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[Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10/73]

Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4002, August 16, 1967


No, 4002


News in Brier

(Canton Kuang-chou Jih-pao Hung-ch'i (Canton Daily Red Flag), July 11, 1967)

Jao Shu-shih, who had been Party boss of the East
China regia before he was purged for his conspiracy with
Kao Kang to overthrow Mao, is reported in one of the following
snippets to have been recently arrested as a "spy conceale, in
the revolutionary ranks.

In another item, Hui Shu-ch'ang, a member of the
secretariat of the former Central Committee of the Communist
Youth League, is reported to have committed suicide on June 4.--

--A "Canton Joint Committee on Criticism of T'eo Chu" was inaugurated on July 10. The city's proletarian revolutionaries gathered this afternoon at the Yuehhsiusban stadium to hold a warm celebration of the occasion.

--Madan Liu, mother of hero Liu Ying-chún ($)* 1936), has joined the Standing Committee of the Red Revolutionary Committee of Heilungkiang (ic).

On May 25, for the first time she took part in its activities.

--On June 30, an inauguration meeting was held at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for the Preparatory Comittee of the Red Guard Congress of Universities and colleges of Canton. Delegates of revolutionary rebels of workers, peasants, state organs, military colleges, and middle schools and of the Capital's Red Guard Congress attended the meeting and spoke at it. The establishment of the Preparatory Committee of the Red Guard Congress will make a new contribution to the promotion of the great alliance and revolutionary "three-way combination" of proletarian revolutionaries in the Canton area.

--Hui Shu-ch'ang (8), ex-member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, a target of the "three-way combination of the Corps of the CYL Central Committee, and an anti-three element, committed suicide by jumping from a building at 9.43 a.m. on June 4. He was taken to Peking Hospital, where he died in the afternoon in spite of emergency treatment.

--Jao Shu-shin (), Liu Shao-ch'i's favorite disciple who was known as a "young, promising statesman," besides being one of the leaders of the Kao-Jao anti-Party clique, is also found to be a spy hiding in the revolutionary ranks. He has been arrested,

--Amid the song of triumph of the great proletarian cultural revolution, the proletarian revolutionary rebels, breaking through one obstacle after another and after penetrating investigations, have finally cragged out revolutionary traitor Li Ch'eng lume ), assistant, secretary of the Control Committee or the old Municipal Party Committee, who sneaked into the Municipal Military Control Commission, and who was deputy leader of the Proletarian Dictatorship Group and leader of a sub-committee of the Supervisory Committee. This is a victory for the great proletarian cultural revolution in Canton city, a victory for the invincible thought of Mao Tse-tung.

Red Flag fighters of this paper have ordered Li Ch'eng's wife Shen Hsiao-ts 'ung (* With ), an anti-three elezent and assistant secretary

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of the former Party Committee of this paper, to make a clean breast of the relevant crimes immediately.

--Fighters of Tungfanghung of Peking Industrial College have dragged out counter-revolutionary element Ch'i Yao (Device president), His father is the butcher responsible for the murder of 'martyr Fang Chih-min (3). Ch'i Yao, whose nature of the landlord class remains unchanged, had burned all belongings of martyr Fang Chin-min.

--Revolutionary model play "The White-Haired Girl" will be adapted for the screen. Peking Television Station has obtained the approval of the Cultural Revolution Group of the Party Central Committee, and preparations are being made to. shoot the film in Canton.

--I Chung-jen (Pap he vice president of Canton College of Fine Arts), the music writer for the traitorous film "Inside Story of the Ch'ing Court, has been dragged out.

--For the past couple of days, teachers and students of universities, colleges and schools in Canton have gone to the countryside to assist in the work of summer harvesting and sowing. Fighters of revolutionary rebel groups such as Chungshan University Red Flag and South China College of Technology Red Flag bave headed for the Ch'ien-chin, Tungfanghung and Hsiangyang Communes in the northern suburbs.

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--The newly-born Nei-meng-ku Jih-pao (Inner Mongolia Daily), under the leadership of the Military Control Columi ssion and with the efforts of the "Tungfanghung" revolutionary comrades of the news paper, was formally published on June 1 after a short period of preparation.

--In Huhehot, with the concern of the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao, the radio station, the press, the post and tele-communications bureau, transport and railways departments which were controlled by the conservative forces are now placed under military control. Recently, rebel organizations have vigorously organized manpower to be sent to the countryside to publicize the decision of the Central Committee concerning the handling of the question of Inner Mongolia. Very good results have been attained, and the conservative groups are disintegrating.

--June 18 was the first anniversary of the "June 18" incident at Peking University. In order to commemorate and promote the "June 18" revolutionary rebel spirit, the New Peking University Commune took all the black gangsters and antithree elements to the "Struggle Against Ghosts Terrace" in front of the Sanpa Building, which was the scene of the 'June 18" incident last year. This has greatly boosted the morale of the proletarian revolutionaries and deflated the arrogance of the class enemies.

--On June 20, the proletarian revolutionary rebels of the Peking armed forces held a mass meeting to struggle against. Lo Jui-ch'ing, an anti-Party element who attempted to usurp the army leadership in the big compound of the Peking Military District Headquarters. Wang Shang-jung (In, anti-Party element who attempted to usurp the army leadership, Liu Chin-chien (&), counter-revolutionary revisionist, and three-anti elements Yang Yung ( ) and Liao Han-sheng (BRE) were also struggled against. This meeting

was. success, greatly boosting the morale of the proletarian revolutionaries. attended by about 50,000 persons from more than 50 revolutionary rebel organizations inside and outside the army. Leaders of the land, sea and air forces, the Second Artillery Unit, and the General Logistics Department sent representatives to the meeting and expressed support for it.

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--The Western Suburb Sports Stadium of Peiding with a capacity for .18,000 persons in nearing completion, and will be opened soon. The oblong stadium will have a swimming pool, a skating rink, etc.

--The 60 points for higher education formulated by Teng Hsiao-p'ing, Iu Ting-1 and Chiang Nan-hsiang ( are being penetratingly studied and criticized in various quarters. The three red rebel organizations of the People's University, the Petroleum College of Tach'ing and other colleges are, in the light of their own conditions, exposing and criticizing the 50 points for higher education. The criticism and reform group of the Red Guard Congress is also collating relevant material. The Peking Aviation Institute Red Flag and the Geology Institute Tungfanghung have separately published articles telling how the 60 points for bigher education came to be formulated.



[Wu Shu-jen testimony 7/10,73]
Survey of China Mainland Press, No. 4089, December 29, 1967

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(Canton San-szu Chan-pao (No. 3 Headquarters Combat Bulletin)*, Nov. 3, 1967)

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Ch'en Tsai-tao, former head of the Wuhan Military District Conrand, was publicly "tried" by "revolutionary rebels" on August 4, 1957, for his part in the "July 20" incident of Wuhan, The following purports to be a summary of the "trial," which lasted ten hours.--SCMP Ed.


Note: In the past year and more, a decisive victory
has been won in the unprecedented great cultural revolution.
After counter-revolutionary revisionist Ch'en Tsai-tao (17
was dragged out, the proletarian revolutionaries of the Peking
units of the three services of the Chinese People's Liberation
Army resolutely struggled against bin on August 4 and won a :
preliminary victory. This struggle has fully demonstrated that
the Chinese People's Liberation Army founded by Chairman Mao and
led by Vice Chairman Lin Piao is boundlessly loyal to Chairman Mao
and his proletarian revolutionary line.

The torrent of history flows on and on.

Whoever dares
to oppose Chairman Mao and the proletarian headquarters will
definitely be drowned by the torrent of history. Ch'en Tsai.
tao and the like will invariably be judged by history. They
will surely meet with shameful defeat.

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In the afternoon of August 4, representatives of proletarian revolutionary groups of various headquarters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Committee for National Defense Science and Technolog, the organs of the three services of the PLA in Peking and cultural and sports units struggled against Ch'en Tsai-tao, arch criminal of the "July 20" counter-revolutiouary riot in Wuhan and a counterrevolutionary elecent. Accompanying him in the struggle were counter-revolutionary elements Chung Hán-hua (fiá : 4 former Political Commissar of Wihan Military District), Niu Husi-lung * 43. tė former Division Commander of Unit "8201"), Ts'ai Ping-ch'en ( E, former Division Political Commissar of Unit "8201") and Pa Fang-t'ing (Et, former Director of hihan Municipal People's Arms (Militie] Departcent). Cherishing boundless love for the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao, pledging under death to firmly defead Cazirman Meo and his re: volutionary line, end filled with intense batred and rage against the cless enemies, the representatives took Mao Tse-tung's thought as the weapon, launched a fierce attack ayon Ch'en Tsai-tao and the bardful of counter-revolutionary elements and smashed them into smithersens, Victory of the first battle was delightf:1 news greatly inspiring the proletarian revolutionaries and demoralizing the eneries. It fuling displayed the strong fighting strength of the revolutionary rebels of the three services.

*published by Red Guard Congress of Canton Institutes of Higher Learning.

Address No. 7, Sensbat'ou, Canton.

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The meeting started with the singing of the battle hymn, Rebellion Is Justified, and reading of quotations from Chairman Mao by the representatives of revolutionary rebel groups. The meeting place was filled with an atmosphere of surging fighting spirit. Filled with the heroism of overwhelming all enemies, the comrades joined in the tense and violent struggle.

"Show counter-revolutionary Ch'en Tsai-tao in!" As soon as the comrade responsible for the conference had finished saying this, shouts of slogans "Down with Liu, feng and T'ao!" and "Down with counter-revolutionary Ch'en Tsai-tao!" broke out thunderously and continually. Scared by this serious situation, this old rascal Ca'en Tsai-tao had no alternative but to bend himself low and trembled with fear.

The representatives of revolutionary rebels of the three services announced first: Ch'en Tsai-tao, you scheme and started the "July 20" counterrevolutionary riot in Wuhan area. You have committed a towering crime. Today we want to settle account with you. You must honestly tell everything!

Immediately after that they asked Ch'en Tsai-tao: "what kind of an incident was the 'July 20' incident?"

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Ch'en Tsai-tao answered: "I committed a crime. was a counter-revolutionary incident.'

The 'July 20' incident

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Question: Why do you say that it was a counter-revolutionary incident?

Ch'en Tsai-tao answered: Opposing the delegates sent by Chairwan Mao-what else was it if it was not a counter-revolutionary incident? But I don't know who incited it.

This old rascal vainly attempted to shirk responsibility. He was daydreaning! The representatives of revolutionary rebels said loudly: You rascal! You must honestly tell what role you played in this incident!" Hearing this, Ch'en Tsai-tao said immediately, with sweat running down his face: "I should take responsibility. I, I,...."

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Answer: "I executed the Liu-Teng reactionary line and obstinately clung to it, causing evil results.

Seeing that he refused to speak the truth, the representatives questioned him further: "How did you scheme the 'July 20' incident?!"

Ch'en Tsai-tao defended himselt slyly: "I did not scheide it."

Question: "You have admitted that you ere guilty.

Then, what is your


It is wrong to say

Answer: "We have deceived and hoodwinked the masses. that we have not committed mistakes of orientation and line.'

Question: "You schemed the 'July 20' incident. Why do you deny it?!"

Ch'en Tsai-tao said: "I did not schere it. To whom did I say this? whom did I bold a conference?"


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