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of Tiberius, 19. from of Antipas and After Christ according The Tear of Rome, 780. the 28th of August.

to the Vulgar Ara, 27.

Philip, 30.


M A'R K.



CHA P. VIII. C H A P. 1. CH A P. V.

12 And it came to pafs, when he was in

a certain city,
2 And behold, there 40. And there came behold, a man full
came a leper, and wor- a leper to him, be- of leprofy who see-
Thipped him, saying, seeching him, and ing Jesus, fell on his
Lord, if thou wilt, kneeling down to him, face, and befought
thou canst make me and saying unto him, him, saying, Lord, if

If thou wilt, thou thou wilt, thou canft
canst make me clean. make me clean.

41 And Jesus moved

with compassion, 2 And Jesus puc

13 And he pur forth his hand, and his hand, and couch- forch his hand, and touched him, saying, ed him, and faith couched him, saying, I will be thou clean. unto him, I will, be I will be thou clean.

thou clean.

put forth

42 And affoon as he had spoken, imme

And in And immediately his diacely che leprosy de- mediately the leprosy leprosy was cleansed. parted from him, and departed from him.

he was cleansed.


The second Tear of Christ's Ministry. Jesus cleanseth the Leper ; 4

voids the Crowd; returns to Capernaum, where a vast Multitude meet to see him. He pardons the Paralytic, and cures him; the Doctors of the Law repining, and all others being in admiration at it.


T happen'd while he was publishing his Gospel at a certain City of Galilee, ac

cording to his Custom, there came a Leper to him, who falling down at bis feet, Master, said he, If thou wilt thou canst make me clean, which I most earnestly intreat of thee. Jesus pitying his condition, stretch'd forth his Hand, and touched him, saying, I will," be thou cleans’d. The words were no sooner pronounc'd than the Leprosy departed from him, and his Skin recover'd its former


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43 And he straight ly charged him, and forthwith sent him a

way ; 4 And Jesus faith 44 And faith unco 14 And he charged unto him, See thou him, See thou say him to tell no man : tell no man, but go nothing to any man: but go, and thew thy thy way, ihew thy but go thy way, fhew self to the priest, felf to the priest, and thy felf to the priest, and offer for thy offer the gift that and offer for thy cleansing, according Mofes commanded, for cleaning those things as Moles command

testimony unto which Moses com- ed, for a testimony them.

manded, for a testimo- unto them.
ny unto them.

45 But he wence
out, and began to
publish it much, and
to blaze abroad the
matter :


15 But so much the more went there a .

fame abroad of him: and they came and great multitudes to him from every came together to hear, quarter.

Q and to be healed by

him of their infir-

Colour. The man fill continuing there, Jesus rebuk'd him for it, and commanded him to depart immediately, charging him withal, not to disclose the manner how he had been curd 3 and further advis'd him to repair as foon as might be to Jerusalem, and offer himself to the examination of the Priest, who was to the case of Lepers, whether they were rightly heald or not; putting him in mind of the Gifts requir'd by the Mosaic Law, that having perform'd all the legal Rites, his Cure might be deemd authentick, and he adjudg'd to be cleans’d by a publick Declaration. By which means fofus avoided the Envy of the Priests, who were Judges in this Affair, and who otherwise might have calumniated him as an Invader of the Sacerdotal'o fice, and perhaps through spite would have pronounc'd the man not deanfed, tho they were never lo well fatisfied of the contrary. But the man that had been cur’d, not able to contain his Joy, and looking upon it as a piece of Ingratitude fo long to conceal so great a Benefit, divulg d the matter it here e'er he came, and with it the Fa:ne of his Benefactor, which was now fo great, that Multitudes fuck'd to him to hear him, and be curd by him : so that


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he could enter into no City publickly, without a Crowd about him; which oblig'd him to retire into desert places, that he might have some leisure, and be unmolested in his Devotions.

Having made a pretty long stay at Perea, he took Ship, and return'd to Car pernaum, a place he very much resided in; and was scarce come to the House he usd to lodg at, when the Rumor of his being arriv'd was · spread over all the City. This, as usual, brought a Concourse of People from all parts to hear him; and among the rest were several Pharisees and Doctors of the Law, who came from Galilee, Judea, and Jerusalem it- felf, and sat down in the Porch of the House. Jefus mean while cur'd all that fled to him for Succour, by the miraculous Bower he had receiv'd from God.


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2 And behold, they 3 And they came

18 And behold, brought to him a man unto him, bringing men brought in a bed fick of the palfie, ly- one sick of the palsie, a man which was taken ing on a bed : which was born of with a palfie :


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For which reason there was so great a Crowd, that the Porch was unable to contain the Multitude. While Jesus was here preaching to the People, there came certain men, bearing upon their houlders one stretch'd on a Couch, who was Gick of the Pally, and endeavour'd to press thro, that they might lay him at Fesus Feet, and beseech him to have compaffion on him; which not being able to accomplish, the greater part being loth to quit their places, they got up into the Gallery of the House, and from thence to the top of the Porch, and draw'd up the Paralytic, and his Bed after them: Then uncovering the Roof, they let him down with Ropes into the middle of the Porch before Jesus, who by this Action


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and Jesus seeing their 5 When Jesus saw 20 And when he saw
faith, said unto the their faith, he said their faith, he said un-
fick of the palsie, Son, unto the fick of the to him, Man, thy fins
be of good cheer, thy palfie, Son, thy fins are forgiven thee.
fins be forgiven thee. be forgiven thee.
3 And behold, cer-

6 But there were 21 And the scribes
min of the scribes said certain of the scribes and the Pharisees be.
wichin themselves, fitting there, and rea- gan to reason, taying,

soning in their hearts,
This man blafphe 7 Why doch this Who is this which

man thus speak blas. speaketh blasphemies ?

who can who can forgive fins
forgive sins, but God but God alone?

4. And Jesus know 8 And immediately, 22 But when Je-
ing their thoughts, when Jesus perceived sus perceived their

in his fpirit,

that they fo reasoned within themselves, he

he answer
said, wherefore said unto them, why ing said unto them,
think ye evil in your reason ye these things What reason ye in

in your hearts?
For whether is 9 Whether is ir 23 Whether is ea-
easier to say, Thy easier to say to the fier to say, Thy fins
fins be forgiven thee; fick of the palfie, Thy be forgiven thee; or
or to say, Arise and sins be forgiven thee; to say, Rise up and.

or to say, Arise, and walk?
take up thy bed and
walk ?

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your hearts ?

of theirs perceiving the singular Opinion these men had of the Divine Power with which he wrought his Miracles, and the assured expectation they were in of his performing, a cure upon him, addressing himself to the Paralytic, he said unto. him, Son, be of good comfort, this Punishment for thy Sins is remitted to thee. Which words were taken notice of by the Pharisees and Lawyers, and look'd upon by them as injurious to the Deity. Fesus knowing their Thoughts by the Divine Spirit which was in him, Wherefore, said he, do you make this wrong judgment: of what I said, in your minds? There is no greater Authority requilite to pronounce those words, This Punishment for thy Sins is remitted to thee, than these, Take up thy Bed and walk. But that you may be convinc'd that I, as con



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