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silly!” replied Chub. “You don't expect just look around a bit first — if he could ever those fellows are going to row across here and get out of the fool tent! Then the last cord then go hunting all about the island in the dark, gave way and he slipped out into the darkdo you? They always come spying around in ness. the daytime first and see where the boats are The camp-fire was long since out and the hauled up."

shower had drowned even the embers. It was It was raining that morning when they arose, no longer raining, but the ground was wet but the rain could n't quench their enjoyment. underfoot and the grass and low growth threw A shelter tent was put up and they all crowded drops against his bare ankles. It was not quite under it for breakfast. Roy was assistant cook so black outside here as it had been in the tent, that day.

and in the east a rift in the clouds hinted of the It had stopped drizzling during the afternoon moon, but it was too dark to see much of anyand practice had been held on a very wet thing. Roy felt his way across the clearing, diamond. At camp-fire Thurlow had brought stumbled over a peg as he crept past one of out his banjo and got them all to singing. That the tents and shook a shower of raindrops from seemed to raise Chub's spirits some; it did him a young pine as he went sprawling into the good, he declared, to howl. Later it started in underbrush. It was very damp there on the drizzling again and the campers went to bed ground and pine needles and grass and twigs early, tying the tent flaps securely ere they were plastered to his hands, but he lay still a retired.

moment and listened. Surely, if there was anyIt was black night when Roy awoke. He one round they could n't have failed to hear could n't even see the canvas overhead. He him crash into the bushes! All was still for an wondered what had awakened him and instant; then there was a subdued splash as listened to the deep breathing about him for a though someone had unintentionally plunged moment. Perhaps Post: had talked in his his foot into water. Roy cautiously lifted his sleep; he often did. Roy turned over again head. Now came a whisper; another answered and closed his eyes. Then he opened them from a distance; an oar creaked in its lock. quickly. From somewhere came a sound as Only a fringe of pines and underbrush though a boat was being drawn across the peb- divided Roy from the Inner Beach which was bles of a beach. He listened intently, but here some thirty feet wide. As noiselessly as heard nothing more. He had imagined it, he possible he stood up and stared into the darktold himself sleepily. But he was n't satisfied. ness ahead. It seemed that he could distinAfter a moment he heard it again, that grating guish forms moving about, but he decided that noise. He reached toward Post, about to an excited imagination was to blame. Cauawaken him, thought better of it and scrambled tiously he pressed through the bushes, which, noiselessly out of bed. After all it was hardly being wet, gave little sound as their branches probable that Hammond had visited them with- whipped back. Then he was on the edge of out giving the usual notice; it would n't be the pebbles. And just as he raised his foot to playing fair and Chub would be frightfully step forward again the moon broke forth from pained and grieved! Roy smiled to himself as the broken clouds and he stopped short, stifling he hastily drew on his trousers and coat over the cry that sprang to his lips. his pajamas, and picked up the first pair of In the sudden flood of dim light the edge shoes that came to hand. He tried to find the of the stream seemed fairly alive with boats, cords which lashed the tent flap close. There while right in front of him, so near that but was no use in waking the whole crowd up a very few steps would have reached him, a unless there was some reason for it. He would dark figure was kneeling in his path.

(To be continued.)


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It is a fact not generally known, and yet one with an enameled rose, red and white, for Engof peculiar significance, that the great seal of land; the second, white, with a thistle in its the United States, which was adopted in 1782, proper color, for Scotland; the third, green, with was suggested by a citizen of a country with a harp of gold, for Ireland; the fourth, blue, with which our own was then at war.

a golden lily, for France; the fifth, gold, with The history of the great seal, and the diffi- the imperial black eagle of Germany; and the culties which beset those having in charge the sixth, gold, with the Belgic crowned red lion, for matter of selecting a suitable and satisfactory Holland. These denoted the countries from design, is full of interest. Soon after the Dec- which America had been peopled. He proposed laration of Independence was signed, Benjamin to place this shield within a red border, on which Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams there should be thirteen white escutcheons, were appointed a committee to prepare a great linked together by a gold chain, each bearing seal for the infant republic. They employed a appropriate initials, in black, of the thirteen oriFrench West Indian, named Du Simitière, to ginal States. There were supporters on either furnish designs and sketches; but, although a side of the shield, the one on the right being the number were suggested, none proved satisfactory. Goddess of Liberty in a corselet of armor, in al

Then each member of the committee was lusion to the then state of war, and holding a asked to submit a design. Franklin proposed spear and cap in her right hand, while the left for the device Moses lifting his wand and supported the shield. On the left was the dividing the Red Sea, and Pharaoh and his hosts Goddess of Justice, leaning on a sword in her overwhelmed with waters, and for a motto, the right hand, and in her left a balance. The crest words of Cromwell: “Rebellion to tyrants is was the eye of Providence, in a radiant triangle, obedience to God.” Adams proposed the choice whose glory extended over the shield and beyond of Hercules; the hero resting on a club, Virtue the figures. The motto was “E Pluribus Unum” pointing to her rugged mountain on the one _“One out of many.” For the reverse, he proside, and persuading him to ascend, and Sloth, posed the device of Pharaoh sitting in an open on the other side, glancing at her flowery beds chariot, a crown on his head and a sword in and persuading him into vice. Jefferson pro. his hand, passing through the waters of the Red posed the Children of Israel in the wilderness, Sea in pursuit of the Israelites, — rays from a led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by pillar of fire in a cloud, expressive of the divine night; and on the reverse side, Hengist and presence and command, beaming on Moses, who Horsa, the Saxon chiefs from whom we claim stands on the shore and, extending his hand over the honor of being descended, and whose polit- the sea, causes it to overwhelm Pharaoh and ical principles and form of government we have his followers. Motto : “ Rebellion to tyrants is assumed. Jefferson was then requested by his obedience to God." colleagues to combine their separate ideas into Jefferson's device met with the unqualified one design, which he did; and this description, approval of his associates, and the committee in his own handwriting, is still on file in the reported to the Continental Congress on August State Department. This design consisted of a 10, 1776; but, for some unaccountable reason, shield with six quarterings. The first, gold, their report was never acted upon.

Nothing further was done in the matter un- spangled with thirteen stars. And to give it til March 24, 1779, when another committee, greater consequence, he proposed to place the composed of Messrs. Lovell of Massachusetts, escutcheon on the breast of an American eagle, Scott of Virginia, and Houstoun of Georgia, was displayed, without supporters, as emblematic of appointed to make another device.

self-reliance. They suggested a design four inches in diam- This device met with universal approval, in eter, one side of which should be composed of and out of Congress, and was adopted in 1782. a shield with thirteen diagonal red and white It remains to this day the Great Seal of the stripes. This shield was supported on one side United States, unchanged in the slightest degree by a warrior, holding a sword, and on the other from the day of its adoption. Stripped of by the figure of Peace bearing an olive branch. heraldic technicalities, it may be described as The crest was a radiant constellation of thirteen follows: States ; motto, “ Bello vel Pace" — “For War An escutcheon of thirteen perpendicular or Peace”; and the legend, “Seal of the United stripes, alternate red and white; a blue field; States.” On the reverse, the figure of Liberty this escutcheon on the breast of an American seated in a chair, holding the staff and cap. eagle, displayed, holding in its right talon an Motto, "Semper"_"Forever,"and, underneath, olive branch, and in its left a bundle of thirteen “ MDCCLXXVI.”

arrows; in its beak a scroll inscribed with the This device met with the same neglect at the motto, “E Pluribus Unum." For the crest hands of Congress as the former, and the matter over the head of the eagle, which appears remained in abeyance until 1782, when another above the escutcheon, a golden glory breaking committee was appointed. They reported sub- through a cloud and surrounding thirteen stars stantially the same device as the former com- forming a constellation of white stars on a blue mittee, but this being still unsatisfactory, Con- field. gress, on the third day of June, 1782, referred The reverse is an unfinished pyramid. In the the whole matter to its secretary, Charles Thom- zenith is an eye in a triangle surrounded with a

He in turn procured several devices, but glory. Over the eye are the words, “Annuit they met with no better fate than their predeces- coeptis”—which may be freely translated as sors, and after vainly trying to perfect a seal“God has favored the undertaking." On the which should meet the approval of Congress, base of the pyramid are the letters in Roman Thomson received from John Adams, then in numerals, MDCCLXXVI, and underneath is London, an exceedingly simple and appropriate the motto, " Novus ordo seclorum" –"A new device which was suggested by Sir John Prest- order of the ages," denoting that a new order of wich, a baronet of the west of England, who things had commenced in the Western Hemiwas an accomplished antiquarian and a warm sphere. friend of America. It consisted of an escutch- Thus, after six years of fruitless effort, a very eon bearing thirteen perpendicular stripes, al- simple seal was adopted and yet remains the ternate red and white, with the chief blue and arms of the United States.

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“Hai yah!” exclaimed Wang Er, jumping stolen by the fung-shui (evil fairies) and hidden out of bed and running to the window. “What in the cave." can be going on?”

“Of course!” exclaimed Wang Er. “I was The sun was only just beginning to show its stupid not to think of that.” great red face above the hilltops, so it was not Not far from this little home was a vast cave very light out of doors. But Wang Er's sharp that people dared not go near, much less enter, eyes recognized the Emperor's heralds passing because the farmers who lived near by had so by the tiny hut where he and his mother lived many vegetables stolen from their gardens, and all alone.

found so many strange, tiny footprints, that “ Hear! hear!” lustily shouted the heralds. there could be no doubt at all but that evil fair“The princess, the august emperor's only child, ies dwelt in the cave. has been stolen! Upon him who restores her to There was nothing cowardly about Wang Er, her royal father there will be bestowed not only and, after a few minutes of deep thought, he rare jewels, but a high degree of scholarship!” said very decidedly:

“I hope the poor princess is being treated “I must go into the cave and try to rescue well,” said Wang Er, as he turned from the the princess.” window and began dressing.

His mother began to weep, and sobbed : After breakfast Wang Er went out in the tiny “Oh, my son! my son! the terrible fung-shui vegetable garden to pull up weeds; but scarcely will kill you ! had he begun when he saw before him the tini- “Mother," answered Wang Er, tears in his est, daintiest, loveliest shoe imaginable. It own eyes, "your son will obey you implicitly; was made of silk, heavily embroidered and but have not you yourself taught me always to encrusted with pearls and rubies.

serve the emperor to the best of my ability ? — When Wang Er had recovered from his as- and his only child, the princess, is in the power tonishment enough to be able to move, he of the fung-shui.picked up the shoe and carried it to his mother, The mother choked back her sobs, wiped her who said at once:

eyes, and said: “Surely this is the princess's shoe, and find- “ True, my son.

Hasten to the aid of his ing it here means that the poor child has been imperial majesty's child!”

* Even to-day the Chinese believe the ui to such an extent that His Excellency, Wong Kai Kah, was obliged to relinquish all hope of opening valuable mines in China, after months of endeavor. The Chinese country people could not be persuaded to dig mines, for fear of incurring the displeasure of the fung-shui.

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