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tôr'ture, agony ; torment.

ån i mos' i ty, hatred; antipathy. ee' stå sy, rapture; excessive joy. sým' på thy, compassion; pity. vět' ēr an, one long in service. glimpse, a short hurried view. re erụit', one newly enlisted. sery' ti ny, minute inspection. ti' ny, very small.

făe' tious (-shus), turbulent. ġi găn' tie, immense; huge.

gēn'ial (-yål), kindly; sympathetic. å lăe' ri ty, cheerful readiness. de rỉ gion, ridicule; scorn. re lŭe' tançe, aversion; repugnance. rěv' er ence, veneration; respect.

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åm mu ni' tion, powder, balls, etc. com' pass ěs, an instrument for deăn nēaled', made tough by heating, scribing circles, measuring figures,

then cooling slowly; as, annealed etc. wire.

côrk' serew, an instrument for drawawl, a pointed instrument for piercing ing corks from bottles. small holes.

eŭt' ler ý, edged tools, such as knives, běl' lows, an instrument for blowing shears, razors, etc. fires.

ěn åm' eled (-ěld), having a glossy or běn' zine, an oil used for cleaning, variegated surface; glazed. etc.

fil' ter, a device for straining impuriběv' el, a kind of square used by ties from water, etc. carpenters, masons, etc.

găl' vå nīze, to coat, as iron with bütt, a hinge used in hanging doors. zinc. eăn' is tēr, a metal box for coffee, gāuge (gāġe), an instrument used to tea, etc.

strike a line parallel to the straight cär' tridge, a charge for a firearm. side of a board,

etc. chāf' îng-dish, a vessel for cooking on ğim' lět, a small tool for boring the table.

holes. elēav' ēr, an ax-like knife used by gouge, a chisel with hollow blade; to butchers.

scoop out.

grăn' ite-wâre, a kind of iron ware, hìnġe, the attachment upon which a coated with granite enamel.

door or cover swings. grind' stone, a flat circular stone i' gìn glåss, pure gelatin; a name for

hung upon an axis and used for mica. sharpening tools, etc.

jå pånned', coated with a black polish.

lawn mower
fishing tackle

napkin ring
barbed wire
nail puller

sewing machine



Consult your dictionary for meaning of words.
It requires great patience to attend uch discontented patients."
He used the fallen pillar3 for his pillow * on that fatal night.

He unpacked the presents 5 in my presence.6
We pitied' her because she was so pitted 8 by the small-pox.
If you do not proscribe o its use, prescribe 10 some regulations concerning it.
The populace 11 are generally discontented in a very populous 12 city.
Poplar 13 is the most popular 14 timber in our line of work.
Many princes are suitors of the young princess. 16
Prophesy 17 a good prophecy.18
Will a dish of suet 19 suit 20 any person in your suite ? 21
The subtle 22 spider weaves a web of subtile 23 thread.
Do not ridicule 24 my old reticule. 25


What is the difference between: hope and expect

economical and frugal anticipate and expect

abridgment and abstract homogeneous and heterogeneous


MISCELLANEOUS "Hope thinks nothing difficult; despair tells us that difficulty is insurmountable." ál low' ance, a stated amount or quan- / å skew', awry; out of proper position. tity; toleration.

chà rāde', an acted enigma. ăn' çes tõr, one from whom a person com půl' sion, force applied; act of descends.


cou' ri er, a messenger sent in haste. flăm' beau (-bo), a torch.
eri' sis, a turning point; a decisive im prăe' ti eå ble, impossible.

lčav' en, a fermenting mixture. de sīr å bil' i ty, state or quality of măg nå nim' i ty, generosity; largebeing desirable.

ness of spirit. dis coun' te nançe, to look upon with mē' di ā tõr, intercessor. disfavor.

ob' so lēte, out of use. dís erëet', cautious; prudent.

pit' i å ble, deserving pity. dĩ vēr' sion, turning aside; pastime. po lýğ' å my, marriage with more ex çěss' ive, beyond just limits.

than one wife or husband at a time. ex păn' sion, the act of expanding. Que běe', a province of Canada; also fěl'o ny, a high crime.

a city. fēr' võr, ardor; intense feeling. su pērb', grand; elegant.

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lā' dle, a cuplike spoon with a long rāke, a garden, or farm tool. handle.

rī' fle, a gun with a grooved barrel. lěv' el, a carpenter's instrument; flat; sçis' gors, a small cutting instrument.

scoop, a deep shovel; a ladle. măl' let, a small maul.

serew-drīv' er, a tool for inserting maul, a heavy wooden hammer. mět' al, an elementary substance, shěl lae', a resinous substance used in such as gold, iron, etc.

varnishes, dyes, etc. mi' ter-box, a box for holding boards, slēdge, a large heavy hammer.

etc., to be sawed at an angle or spī' dēr, an iron kitchen utensil. bevel.

sprink' ler, a watering pot. năph' thả (năf'- or năp'-), an oil stēel' yard (also stil' yễrd), a device

used for cleaning and heating. for weighing. niek' el-plāt' ed, coated or plated tŭr' pěn tīne, an oil used in mixing

, with nickel.

paints, etc. nip' ple, a pipe fitting for connecting twēe' zers, pincers; nippers. two other fittings.

věn' ti lā tor, a device for supplying păd' loek, a strong detachable lock. fresh air. pis' tol, a small firearm.

wrènch, a tool for pulling or twisting.

oil stove
dinner pail

sash weight
can opener
pocket knife

door mat



"It ought to be no disparagement to a star that it is not the sun."

af fil' i ate, to unite; to adopt. mis' sile, a projectile. ăn' gu lar, having angles ; lean. môr' sel, a small portion. běn e fåe' tõr, a friendly helper. něğ' li ġent, careless; neglectful. běv' er age, a drink; that which is Nỉ cä rä' gua (nēe caw raw' gwa), drunk.

a republic of Central America. fā' tal, deadly; disastrous.

ve cā' sion, a particular event or fõ' li age, leaves of a tree.

juncture. för' çi ble, impressive; vigorous. pēer, a nobleman; an equal; to peep. fủ' ġi tive, fleeing, or having fled, as pěn i těn' tia ry (-sha-), a prison. from justice; runaway.

săt' īre, sarcasm; a sarcastic speech håp' hăz ard, at random.

or essay hýp oe' rỉ sý, deceit; to play a part. seăf' fold, an elevated platform. im mē' di ate ly, without delay. sûr' nāme, the family name. în ex cūs' å ble, not to be justified. sûr vey', to measure, as land; to view. lŭl' lå bý, a cradle song.

věn' er āte, to revere; to cherish. Take a second glance at the following words: accommodate tobaccos


parcel superintendent balance


legible privilege perceive


cancel judgment marvelous



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băek' band, part of a harness used to bŭek' le, an instrument for fastening hold up shafts of a carriage.

straps. bil' let, a strap or loop which enters chěck' rein, a rein to prevent a horse a buckle.

from lowering his head. blind' ēr, a screen on the bridle. choke' strap, a strap to keep a horse's breech' ing (brìch'-), the hinder part collar in place. of a harness.

cinch, a strong saddle girth. bri' dle, head-gear for governing a crụp' per, the loop which passes un horse.

der a horse's tail.



girth, the strap by which a saddle is póm' měl, the knob of a saddlebow. fastened to a horse.

rein, strap of a bridle by wbich the hạl' ter, a rope or strap for leading horse is governed. or tying a horse.

såd' dle, part of a harness; seat for a hāmes, a kind of collar for horses. rider. här' ness, equipments of a horse, etc. spûr, an instrument to hasten the hôrn, the high pommel of a saddle. speed of a horse. hous' ing, a covering for a horse's stir' rup, part of the saddle for the saddle; a horsecloth.

foot. lăr' ï at, a lasso; used also in picket- sûr' çin gle, a girth for binding on a ing a horse.

saddle, blanket, etc. mär' tin gāle, a strap to hold down trā' ces, the straps of a harness exthe head of

tending to the whiffletrees; a tug.





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“The liberty of discussion is the great safeguard of all other liberties."-Macaulay. brit' tle, fragile; liable to break. om nịp' o tence, infinite power. brogue, a dialectic pronunciation. õre, native mineral. çe měnt', an adhesive substance; to pïque (pēk), stinging vexation; to stick together.

stimulate to action. con vērt' i ble, capable of being prom e näde', a walk for amusement changed.

or exercise. co quětte' (-ket'), a flirt.

rā' di ús, semi-diameter of a circle or de ni' al, refusal.

sphere. dís tin' guish, to note difference be- răp' tur ous, ecstatic; joyous. tween; to confer eminence.

re sěm' blançe, likeness. fiēnd, an intensely malicious person. rhỹme (rime), to correspond in sound; im mór' al, sinful; dissolute.

a couplet; poetry. in důl' ġent, lenient; prone to in- rhythm (rith' m), regular succession dulge.

of motions, sounds, etc. in' tri eate, complex; complicated. rāgue, a dishonest person; a rascal. lăs' si tūde, languor.

rům' maġe, to search by overturning Ma eậu' lay, English historian, essay- things. ist, poet and statesman.

twitch, to jerk.

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