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cline, at the summit of which, directly in front, | couple of hundred yards, bare of trees in the cenmay be seen the Gothic gables of the mansion tre, down to a second terrace, on the margin of house. On the left the path is bordered by a which, in the centre of the prospect, grows a well-trimmed hedge of privet, merging, as a side large and vigorous smoke-tree, banked behind path across the lawn appears, into a thickset with purple lilacs. To its left two stately upright border of osage-orange, three or four feet high, junipers guard a Aight of grass steps down the over which is seen, placed in becoming locations, terrace, while to the right a similar flight is indivarious groups of shrubbery ; the spirea, the hazel cated by two immense globe arbor vitæ bushes. and the hawthorne can be detected, and numbers This portion of the lawn is, on the side by the of stately and well-pruned trees commingle with road, walled in, as it were, by a rockery, somethe lower growths so as to altogether form a most what similar to that descried after first crossing pleasing prospect for the eye. A beautiful liquid- the stream at the foot of the hill ; but this one is amber and a singularly well-shaped English linden overgrown with a spreading Japanese yew. Bestand close within the hedge, each probably fortytween the yew and the junipers is a large weeping feet in height; while far across the lawn, which beech, and nearer to the house stands, the pride extends as far as the eye can reach, is detected, of all beholders, a magnificent tulip tree. Seldom embowered by larches, a rockery tastefully cov- can such a specimen be seen ; standing apart ered with the tendrils of trumpet vine and Vir- from other trees it has had the opportunity, unginia creeper, which, each in its proper season, like the same tree when crowded in forests, to enliven the landscape with its gorgeous colors. spread its noble branches far and wide. Its top

On the right, after passing the stream, a rarely most twigs tower far above all surrounding foliage, beautiful wooded glade is found -a sunny stretch , and its trunk, fair, straight and strong, bids fair of lawn, bare of trees itself, surrounded on three in time to exceed in girth any tree on the place. sides by primeval forest and sloping gently down There is another great tulip tree, much larger and towards the creek below, while above rises the older than this, standing on the farm land, the leafy foliage of an almost precipitous steep. Pur- girth of whose trunk, three feet above the ground, suing the journey along the main road, we come is twenty-four feet and eight inches. The lower to a parting of the ways, and for convenience of branches are each two feet in diameter as they description will turn to the left, noting at the fork, leave the trunk, and the spread of foliage is nearly as a landmark, a “ William Penn Milestone,” with fifty feet to each side of the trunk, the height of the Proprietary's coat-of-arms on one side and the whole tree being probably not less than one the figure 5 on the reverse, formerly standing on hundred feet. This tree is of immense age, and the Old Haverford Road, where it was placed in has a hollow trunk; but that near the house, be1703.

fore described, should have a hundred years or Before us now is a very steep climb, and at the more of life before it yet, and gives promise of summit, to the left, stands the house, low, sur excelling in rugged beauty and in size its brother rounded on three sides by broad piazzas, and of the distant meadow land. Its circumference is forming, by a wing to the north, the latest addi now eleven feet. tion, now nearly 40 years old, a tasteful Porte 1 To the right of this sunny piece of lawn stands Cochere. As we step up on the porch our first a group of Norway spruces, on the terrace, and sensation is one of surprise, first, to see what an quite close to the house a singularly shapely clump outlook is had in front, and next, that behind the of Kentucky coffee trees, their delicately formed, house the ground still continues to rise, so that, pale green branches springing up from the midst in spite of the already great elevation, the house of the grove of box which was observed before as is yet in a sheltered nook of the hills.

shading the turn in the gravel walk. Before, nothing limits the horizon but trees, Let us now wander into the flower garden, to with an occasional glimpse over their tops of a the south of the house: Here are seen the tersunny hill miles away, on which the grazing cows raced walks cut in Mr. Cruickshank's time. There can hardly be distinguished. At our feet lies a rise three terraces above us, the space between smoothly shaven plot of grass, level for twenty or each being occupied by beds of strawberries, curthirty feet, where it is terraced to a gravel walk; rants, etc., while a border for both beds and the and the eye, following this walk in front of the intervening grass walks is formed by rows of oldhouse and toward the south, sees it curve grace. fashioned flowers, with an occasional fruit tree, fully around under some wondrously large and among which the paw paw is not forgotten. The ancient box-trees to enter a sunny flower garden, topmost terrace-each is about three feet highto which attention will be drawn later.

abuts against a long and high stone wall, but so Below the gravel walk the lawn slopes for a thickly overgrown is it with ivies that scarcely a

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