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If you had a sales organization of 866 men continually calling on people interested in your proposition-

If each man made 30 calls a day and no territories overlapped-no calls were duplicated- .

Don't you think some sales would be made ?

Suppose these 866 men kept on working for a month-making over 30 calls every day—about 25,000 calls in a day—650,000 calls in a single month—bringing in their reports, their orders, their collections promptly--taking absolutely none of your time for detail--and then at the end of the month you merely had to pay the street-car fare for these 866 men-no salary, no commissions, absolutely no other expenses except street car fare

Don't you think you would make a profit?

The opportunity columns of the TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE offer you even a better and cheaper way to reach 650,000 eager, interested buyers each month.

You cannot get a selling force of 866 men or any number of men or even one man to work for you merely for carfare. Even if you could get such a force to work for a mere nominal salary, you could not make it pay, because the men who would accept your offer could not get results.

The TECHNICAL WORLD MAGAZINE goes right into the home and stays there. It is a magazine for all the family. It is read by the ambitious school boy or girl, the ambitious young man anxious to rise in his profession, and the intelligent up-to-date thinking people of every community. On account of the nature of its contents it is preserved in the home for months for reference, and therefore advertising in it has exceptionally long life. .

Your advertising in the Opportunity Columns would cost only $3.40 for one time for four lines. Even if you interest only one man in 10,000 you would make 65 sales, and surely 65 sales should net you a profit above $3.40, the cost of the advertisement.

If you have anything to buy, sell or exchange draw up an advertisement now, figuring eight words to the line, the cost of which is 850 a line, and fill out the order blank at the bottom of the page and send it with the money so it will reach us in time for our March issue.

Chicago, I.

_190_ Kindly enter my order for

lines, in the classified columns of The Technical World Magazine. Enclosed please find

-($0.85 per line) in full payment for first insertioncopy attached.

Very truly yours. No ads less than 4 lines nor over 12 lines,

Allou about eight words to the line. All ads payable in advance.


Mention Technical World Magazine


Business Opportunities

OPPORTUNITIES IN CANADA-There's independence and money in the rich soil of Western Canada. Write for our free book No. 8, “The Home-Builders," about lands and profits in the Great Canadian Wheat Region. Prices low-terms easy. Saskatchewan Realty & Improvement Co., St. Paul, Minn.

a man of small means can invest for profit and increase his
income. Tells how a small amount invested is on an equal
earning power with that of the millionaire capitalist. Reveals
why Banks return to their stockholders from 20 to 120 per
cent and to their depositors but a paltry 4 or 5 per cent.
It turns the limelight of knowledge and experience on
judicious investments. If you have any use for money and
care to learn how to easily and safely make it, write for the
"DOLLAR GETTER" It's free. Write today. Don't
delay. RUDD-MCQUEENY CO., 213 Bryant Building,
Kansas City, Mo.

CASH for your property wherever located. If you want to sell, send us description and price. If you want to buy, send for our monthly. Northwestern Business Agency, 398 Bank of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.

For Sale

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EIGHT PER CENT. We guarantee to pay eight per cent interest per annum, secured by mortgages. Have paid eight per cent since company was founded in 1899. Are doing business under Massachusetts Laws. Send for circular. Address Essex Loan and Investinent Company, Haverhill, Mass.

Music MUSIC INSTRUCTION FREE! Beginners and advanced pupils can obtain full course of home instruction on Piano, Organ, Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo or Cornet without cost. Send for our Free Book which tells you how to learn to play any one of these instruments, and paves the way to amateur and professional success. In writing, mention instrument you propose to study. Our system is the best and simplest for mail instruction and pupils soon become proficient in the art. Address National School of Music, 145 P. O. Building, Montclair, N. J.

STAGING supported by KEYSTONE brackets is quickly built and as quickly removed. Can be done by one man alone. KEYSTONES are money savers; best builders use them; special opportunity for new users by addressing Department A, Room 833, 84 State Street, Boston. Send for information.

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WE ARE SELLING If It's Toy Electric Railways, $3 to ... $ 60.00 Electric Fan Motors; all kinds, all prices; $1 to 20.00 Elcctrical Books, 10c to.

5.00 We Necktie and Cap Lights, 7

5.00 Have Batter; Table Lamps, $3 to

Carriage and Bicycle Lights, $3
Lanterns and Pocket Lights, 750 to.. 3.00
Battery Motors and Fans, $1 to .

12.00 Electric Door Bells, complete, 750 t

1.50 Telephones, complete, $2.50 and Telegraph Outfits, complete, $1.75 to 2.50 $8 Medical Batteries . . . . . . 3.

$12 Electric Belt with Suspensory. WORKS Dynamos and Motors, $1 to..... 1000.00

Gas and Gasoline Engines, $3 to.. 1400.00 CLEVELAND Catalog free. Big Catalog 4C. Want Agents.




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UR facilities for the economical production of Punching and forming Dies for working sheet metals, the manufacture

of Sheet Metal Stampings, Sheet and Pressed Steel Products, are complete and modern. We give intelligent

attention to the manufacture of anything special such as Hardware Specialties, Novelties, New Devices. Special Tools, Special Machinery, Patented Articles, etc. Write for estimate on any article you wish manufactured. We will send Booklet free of charge.

Ask for "The Silent Partner'' Magazine. THE GLOBE MACHINE & STAMPING CO., 3890 HAMILTON AVENUE, CLEVELAND, O.

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On a Typewriter

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Our Big Annual Clear

ance Sale now in pro-
gress-astounding Bargains in Slightly-used Typewrit-
ers-been operated just enough to put them in perfect

running order. Better than newShipped on ap-
proval for examination and test. Judge the qual-

ity for yourself. 450 brand new Visible Sholes Ma

chines, built to sell for $95-only $45 each. Remingtons, $20 to $75. Smith-Premiers, $25 to $75. Caligraphs, $10 to $30. We rent all makes 3.00 per month and up.

Send quick while sale is on for free Bargain

• Catalogue and save big money. Write today. ROCKWELL-BARNES CO.

1480 Baldwin Building. CHICAGO, ILL.



Be a Railroad work. We have callstor more Filmed M a n

g The Technical World Magazine stands foremost of all mediums we have used.

Gillette Safety Razor Co., New York, N. Y. g The results obtained from The Technical World Magazine justify us in continuing our advertising.

Herbert L. Joseph & Co., Jewelers, Chicago, Ill. Q The Technical World Magazine has produced more business than any other medium we have used.

Scientific American, New York, N. Y. g Returns from our Technical World 'ads" are splendid.

National Co-operative Realty Co., Washington, D. C.

There are hundreds of positions open to young men trained in railroad work. We have calls for more FIREMEN and BRAKEMEN than we can supply. Do you want a job where you can earn $65 to $125 a month? We teach

you by mail the Standard Rules and Modern

Methods of operating railroads-we give you We a thorough technical training that fits you for

this work and then we assist you to a position

when you are qualified. Ours is the only You railway school conducted by railroad officials

-the only one endorsed by the hiring officers by

of the great railroads. Don't waste time and Mail money experimenting with schools that can

not land a job for you, but write to-day for our


Dept. LG, Freeport, Ill.

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