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cian was a passing fad, and that the old days tising section of this issue of the BULLETIN. of tinctures and fluid extracts would return in Look up the announcement—and then decide full force.

to capture one or more of the awards! Never! The handwriting is on the wall, and it con

HARRISON LAW INFORMATION. veys a sharp warning to the druggist. Will he heed it? Will he remain the source of sup

We continue to receive a great many perply to the physician, or will he drop out of sonal letters every month asking us to clear up touch with the medical profession, out of har- moot points in the interpretation of the Harmony with medical advance, and will he allow rison antinarcotic act. For the convenience of the heart and soul of his business to drift our readers we have printed a brochure dealing away from him as the years roll on?

comprehensively with the law and its interpretation by the courts and by the officers in

Washington. The booklet is logically arranged, A COMMON ERROR.

thoroughly classified, and so indexed that a When we advise druggists to make a depre- man may find at once just what he wants. We ciation charge of 10 per cent every year on shall be glad to send a copy post-paid for 25 their fixtures, and to enter this item in the cents to any reader of the BULLETIN. Each annual expense account, they frequently reply copy is punched with a hole so that it may be that such a charge is excessive—that in ten hung up near the prescription desk. years the fixtures would then be entered upon their records as being of no value. This answer, of course, is based on a misunderstand

ABOUT PEOPLE ing of the situation.

In writing off depreciation from fixtures you take 10 per cent the first year, leaving 90 per

THE MAYOR OF OLEAN. cent; the second year you take 10 per cent of The last election held in the municipality of the 90, leaving 81 per cent; the third year you Olean, New York, resulted in the elevation of take 10 per cent of 81, leaving 73 per cent; and

a druggist to the office of burgomaster. Foster so on down the line. At the end of ten years Studholme's name appeared on both the Proyou would have a valuation left representing about 35 per cent of the original cost.

And this is all the fixtures are worth—perhaps more than you could get for them if you were to sell them.



Did you notice that we were running seven
prize contests this year, and offering a total of
31 prizes? We are after some rattling good
papers on the following subjects:

"How to Meet Big Competition.”
“Blue Sky I Have Bought."
“Luck as a Factor in My Business Career.'
“My Funniest Experience.”

Good Articles on Salesmanship.
In addition to these subjects for papers, we
offer 13 prizes for specimens of camera work

Foster STUDHOLME. done by amateurs with instruments sold by druggists, and three prizes for attractive sets gressive and Republican tickets and when the of show-cards.

tally sheet had been footed it was officially anFull particulars about this series of prizes nounced that Mr. Studholme had received the will be found on pages 22 and 23 of the adver- most votes.

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secretary and stenographer help her to turn out
a large volume of work, and keep things
moving when Mrs. Wallace is away on lecture
engagements. Men and women in the drug
trade will particularly remember Mrs. Wallace
as one of the founders and early officers of the
W. O. N. A. R. D.

Dr. Edwin L. Newcomb, Associate Profes-
sor and head of the Department of Pharma-
ceutical Botany and Pharmacognosy at the
College of Pharmacy, University of Minne-

sota, has assumed editorial charge of the

Northwestern Druggist, St. Paul, settling into ized, Mr. Black becoming secretary and sales

harness the first of the year. Dr. Newcomb manager, and until the time of his death, in his

has gained prominence in connection with the fifty-fourth year, he devoted his energies to

botanical gardens at Minnesota's University.

He has had charge of the work and it has perfecting the sales organization of his firm.

attracted a great deal of attention.

It is stated that Dr. Newcomb's entrance

into the field of journalism will not deprive the The editors of the Bulletin were quite University of his services. He will

, at least for delighted the other day to receive a call from

a time, continue his college work in connection

with his editorial duties. Mrs. Emma Gary Wallace of Auburn, N. Y. She was on her way home after delivering a lecture to the women students of the Univer- The annual convention of the National sity of Michigan depicting the advantages of Association of Drug Clerks will be held in Chipharmacy as an occupation for women. Mrs. cago on the first, second, and third of June.


One of the Cone Stores, Atlanta, Ga.-E. H. Cone, proprietor. Twenty thousand persons visited this store on opening day. Cream from an entire herd of Jersey cows is contracted for and used at

the fountain and in the lunch and tea rooms.

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A Prosperous Store. This, together with the picture reproduced below, shows the interior of a store in a place containing a population of only 2200 people.

The "Hamburg Pharmacy,” it is called-Hamburg, New York, twelve miles from Buffalo. F. L. Horton is the proprietor.

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Another View.

Mr. Horton has developed an excellent business. “The chain store has nothing on us,” he asserts. "We have made a study of modern

merchandising and adopted many of the chain- and department-store ideas and methods. Service and system- that's it!”

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