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woodsmen were above all things characteristically American; and it is fitting that the two greatest and most typical of all Americans should have been respectively a sharer and an outcome of their work. Washington himself passed the most important years of his youth heading the westward movement of his people; clad in the traditional dress of the backwoodsmen, in tasseled hunting-shirt and fringed leggings, he led them to battle against the French and Indians, and helped to clear the way for the American advance. The only other man who in the American roll of honor stands by the side of Washington, was born when the distinctive work of the pioneers had ended; and yet he was bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh; for from the loins of this gaunt frontier folk sprang mighty Abraham Lincoln.



(From the Robertson MSS., Vol. I., Letter of Don Miro.)

NEW ORLEANS, the 20th April, 1783. SIR

I received yours of 29th January last, & am highly pleased in seeing the good intentions of the People of that District, & knowing the falsehood of the report we have heard they are willing to attack their Province. You ought to make the same account of the news you had that the Indians have been excited in their Province against you, since I wrote quite the contrary at different times to Alexander McGillevray to induce him to make peace, & lastly he answered me that he gave his word to the Governor of North Carolina that the Creeks would not trouble again those settlements : notwithstanding after the letter received from you, and other from Brigadier general Daniel Smith Esqr I will writte to him engaging him to be not more troublesome to you.

I have not any connection with Cheroquis & Marcuten, but as they go now & then to Illinois I will give advice to that Commander to induce them to be quiet: in respect to the former in the month of May of last year they asked the permission of set

tling themselves on the west side of the Mississippi River which is granted & they act accordingly, you plainly see you are quite free from their incursions

I will give the Passport you asked for your sonin-law, & I will be highly pleased with his coming down to setle in this Province & much more if you, & your family should come along with him, since I can assure you that you will find here your welfare, without being either molested on religious matters or paying any duty & under the circumstances of finding allwais market for your crops which makes every one of the planters settled at Natchez or elsewhere to improve every day, much more so than if they were to purchase the Lands, as they are granted gratis I wish to be usefull to you being with regard sir

Your most obt. hl. servant (Dupte.)



The duplicity of the Spaniards is well illustrated by the fact that the Gardoqui MSS. give clear proof that they were assisting the Creeks with arms and ammunition at the very time Miro was writing these letters. See the Gardoqui MSS., passim, especially Miro's letter of June 28, 1786.




Account of Robert Morris with Miss Betsey Hart,

IN ACCOUNT (Oldest daughter of Col. Thomas Hart.

3 12 6

for you..

Con. Ex. tinental change

Specie 1780 Aug. 29) TO cash paid for a Pair

of Shoes for you £ 64 2l 6 at 60 for sl k
To a Chest of Sugar de-
livered Mrs. Brodeau
& Porterage..:

1107 15
Do' 18

9] 3
To two ps Sheeting De.
livered Ditto
1116 oi Do

18 12 O
To Cash paid Wm. MC-
Dugall's Bill for one &
a half Quarters Tui-
tion at Dancing.

223 101 Do
Paid E. Denaugheys
Bill for washing Done

95 12 6


11/10 Dec. 6 To Ditto paid Hannah

Estys Bill for making|
Frocks for

£257 108
Paid D De-
na ug heys
Bill for
Washg..... £125.12.6

383 26 at 7s for a 5 2 2 29 To Ditto paid for pair

of Pink Calemancoi
Shoes for you

78 150

fo 3781 Feb. 3 To Ditto paid B. Victor

your music master for
one Quarter Tuition
of Music.

506 5 o 75 for a

6 15 o
To the following Ar.
ticles delivered Mrs.
Brodeau on

One Firkin of Butter
one Box of Candles

& a Box of Soap
Ajmounting p Ac-
count to

1 21


31 9 To cash paid Mrs. Brodeau in full of her Accot, to October last against you 385626 Do

SI 81 6

£115 3 5 Allowed for Deprecia. tion...

57 13 7


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Philadelphia, 1780-81. From the Clay MSS.

She married Dr. Richard Pendell.]


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Received Philad. April 9th 1981 the One hundred and Seventy two Pounds 175 State Specie being in full the amount of the an. dexed account

for Robt. Morris 172. 17. State Specie


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