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JAMES NOBLE ADAM, MAYOR OF BUFFALO Mayor Adam began life as an errand boy in Scotland; then he came to America, worked hard, and finally became proprietor of a huge department store,

Then he turned to politics. He has brought to his office the same system which made his department store a success. One of these days he may be governor of New York. In the meantime Buffalo is getting the sort of administration it needs, and is seeing abuses reformed without a suggestion of radicalism

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TOM L JOHNSON, MAYOR OF CLEVELAND Men who have made their fortunes by monopolies are not usually champions of Henry George Mayor Tom Johnson is an exception. He is doing what he can to make Cleveland the best governed city in America, and he is succeeding in a remarkable way

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BRAND WHITLOCK, MAYOR OF TOLEDO The mantle of "Golden Rule" Jones has in a way fallen upon the young lawyer-novelist, Brand Whitlock. He seems more interested in criminals than he does in franchises, and it will be interesting to discover whether the principles of non-resistance as he conceives them, will give as good administration under him as they did under his predecessor

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Foreign Affairs


After prolonged discussion and innum- agreement was reached on the form of this erable amendments, most of which were first official statement. Its importance The

voted down, the lower was fully realized, and in the discussions Russian house of the parliament frequent reference was made to the intenDouma

accepted unanimously its tion to present their demands not only to first official document — the reply to the the Emperor but also before the people. speech from the throne. The unanimity was secured only by sacrifice of party While expressing its purpose to be programs and the six leaders of the Right united in an effort to renovate Russia, left the assembly before the vote was

the douma in its reply to taken so that they might not prevent prog


the speech from the ress. They were, however, in sympathy


throne, points out that with the general tenor of the reply, object- “fruitful regeneration of the country's ing only to some details. The Constitu- best forces is impossible" under existing tional-Democrats, known also as the conditions. The arbitrary power of the "Cadets," manifested their strength as officials who stand between the Czar and a party. The president, two vice- the people is the great hindrance to the presidents and the secretary of the betterment of national life. Therefore the douma belong to this organization. Fear ministers must be made responsible to the lest the douma should be speedily dis- representatives of the people. The solved before it had an opportunity to set demand for full political amnesty was forth its purposes impelled the almost emphasized on the ground that it ought to continuous session of fifteen hours before be granted “as the first pledge of a

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The windows are at the back of the visitors' gallery. The steps lead to the main entrance of the assembly room for the deputies

mutual understanding and harmony versal suffrage is the only one of all the
between the Emperor and his people.' demands which the throne is willing to
The details of the douma's answer are grant. Naturally such a response aroused
reviewed in an article on another page resentment and a resolution was adopted
and mention of them here will therefore by the douma which read as follows:
be omitted.

By its refusal to satisfy the popular demands,

the government clearly shows its disregard of the Considerable offense was felt at the real interests of the people and its plain unwill

ingness to relieve from the shadow of new disrefusal of the ('zar to receive the presi

asters a country which is harassed by poverty, The Response dent of the douma and the

lawlessness and the continued, unpunished arbifrom delegation from that body trariness of the authorities. The lower house of the Throne bearing its reply. The Parliament considers that it is its plain duty to wiser members, however, succeeded in per

proclaim to the country its complete distrust of suading the others that this was merely a

an irresponsible ministry. It regards as a most

necessary condition to the pacification of the point of etiquette and it would be poor country and fruitful work by Parliament the impolicy to stand on their dignity and mediate resignation of the present cabinet and

its replacement by a ministry possessing its conthereby spoil their prospects. Professor

fidence. Maxim Kovalevsky cited the custom of Great Britain and Germany requiring The distressing condition of the Russian such addresses to be transmitted through peasantry emphasizes the need for prompt the court officers. The douma's demand

Present remedial measures, and for a general amnesty met with a refusal Conditions in justifies the douma's deon the ground that the continuance of Russia mands. The famine exterrorist crimes and consideration for gen- tends through twenty-two provinces and eral safety made compliance impossible. is still spreading. Millions of people are The pardon of those arrested by adminis- facing starvation. And the worst feature trative order and the partial abrogation of is the practical indifference of the governmartial law were mentioned as possible ment, which is doing little itself for their ameliorations to be granted. The douma's relief and refuses to allow any private proposition for the improvement of agra- organized effort. The douma has conrian conditions met with no favor. Uni- tinued to discuss and draft laws in regard

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