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that the defects of our city governments are largely due to their complexity and to legislative interference.

E. G. DEXTER, A History of Education in the United States. 1904.

J. A. FAIRLIE, Municipal Administration. 1901. A study of municipal functions and the organization of the administration of American and European cities.

J. A. FAIRLIE, Essays on Municipal Administration. A collection of papers on special topics relative to American and foreign city government.

J. A. FAIRLIE, Local Government in Counties, Towns, and Villages. 1906. A full description of the organization of local government and its relation to the state government.

First National Conference on State and Local Taxation. 1907. Valuable papers on many problems of taxation.

F. J. GOODNOW, City Government in the United States. 1904. Deals with the relation between the city and the state, the organization of city government, and municipal functions.

F. J. GOODNOW, Municipal Government. 1909. A comparative study of American and European methods.

A. R. HATTON, Digest of City Charters. 1906. Prepared under the direction of the Chicago Charter Convention. Contains the frame of government of the principal cities of the United States, and a few Canadian and European cities, arranged according to topics.

F. C. HOWE, The City the Hope of Democracy. Municipal ownership and the land problem.

Inheritance Tax Laws. Government Printing Office, 1907. Digest of the principal features of the laws of Great Britain, France, and Germany, together with an outline of inheritance taxation in the United States and a collection of judicial decisions relating thereto.

IVINS AND MASON, The Control of Public Utilities. 1908. Though in form an annotation of the public service commissions law of New York, this is a thorough investigation of the general topic.

Municipal and Private Operation of Public Utilities. 1907. Report of the Commission on Public Ownership and Operation of the National Civic Federation. An extensive study of the advantages and disadvantages of municipal ownership.

E. G. MURPHY, Problems of the Present South. An important study of the question of the suffrage in the South.

E. P. OBERHOLTZER, The Referendum in America. 1900. A history of popular legislation in the United States, in both state and local matters.

F. PARSONS, The City for the People. A study of municipal utilities from the standpoint of municipal ownership.

J. B. PHILLIPS, Recent State Constitution Making. The University of Colorado Studies. 1904. Principally an analysis of constitutional changes from 1895 to 1903.

J. B. PHILLIPS, Educational Qualifications of Voters. University of Colorado Studies. 1906. A summary of educational qualifications for voters in the various states at that date.

Proceedings of the National Conference for Good City Government. Published annually, beginning in 1894. Invaluable for municipal development in the United States.

Proceedings of the National Civil Service League. Published annually. P. S. REINSCH, American Legislatures and Legislative Methods. 1907. The greater part of the book is devoted to a description of the organization

and workings of state legislatures. There are, however, valuable chap-
ters on Congress.

E. C. ROBBINS, Selected Articles on the Commission Plan of Municipal Gov-
ernment. Minneapolis, 1909. A collection of papers on commission

C. M. ROBINSON, Improvement of Towns and Cities. 1901. Suggestions on
practical ways of making public improvements.

L. S. Rowe, Problems of City Government. 1908. Principally a discussion of
municipal functions.

H. R. SEAGER, A Program of Social Reform. 1910. A study of modern labor
problems, employers' liability, workmen's compensation, unemploy-
ment, and old age pensions.

LINCOLN STEFFENS, The Shame of the Cities. 1904. An exposé of political
corruption in some of our principal cities. Told with great detail.
LINCOLN STEFFENS, The Struggle for Self-government. 1906. An exposé of

political corruption in some of the state governments.

L. VEILLER, Housing Reform. 1910. A study of practical methods.
D. F. WILCOX, The American City: A Problem in Democracy. 1904. A dis-
cussion of some of the newer activities undertaken by the cities.
CHARLES ZUEBLIN, American Municipal Progress. 1902. A description of
what our city governments are doing in the way of parks, libraries,
schools, recreation, etc.


J. B. BISHOP, Our Political Drama: Conventions, Campaigns, Candidates.
1904. Lively descriptions of national conventions and campaigns, with
illustrations and reproductions of cartoons.

F. W. DALLINGER, Nominations for Elective Office in the United States. 1897.
After a brief survey of the historical development of nominating systems,
gives a detailed description of current methods.

HENRY J. FORD, The Rise and Growth of American Politics. 1898. A sug-
gestive work on the origin of parties in the United States, and their place
in our system of government.

F. J. GOODNOW, Politics and Administration. 1900. Deals with the influence

of party politics on the conduct of the government.

JESSE MACY, Party Organization and Machinery (The American State Series).
1904. A description of national and state party committees.

C. E. MERRIAM, Primary Elections. 1908. Historical survey and sum-
mary of principles.

E. C. MEYER, Nominating Systems: Direct Primaries versus Conventions in the
United States. 1902. Gives an account of the caucus and convention
system, and the movement for the direct primary.

M. OSTROGORSKI, Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties. 1002.

2 vols. The second volume is devoted to the history of party organiza-
tion in the United States and a description of existing party machinery
and methods.

E. STANWOOD, History of the Presidency. 1898. An account of each presi-
dential campaign.

J. A. WOODBURN, Political Parties and Party Problems in the United States.
Contains a full description of party machinery and the conduct of


NOTE. For additional references to states and cities, consult the several func-
tions of government, for example, finance, judiciary, etc.

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