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dred years.


of man is not immortal. then he beginneth; and when

31 What is brighter than he leaveth off, then he shall the sun? yet the light there- be doubtful. of faileth: and Aesh and 8 What is man, and whereblood will imagine evil. to serveth he? what is his

32 He vieweth the power good, and what is his evil? of the height of heaven, and 99 The number of a man's all men are but earth and days at the most are an hunashes.

10 As a drop of water CHAP. XVIII.

unto the sea, and a gravelE that liveth for ever, fone in comparison of the

created all things in land, fo are a thousand years general.

to the days of eternity. 2 The Lord only is righte- II 9 Therefore is God ous, and there is none other patient with them, and pourbut he;

eth forth his mercy upon 3. Who governeth the them. world with the palm of his 12 He saw and perceived hand, and all things obey his their end to be evil; therewill: for he is the King of fore he multiplied his comall, by his power dividing passion. holy things among them from 13

The mercy of man is profane.

toward his neighbour; but 4 To whom hath he the mercy of the Lord is given power to declare his upon all felh: he reproveth, works and who shall find and nurtureth, and teacheth, out his noble acts ?

and bringeth again, as a 5 Who shall number the shepherd his flock. strength of his majesty ? and 14 He hath mercy on them who shall also tell out his that receive discipline, and mercies?

that diligently seek after his 6 As for the wondrous judgments. works of the Lord, there 15 My son, blemish not may nothing be taken from thy good deeds, neither use them, neither may any thing uncomfortable words when be put unto them, neither thou givest any thing. can the ground of them be 16 Shall not the dew alfound out:

swage the heat? fo is a word 7 When a man hath done, better than a gift.

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17 Lo,

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17 Lo, is not a word bet- ware of offence: but a feol ter than a gift? but both are will not observe time. with a gracious man.

28 Every man of under18 A fool will upbraid standing knoweth wisdom, churlishly, and a gift of the and will give praise unto him envious confumeth the eyes. that found her. 19 Learn before thou

29 They that were of unspeak, and use physick orderstanding in fayings, beever thou be ficki

came also wise themselves, 20 Before judgment ex- and poured forth exquisite amine thyself; and in the day parables. of visitation thou shalt fund

30 Go not after thy lusts, mercy.

but refrain thyself from thine 21 Humble thyself before appetites. thou be fick, and in the time 31 If thou givest thy soul of fins shew repentance. the desires that please her,

22 Let nothing hinder she will make thee a laughthee to pay thy vow in due ing-stock to thine enemies time, and defer not until that malign thee. death to be justified.

32 Take not pleasure in 23 Before thou prayeft, much good cheer, neither be prepare thyself; and be not tied to the expence thereof. as one that tempteth the 33 Be not made a beggar Lord.

by banqueting upon borrow24 Think upon the wrath ing, when thou hast nothing that shall be at the end, and in thy purse: for thou shalt the time of vengeance when lie in wait for thine own life, he shall turn away his face. and be talked on.

25 When thou hast enough, remember the time CHAP. XIX. hunger: and when thou Labouring man that is art rich, think upon poverty and need.

shall not be rich: and he 26 From the morning un- that contemneth small things, til the evening the time is shall fall by little and little. changed, and all things are 29 Wine and women will foon done before the Lord. make men of understanding

27 A wise man will fear to fall away: and he that in every thing, and in the cleaveth to harlots will be. day of sinning he will be come impudent.

3 Moths 3 Moths and worms shalls he do it no more. have him to heritage, and a 14 Admonish thy friend, it bold man shall be taken away. may be he hath not said it:

4 He that is hafty to give and if he have, that he speak credit, is light-minded: and it not again. he that sinneth, shall offend 15 Admonish a friend : for against his own soul.

many times it is a flander, 5 Whoso taketh pleasure and believe not every tale. in wickedness, fhall be con- 16 There is one that slipdemned: but he that resist- peth in his speech, but not eth pleasures, crowneth his from his heart; and who is life.

he that hath not offended 6 He that can rule his with his tongue ? tongue, shall live without

17 9 Admonish thy neighftrife; and he that hateth bour before thou threaten babbling, shall have less evil. him, and not being angry,

7. Rehearse not unto give place to the law of the another that which is told most High. unto thee, and thou shalt fare 18 The fear of the Lord never the worse.

is the first step to be accept8 Whether it be to friend ed [of him,) and wisdom obor foe, talk not of other men's taineth his love, lives, and if thou canst with- 19 The knowledge of the out offence, reveal them not. commandments of the Lord,

9 For he heard and ob- is the doctrine of life: and ferved thee, and when time they that do things that please cometh he will hate thee. him, shall receive the fruit of

10 If thou hast heard a the tree of immortality, word, let it die with thee, 20 The fear of the Lord is and be bold, it will not burft all wisdom, and in all wisdom thee.

is the performance of the II A fool travaileth with law, and the knowledge of a word, as a woman in la- his omnipotency. bour of a child.

21 If a servant say to his 12 As an arrow that stick- master, I will not do as it eth in a man's thigh, fo is a pleaseth thee, though afterword within a fool's belly. ward he do it, he angereth

13. Admonish a friend, it him that nourisheth him. may

be he hath not done it : 22 The knowledge of and if he have done it, that wickedness, is not wisdom,


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neither at any time the shew what he is.
counsel of finners, prudence.
23 There is a wickedness,

CHAP. XX. and the same an abomina- HERE is a reproof tion, and there is a fool that is not comely: awanting in wisdom.

gain, some man holdeth his 24 He that hath finall un- tongue, and he is wife, derstanding, and feareth God, 2 It is much better to reis better than one that hath prove, than to be angry

femuch wisdom, and tranfgref- cretly: and he that confefseth the law of the most feth his fault, shall be preHigh.

served from hurt. 25 There is an exquisite 3 How good is it when subtilty, and the fame is un- thou art reproved, to shew juft, and there is one that repentance! for so fhalt thou turneth aside to make judg- escape wilful fin. ment appear : and there is a

4 As is the lust of an euwise man that justifieth in nuch to deflour a virgin; so judgment,

is he that executeth judg26 There is a wicked man ment with violence. that hangeth down his head

5 There is one that keepsadly; but inwardly he is full eth silence, and is found wise: of deceit,

and another by much bab27 Casting down his coun- bling, becometh hateful. tenance, and making as if he 6 Some man holdeth his heard not: where he is not tongue, because he hath not known, he will do thee a to answer: and some keepmischief before thou be a- eth silence, knowing his time,

7 A wise man will hold 28 And if for want of his tongue, till he see opporpower he be hindered from tunity: but a babbler and a finning, yet when he findeth fool will regard no time. opportunity, he will do evil.

8 He that useth many 29 A man may be known words shall be abhorred; by his look, and one that and he that taketh to himhath understanding by his self authority therein, shall countenance, when thou be d, meetest him.

9. There is a finner that 30 A man's attire, and hath good fuccess in evil excessive laughter, and gait, things; and there is a gain



pence is double.

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that turneth to. loss.

18 To flip upon a pave10 q There is a gift that ment, is better than to flip shall not profit thee; and with the tongue: so the fall there is a gift whose recom- of the wicked shall come

speedily. 11 There is an abasement 19 An unseasonable tale because of glory; and there will always be in the mouth is that lifteth up his head of the unwise. from a low estate.

20 A wise sentence shall 12 There is that buyeth be rejected, when it cometh much for a little, and repay-out of a fool's mouth : for eth it seven-fold.

he will not speak it in due 13 A wise man by his season, words maketh himself be- 21 There is that is hinloved: but the graces of dered from finning through fools shall be poured out. want: and when he taketh

14 The gift of a fool shall rest, he shall not be troubled. do thee no good when thou 22 There is that destroyhaft it: neither yet of the eth his own soul through envious for his neceflity; for bashfulness, and by accepting he looketh to receive many of persons overthroweth himthings for one.

felf. 15 He giveth little, and 23 There is that for upbraideth much, he open-bashfulness promiseth to his eth his mouth like a crier; friend, and maketh him his to-day he lendeth, and to- enemy for nothing. morrow will he ask it again : 24 q A lie is a foul blot such a one is to be hated of in a man, yet it is continualGod and man.

ly in the mouth of the un16 The fool faith, I have taught. no friends, I have no thank 25 A thief is better than for all my good deeds, and a man that is accustomed to they that eat my bread speak lie: but they both shall have evil of me.

destruction to heritage. 17 How oft, and of how 26 The disposition of a many shall he be laughed to liar is dishonourable, and his scorn! for he knoweth not hame is ever with him. aright what it is to have: 27 A wise man shall proand it is all one unto him, mote himself to honour with as if he had it not.

his words; and he that hath


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