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to allow the church to be used for that purpose.

Mr. Samuel F. Williams, leader of the Winthrop-street Methodist Church choir, volunteered to furnish a choir, and Mr. T. M. Carter, leader of Carter's Band, became responsible for the organization of an oldfashioned bugle-band for the procession. Invitations were sent to the following-named organizations to participate in the procession : Encampment Thomas G. Stevenson Post 26, G. A. R. ; Roxbury Horse Guards; Past Members of the Reserve Guard; Encampments and Lodges of the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and Knights of Honor ; and the Battalions of the Roxbury High and Latin Schools. General Isaac S. Burrell was chosen Chief Marshal of the Day, and he designated an efficient corps of Aids.

An unexpected delay in the arrangements was caused by a fatal accident to the father-in-law of Hon. William Gaston, who was compelled to decline to deliver the oration. General Horace Binney Sargent, of Salem, a former resident of Roxbury, reluctantly consented to prepare an oration during the brief time allowed, and mainly to accommodate him the celebration was fixed one, week later, viz., Nov. 22. When the arrangements had thus far been completed, a sub-committee was authorized to publish in the two local papers

the 6 Home Journal ” and the 66 Roxbury City Gazette ” — and to mail two hundred postal-card copies of the following circular:

[blocks in formation]

It being deemed eminently appropriate that the Centennial Year should be observed in Roxbury, owing to the prominent part taken by its citizens in the events of ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, the undersigned have been delegated a sub-committee to announce to our fellow-citizens, that a committee of the Roxbury Artillery and City Guard, together with the Past Members of the Norfolk Guard, have decided to inaugurate a



WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22d, And to invite all persons interested to give the occasion their countenance and support.

As far as arranged, the programme for the day will include a Military Procession, an Oration by GEN. HORACE BINNEY SARGENT, at the Church edifice of the first Religious Society (Dr. Putnam's), and a


At some suitable Hall, to be hereafter announced.

An Old-Time Bugle Band

Will accompany the procession, and the Winthrop Street (Methodist) Old Folks Choir have volunteered to sing at the church.

Other organizations will be invited to appear in the procession, and it is hoped the occasion may be observed as a HALF HOLIDAY.

The Sommittee desire to dispose of a large number of DINNER TICKETS, and have that part of the programme partake of the nature of a




Further details will be perfected as early as possible.

LIEUT. W. D HAWLEY, {Roxbury City Guard.
CAPT. J. P. JORDAN, Roxbury Artillery Association.

} Norfolk Guard.

For two days preceding the 22d day of November a severe rainstorm prevailed, and it was hoped that the third day would be pleasant. This did not prove to be the case. The morning of 6 Roxbury Day” was cloudy, foggy overhead and muddy underfoot, with occasional thick mists. By noon there was a favorable change, and, although the clouds obscured the sun, no rain fell during the out-door exercises. The programme was fully carried out as previously arranged.

The Roxbury City Guard and the Roxbury Artillery Association met at their armory in Webster Hall; the Norfolk Guards, the Grand Army Post and the Reserved Guard met at Dudley Hall; and the Knights of Pythias assembled at their hall at noon.


The procession was formed at half-past one o'clock, P. M., on Washington street, with the right resting near the site of the old fortifications at the corner of Williams street, in the following order :

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PLATOON OF POLICE, under Capt. Joseph Hastings, of Station 9.

Solomon Sanborn, Manly D. Butler, George R. Matthews, Morrill P.

Berry, Samuel McIntosh, Canberry Litchfield, Silas Dole, J. M. Swett. MARSHALS. General Isaac S. Burrell, chief; Major George Curtis, Capt.

John A. Scott, Capt. Isaac P. Gragg, and L. Foster Morse, Esqs., Aids. CARTER'S CENTENNIAL BAND. — T. M. Carter, leader; composed of a portion

of the regular Carter's Band, with Joseph Green, of Providence, E. H. Weston, Alonzo Bond, George Kinsley, and John Ballard, veteran musicians.

ROXBURY City GUARD. — Capt. B. Read Wales, with honorary staff, consisting

of Lieut.-Col. Nathaniel Wales, Major William A. Smith, Adj't H. B. Parker, Quartermaster Wm. H. Jones, of the staff of the First Battalion of Infantry, M. V. M.; the company staff consisting of Past Commander Charles G. Davis, Lieuts. F. J. Ward, f. B. Rohan and A. W. Hersey, and Dr. G. T. Perkins; -fifty rifles in line. The company wore the gray regimental uniform, bearskin hats, and white cross-belts. The colorguard wore the Artillery Company uniform of gray, trimmed with scarlet, and gray shako.

RoxbURY ARTILLERY ASSOCIATION. - 1st Lieut. J. P. Jordan, commanding ;

Senior 2d Lieut. Edwin R. Jenness; Junior 1st Lieut. James H. Nugent. Commander's staff, Luther W. Bixby, Adjutant; Dr. Wm. H. Emery, Surgeon; Majors W. C. Capelle and Charles A. Davis; Captains Henry A. Thomas, Joseph Knower, Edwin Adams; Lieutenants John P. Robinson, and Isaac Chase, First Battalion of Artillery, M. V. M.; Sergeants Wm. T. Macarty, John Brooks, Benj. Noyes; — sixty men in line. They were in citizen's dress, wearing slouched artillery hats, sabres and white belts. They appeared as old foot artillery, with two 12-pound brass field pieces, loaned by the First Battalion of Artillery, M. V. M.,

by permission of the State authorities. NORFOLK GUARDS AssociATION. — Capt. James Guild, 1st Lieut. John H.

Brookhouse, 2d Lieut. Charles M. Jordan, 1st Sergt. Jonas Fillebrown, 2d Sergt. John F. Newton, 3d Sergt. R. H. Wiswall, 4th Sergt. George B. Davis, 1st Corp. D. C. Bates, 2d Corp. Joseph Culligan, 3d Corp. Benj. F. Stone, 4th Corp. Edward Sumner, and seventy men in the ranks. The officers wore swords and belts, and the privates appeared in citizen's dress, with high black hats. They were accompanied by Daniel Simpson, aged 86; Jonathan Stanley, aged 76; and Joseph B. Treat, aged 56, veteran drummers, secured for the occasion.

RESERVED GUARDS. -Col. Edward Wyman, commander; -- twenty-five men. THOMAS G. STEVENSON Post No. 26, GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. — Rob

ert Bampton, Jr., commander; C. C. Randall, Jr., Vice Commander; James B. Gardner, Adjutant;. Frank B. Perkins, Quartermaster; P. O'Meara Edson, Surgeon; Robt. G. Seymour, Chaplain; J. M. Shoemaker, Officer of the Guard; Hiram A. Wright, Sergeant Major; John L. Perkins, Q. M. Sergeant. The following Past Commanders of the Post appeared as staff:— Col. Giles H. Rich, Col. S. A. Bolster, Capt. John E. Killian; — fifty men. The members wore the regulation Grand Army

hats and badges. MASSACHUSETTS LODGE, KNIGHTS OF Pythias. William A. Blossom, Chan

cellor Commander, and fifty men, wearing the regalia of the order, and

preceded by Gilligan's Band. DETACHMENTS OF THE ROXBURY School BATTALIONS, organized for the

occasion ; — composed of members of the Roxbury Latin and English High Schools, fifty muskets, under command of the following officers : Major J. L. Amory; Adj't R. Long; Quartermaster N. C. Fowler; Captains W. A. Stephens, G. H. Williams; Lieuts. A. Bacon, W. A. Graham,

P. Morse, G. H. L. Sharpe RoXBURY HORSE GUARD (on foot). — Capt. Aaron A. Hall; First Lieut.

Wm. B. Fenner; -fifty men. They wore the company uniform of scarlet coats, felt helmets, with white fountain plumes.

INVITED GUESTS IN CARRIAGES. His Excellency Alexander H. Rice,

Governor of the Commonwealth ; Colonels Wm. V. Hutchings and Wm. A.' Tower, of the Governor's staff; General Horace Binney Sargent, Orator of the Day; Rev. John O. Means, D. D., and Rev. Henry M. King, Chaplains of the Day; Hon. John S. Sleeper, Hon. John J. Clarke, and Hon. George Lewis, former Mayors of Roxbury; Hon. William A. Simmons, Collector of the Port of Boston; His Honor Samuel C. Cobb, Mayor of Boston; Hon. John T. Clark, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen of Boston; Hon. John Q. A. Brackett, President of the Common Council of Boston; Alderman Francis Thompson, of Boston; Gen. John L. Swift, Gen. E. W. Stone, Col. William Raymond Lee, Lieut. Obed Rand, William Fenton, Esq., formerly City Messenger of Roxbury; Joseph W. Tucker, formerly Town and City Clerk of Roxbury.


The procession moved promptly at 2 o'clock, passing up Warren street, past the birthplace of Gen. Joseph Warren (which was saluted with cheers), and through Moreland, Greenville and Dudley streets to Guild Row, and thence into Roxbury street, halting with the right in front of the church of the First Religious Society. During the march, the ears of older residents were charmed with such suggestive airs as “ White Cockade,” 660 Lassie, art thou sleeping yet?” “Yankee Doodle," " Capt. Brown's March,” and “On the Road to Boston,” which Carter's Band performed with old-time vigor and modern excellence combined. Despite the unfavorable weather, there was a general suspension of business and congregating on the line of march by citizens and residents to view the procession. The veterans of the Norfolk Guards and Roxbury Artillery were the recipients of enthusiastic plaudits from every quarter.

The column halted facing the old historic sanctuary, and was reviewed by the Governor and invited guests, who at once alighted and passed into the church.

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