holdings in California, as come gradually. It would be the height of required by law, has revealed the fact that the

. folly to expect a druggist to throw away tinc

United Drug Company owns a block of stock tures made in good faith the middle of last

in the Owl Drug Company, a well-known PaAugust, say, and put in their places those in

cific coast chain. which a few minor changes in formula have been made by the revision committee—and do this at the drop of a hat. Jobbing houses and Drug stores in Eastport, Maine, are closed manufacturers are getting into shape as rap- on Sundays, the mayor having directed that idly as they can, but it is slow work and many the Sunday-closing law be enforced against all months must necessarily yet elapse.

places of business.

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An artistic window dis. play in the same store.















Another view of the Diet. helm store. A part of the perfume and toilet goods stock is kept in the cases built around the pillars.

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Group pictures taken at the annual convention of the National Wholesale Druggists' Association

held at Baltimore in October.

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In bis advertising, Druggist Brown makes a big noise about his delivery service.

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