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SLIDES Venceremos Brigade and Committee of Returned Volunteers contact persons (see PEOPLE list) have extensive resources in slides from Cuba.

TAPES "Revolution is Preventive Medicine." This tape on the Cuban health system also makes specific suggestions for re-directing the U.S. approach to health from curative to preventive. RFP 69-11

Sale $4.80 7 1/2 ips; $3.40 3 3/4 ips 30 minutes

POSTERS "Como en Vietnam" and "Fidel", 11x17" reproductions of Cuban silk screens; "Che" by NYC Art Workers' Coalition. $1. each. Order from Venceremos Brigade, Box 643, Cathedral Station, New York, N.Y. 10025.

PILMS - About Cuba by Cubans "Historia de Vna Batalla." Story of the 1961 literacy campaign in Cuba. Places the battle for literacy in the context of the total battle against imperialism in Cuba and the rest of Latin America. NR 115 Rental $60.

40 minutes ADF

Rental $40.
Sale $200.

30 minutes

"Cuban Teachers," Young Cubans who volunteer to teach in the mountains and rural villages are shown during their training program. An important element in their development as teachers is the experience of living together as a self-sufficient community, NR 119 Rental $30.

22 minutes "Men of the Canefields." The success of the sugar harvest is essential to the survival of the Cuban economy, This film shows urban volunteer workers participating in the collective effort in the canefields. NR 102 Rental $25.

20 minutes "Cerro Pelado." Cerro Pelado is the boat which carried the Cuban delegation to the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. Film shows the athletes on the boat and at the Games, where they won in numerous competitions, NR 116 Rental $70.

60 minutes FILMS - By Cubans about Revolutionary Movements Elsewhere in the World "Hasta la Victoria Siempre." Speeches of Che Guevara, plus footage of the guerrilla struggle in Bolivia, Che's last battleground. NR 114 Rental $30.

30 minutes ADF

Rental $35.
Sale $200

28 minutes "NOW.". Trzages of the repression of the U.s, civil rights movement are set to words of the song "Now' sung by Lena Horne. The implication of the flla is that militant action is the only alternat ive. NR 109 Rental $10.

5 minutes ADF

Rental $20.
Sale $100.

15 minutes




"Hanoi 13." Cuban filmmakers have documented everyday activity around Hanoi
building irrigation ditches, planting in rice paddies, fishing, weaving, etc.
ing the bomb ing raid, peasants and workers form armed self-defense units.
NR 107
Rental $60.

42 minutes "79 Springtimes." Brilliant impressionist biographical tribute to Ho Chi Minh, by Santiago Alvarez, ADF Rental $40.

25 minutes

FILMS - About Cuba by Sympathetic Observers
"One Way to Change the World." Cuba, 1968-1969: the progress of the revolution,
the concept of the new man.

Rental $45.
Sale $200.

30 minutes

"End of a Revolution." The murder of Che Guevara by the Bolivian government; the trial of Regis Debray. ADF Rental $50.

.26 minutes

"Isle of Youth." Newsreel film on an experiment on a small Cuban island where money and private property are becoming irrelevant, as young people living and working together begin to construct a new model for the future. NR 130 Rental $15.

10 minutes

"FIDEL." Saul Landau's in-depth report on Fidel and the continuing revolution in Cuba. Contains new footage on the Bay of Pigs invasion and on Fidel and Che in the mountains during the revolution. Includes frank interviews with political prisoners.

Rental $300. Feature length/color/16 mm. 96 minutes


FILM DISTRIBUTORS NR - Newsreel - a Movement filmmaker and distributor which seeks to analyze and explore realities that most nass media ignore. Newsreel members are willing to accompany their films and serve as resources for them. Their offices are located in the following cities: A:lante

P.O. Box 5432, Sta. E, Atlanta, Ga. 30307 Phone 404-373-7903 Boston

595 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. Phone 617-864-2600 Chicago 2440 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Phone 312-248-2018 dew York 322 7th Ave., New York, N.Y. 10001

Phone 212-565-4930 San Francisco 451 Cortland Ave., San Francisco, Cal. Phone 415-826-2989

ADF - American Documentary Films - an independent non-profit educational organization dedicated to building an alternative to commercial mass media. Produces and distributes films, audio tapes and graphics that document, examine and illuminate social change from a human and independent point of view. West of the Mississippi - 379 Bay Street, San Francisco, Cal. 94133 - 415-982-7475 Zast of the Mississippi - 336 West 84th St., New York, N.Y. 10024 212-799-7440 RP - New York Review Presentations - a service of the New York Review of Books. 250 West 57th Street, New York, New York 10019. 212-CO

5-1690. TAPE DISTRIBUTOR RFP - Radio Free People - an independent group using the medium of sound to help create new forms of social organization. 133 Mercer Street, New York, New York 10012.



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Supplementary Books:

Dewart, Leslie, Christianity and Revolution: The Lesson of Cuba (New York: Herder

and Herder, 1963). Analyzes relations in Cuba between the Roman Catholic Church and the revolutionary government through 1962. Also provides useful detailed summary of relations between the United States and Cuba through October 1962 missle crisis.

Hageman, Alice L., and Wheaton, Philip E., Revolution and Religion in Cuba: New

Church for a New Society (New York: Association Press, 1971). A
collection of essays about Cuban churches during the 1960s, written
primarily by Christians living in Cuba. Includes discussions of historical

and theological issues, and offical church statements : Pratt, Julius W., Expansionists of 1898 (Chicago; Quadrangle, Paperback, 1964).

Traces the rise and development in the United States of the movement
1.: overseas expansion, especially the acquisition of Hawaii, the
Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Includes chapter on the attitude

vi religious bodies, "The Imperialism of Righteousness".
Smith, Robert F., The United States and Cuba: Business and Diplomacy, 1917-

1960 (itew Haven: College and University Press, 1960). Examines interaction of political and economic motives and methods in relationships between business interests in Cuba and the United States, how protection Of U.S. business interests in Cuba led to failure of U.S. business diplomacy.

Supplementary Films:

"Children of the Revolution". Education in Cuba strives to create "the new man" after the image of Che. ADF Rental $50. Sale $200.

30 minutes

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