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the history of the European races here; and thus, at the first glance, the whole group suggests to the observer the historical continuity of life in the Americas. They selected also the most picturesque type of building on the continent, and in reproducing it on so great a scale expressed the indebtedness of the executive Anglo-Saxon genius to the artistic genius of the Latin peoples who share with the English-speaking peoples the possession and the destinies of the New World. In the very structure of the Exposition the two great families of races are happily united in their characteristic qualities, and the harmony of their inter

ests is nobly symbolized.

The first glance over the grounds discloses the simplicity and unity of the structural plan, but the symmetry of the scheme and the skill with which it has been worked out in detail become clear only upon more intimate

acquaintance with the highways, byways, and out-of-the-way places of the Exposition. One must traverse the great area from boundary to boundary by land and by water to get a clear idea of the high degree of forethought with which the many-sided fair has been shaped into a whole. The entrance through the Park very happily strikes the keynote of the setting of the buildings, They are beautifully framed by nature; the features of the Park being skillfully

introduced by a prodigal use of flowers, of THE STANDARD-BEARER

green spaces, and of still and moving By Karl Bitter

water. The Court of Fountains has a some of great architectural beauty and look of fairyland about it, not only by others of great architectural ugliness; the reason of the picturesque and harmonious Chicago Fair was much more extensive, architectural lines which mark its limits, and presented the same harmony and but also by reason of the beauty of plashunity of design. The Buffalo Exposition ing water and rich masses of flowers. adds to the charm of order and grace the Through the great space occupied by beauty of color.

the Exposition, lagoons make a continuThe executive genius of the Anglo- ous waterway, and by the noiseless Saxon element organized the Exposition, movement of the gondola one is carried but this clear handling of many diverse swiftly and restfully around the entire elements so as to secure an impression of circuit; passing under arched bridges, wholeness is wrought out in forms and between green or flower-crowned banks, colors of Latin origin. In selecting the through a grotto of very deceptive length; Spanish-American architecture

architecture as the with charming architectural effects, picnorm of the scheme, the directors and turesque views, bits of lovely color, managers were guided by a very happy glimpses of plashing fountains continually instinct. They chose the oldest order of coming into view and as suddenly rebuilding known to the New World in placed by other vistas, pictures, and

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