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It is necessary to stop armed (or violent) struggle and remove all defense works. One thing I would like to mention in particular is that some schools in Canton have set up radio transmitters. What they have broadcast has been beard in Hong Kong. Consequently, things like fighting a civil war have leaked out while the enemy knows what he should not know. It is illegal to set up radio stations without authorization and they must be banned. To communicate with one another in code is a counter-revolutionary act. You people should bring to light what is banned and assist the organs of proletarian dictatorship in stopping and punishing such illegal acts. Try to publicize and expose these things and in no way should you people shield those who perpetrate these misdeeds. Tell the masses to beware of poisoning of drinking water, assassination and acts detrimental to production. It is not enough to rely solely on organs of proletarian dictatorship and rely on the military district command and the military control committee.

Our great leader Chairman Mao has said: The primary thing in imposing a dictatorship 18 to rely on the masses. Whenever provocations and acts of sabotage wacovered by the masses come to your attention, you people should drag out the culprits and turn them over to organs of proletarian dictatorship. Similarly, when you people spot acts of sabotage such as killing people and connitting arson around you, you should act in concert in grabbing the culprits and turn them over to the organs of proletarian dictatorship. The latter must rely on the masses and unite with them and unless this is done they cannot do a good job. Kwangtung in particular should set an example. I have brought up this matter again to remind those who are apt to forget it in the event of dispute.

(After finishing with the third part of the "Decision,") Premier Chou said: This section deals with your 12-point agreement. Although you people were rather tardy in signing the agreement, the good thing is that you people have absorbed much of the fine agreements and provisions drawn up by other work rits, thus enriching your pact and making it more comprehensive in scope, We are very pleased with what you people heve done and support your endeavors. The military district has printed a large number of copies of the agreement for distribution. The document of the central autborities approving this agre endent should also be printed for distribution. The question is to put this agreement into effect; it is a concrete task having an important bearing on other things.

It is just fine for seamen and workers to unite and form one organization. The Canton Railway Bureau has formed an alliance while its branch bureaus are making preparations for forming alliances successfully. The conclusion of the 12point agreement provides an excellent basis for the forging of great alliance. The most important thing is to form revolutionary great alliance with the great thought of Mao Tse-tung as the guide and "fight against self and repudiation of revisionism" as the key.

Io the course of implementing the 12-point agreement, you people will be put to the test to determine whether you people are eligible for the title of proletarian revolutionary. All things are in the process of moving forward and developing. This is also true of mass organizations. They thin' that since they rebelled against the cepitalist roaders in Kwangtung and criticized and repudiated 7'80 and Chao in the past, they have enough to count on. Well, it is impossible for one to be a rebel all his life. At the present stage whether or not you are a proletarian revolutionary will be judged by the way you in:plement the 12-point agreement and propel the great cultural revolution forwerd.

Although a few leaders may not lmplement the agreement, the broad masses will. If the leaders object, it will be necessery to have them replaced by others who will. We believe the masses want to make revolution. Sone lazzed behind at the start of the cempaign to criticize the capitalist roaders, but once they understand the issues involved they will catch up. Some mass orgenizetions appear more or less on the conservative side wit they are not apologists for the capitalist roaders. Only a few step forth to defead the capitalist roaders. Even if things

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develop to the stage reached by the "One Million Heroic Troops" (BJP) of Wuhan, they are just superficial. Once the hoodwinked masses awaken to'the facts, they will not shield people like Ch'en Tsai-tao and will return to the fold of revolutionary mass organizations, particularly the ordinary people.

During the period when the Army has been called upon to carry out the task of "supporting the Left, agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control," conservative tendencies may be easily. overcome and altered. It is quite possible that (conservative organizations ) may implement the 12-point agreeceat, overtake and even surpass you people.

Things tend to develop all the time but much depends on whether or not you follow Chairman Mao's teachings and use "fight against sell and repudiation of revisionism" as the guide. This is the greatest test of all. So let us not argue over which is a rebel group and which is a conservative organization. We should distinguish cardinal issues of right and wrong from those that are not. The right thing for us to do is criticize and repudiate Liu, Teng and T'ao, the capitalist roaders in Kwangtung, and those of your own work units. Since we all uphold Chairman Mao's revolutionary line, let's see who implements the 12-point agreement

If one puts aside the present nost urgent tasks, he is a revolutionary in Dame only. In upholding the 12-point agreement, the central authorities put you people to the test.

Therefore, both sides should each name five representatives to form a supervisory group together with the provincial and municipal military. control committees for the purpose of supervising the implementation of the 12-point agreement.


The concrete provisions of the 12-point agreement cannot be announced today; they will be known and put into effect as from tomorrow. Time should be allowed for the implementation of the agreement and by all means avoid finding fault with the other side, making a scene and rejecting the whole agreement simply because problems arise in the course of implementing the pact. You people should trust and supervise each other and put the agreement into effect by gradual stages. The important point of the agreement is to form revolutionary great alliance through the revolutionary mass campaign of criticist and repudiation. In the course of practice, you people will be judged whether you qualify for being a proletarian revolutionary. If all of you can pass for proletarian revolutionaries, then you will have the basis for forming a great alliance and standing on the side of Chairman Mao's revolutionary line. Since the workers in Canton have taken the lead in doing so, you people should on your return hold fast to the general orientation of struggle and examine all aspects of the situation in Canton through the implementation of the 12-point agreement.

(Arter going over the fourth part of the 'Decision,"). Prenier Chon said: This section deals with the setting up of a preparatory group for a revolutionary committee so as to give the great alliance an impetus. Arter consulting you people, the central authorities have decided to name Comrades Huang Yung-sheng ( 13 ), Ch'en Yu ( 75,2 x Wang Shou-tas (

EB), K'ung Shin-cb'llan Lite ) and Ch'en te laten as responsible members of the Preparatory Group of the Kwangtung Provincial Revolutionary Committee.. This group will then comprise three army cadres and two local cedres.

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On numerous occasions Comrade Huang Yung-sheng have proved himselt a very fine leading cadre who has closely followed Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Lin, Of course, he has made some mistakes in the work of "supporting the Left, Agriculture and industry" and "conducting military training and exercising military control," but he has discussed them with you people. He has the confidence of both the Military Affairs Committee and the Central Cultural Revolution Group.

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Although the setting up of the Preparatory Group of the Kvangtuag Provincial Revolutionary Committee may be entrusted to the Kvangtung Kilitary District Command, Canton being South China's key city is charged with very heavy tasks. A big military district therefore should take up the task of forming the preparatory group under the leadership of Comrade Huang Yung-sheng.

Comrade K'ung Shih-ch'tan is the 3rd Political Commissar of the Canton Military District Command newly appointed by the central authorities. He 16 credited with having paved the way lately for the forging of a great alliance of the workers in Canton and what he has done in this regard has been approved by the three sides concerned. Comrade K'ung made a speech at the inauguration of the Preparatory Group of the Workers Revolutionary Joint Committee I ).

The people of Kvangtung are all quite familiar with Comrade Ch'en Te, Political Commissar of the Kidangtung Military District. Since he made some mistakes in connection with the military control committee and in the work of supporting the Left, he did not get along well with you people in the conduct of arfairs. At a meeting in Peking he attended, be admitted his mistakes and later explained the whole thing to you people. The central authorities trust him and we believe be can assume the duties placed on him. He needs your support.

The two local cadres, Comrade Ch'en Yu and Wang Shou-tao, beve the backing of the proletarian revolutionaries of the Central-South Bureau of the CCP Central Committee. Veteran Comrade Ch'en joined the Party as early as the big strikes which were staged in Canton and went through protracted struggles, Although he carried out the reactionary line in the early stage of the cultural revolution movement, be has examined himself and not too belatedly joined the side of the rebels. He bas done much in promoting the forging of great alliance of the workers in Canton.

On the other hand, Comrade Wang Shou-tao stepped forward after recognizing his error of carrying out the bourgeois reactionary line. Since he made mistakes when he was associated with the Ministry of Coramunications and bad earlier committed errors, he has pledged to do his work well to amend his faults. The central authorities have confidence in him.

We should in particular support the Liberation Army and learn from PIM fighters, pledging unbounded devotion to Chairman Mao, to the thought of Mao Tse-tung and to Chairman Mao's revolutionary line. Except for the five comrades I have just mentioned, you must try to enlist representatives of all revolutionary 1838 organizations. Since it is too late to discuss this thing, you had better take up this batter again when you are back in Canton.

Those who are joining the Preparatory Group of the Kwangtong Provincial Revolutionary Ccamittee will fere better after a great alliance is formed. Il the preparatory group of the Workers Joint Committee fixes the number of officials at ten, then the ratio will be pour for the workers Revolutionary Joint Committee (I), four for the Workers Revolutionary Committee (I) and two for "Kung-chiao Hung-ch'i" ( I h 11 36). If the number is fixed át rive, then the ratio will be two-two-one.

Railway workers and seamen bare formed an alliance and neved their delegates. The peasants should also name their delegates and it would be much better if an alliance could be formed. Next come the schools since the five sides have beld preliminary discussions. The proportion is two for "Huizz Ssu" (32 ), two for "San Ssu" (EJ ), two for "Hsin I Ssu" ( H]), one for "301" and three for "Hung'I Ssu" ( 12 m). Viewing things on 'a high plane, once the three factions of workers in Canton form an alliance, it will be rather

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easy to tackle the rest. Since preparations are under vay to: romini na Piec Guard Congress of laiversities and Colleges, the problers of th: 770ang goyayine organs may also be solved. Public security departments which are und *131tary control are not participating in the scheme, This does not stand in the way o? expanding the preparatory group of the provincial revolutionary cciamittee. Conrade K'ang held a consultative conference in Shensi before forming an alliance and deter. mining the proportion of the representatives of various mess organizations. A consultative conference should be beld in advance by the preparatory group of the revolutionary committee with everybody assuming responsibilities and taking .concerted action regarding the discussion of urgent matters and reaching unanimous agreement on issues concerning a common stand against the enemy. This is merely a suggestion for you to discuss after you people are back in Canton.

There are some other things whic, I would like to tell you:

One, all organizations should study rectification after they are back. in Canton. Recently, some people from Kwangtung have come to Peking to study. They include several hundred cadres from the Canton Military District, the Kwangtung Military District and military sub-districts and people's armed forces departrents, local cadres at provincial, municipal, administrative district and hsien levels, young Red Guard fighters and PLA fighters. (Comrade. Huang Yungsheng: The total number is 700).

Arter you people are back in Canton, be sure to discuss the specific quotas for each group. Today Chairman Mao attended a reception for members of the study classes and later you people. I told Comrade Wu Fa-sien that the seating arrangement for those on the ground floor had already been made. You people were.. then accommodated on the third floor with my apology. Well, on the third floor you people could a].so see very far!

Having waited '80 long, Chairman Mao today did come to receive the members of eight study classes and the representatives of eight delegations to Peking.

After you people are back in Canton in connection with rectification, the first thing you people should do is not to spare yourselves when making sélf-criticism.. In tackling your internal problems, you should try to solve them by means of the unity-criticism-and-self-criticism-unity process, first of all admitting your own mistakes.

The two factions in Chanchiang had an unpleasant time discụssing their problems and they were all aware of it. You people should not spare yourselves when examining yourselves before you people can find out the good points of the other side. Only through self-criticism can you form an alliance and attain wity. Taking the thought of Mao Tse-tung as the basis and. "fight against sell and repudiation of revisionism" as the guide, try to do a good job of the task of struggle-criticism-transformation in your own work units and use this 29 the cri. terion.

Two, to forge great alliance it is necessary to emancipate a number of : cadre3. Why is it thet very few cadres in Kwangting have stepped forward? The main reason is that capitalist roaders and other factors causing provocations are: involved. You people have already unmasked Chao Tzu-yang and Ou Heng-chieh, but there is also provincialis which I mentioned in April. Io the months after April these people have been increasingly active. I should say you people have this time raised your level of understanding. For instance, you people have noticed that a handful of people like Yin Lin-p'ing have been quite ective. The central authorities have criticized people steeped in provincialism, those who exclude cadres from outside areas and opposed those cadres sent to South China during the land reform. Since cadres in Kwangtung were then inexperienced, cadres sent to South China were right in taking charge of land reform programs. Although the latter had shortconings when carrying out their duties, their merits should act be altogether obliterated.

To do so would breed provincialisn and this should by no menys be i5ed to recpea cases. Since it is la line with the decision of the ceatral authorities that provincialism should be opposed, we shoulda't brend T'ko Chu es being opposed to provinciali3a. T'ao Chu is a double-dealer. We should not be influenced by accions of prosincialism to the extent of abetting provinciells and antarnnistic feelings because this is not beintu to the forgins of great alliance.

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Three, we should prevent bad elements fomenting discord. For instance, you people have been incited by Ko Feng and Huang Shih-min. These two men are very bad, particulely Huang Shihain. Chungshan University has provided me with Huang's dossier. Issuing what is called the August document (Comrade Huang Yungsheng: "August 21" statement), these people have instigated you people to turn the spearhead against the Liberation Army and the masses instead of guiding you people to do the right things. Therefore, we should'nt lay the blame on the mass organizeticas because Huang Shih-min has contacts in Hong Kong. It is said that they sneaked into Kwangtung under the sway of enemy secret agents while posing as meabers of the "Left.

On the other hand, the "May 16" group relied on its own work units in dragging out the bad leaders. Therefore, we should not condemn this organization because it has the backing of bad elements. This and others are all organizations formed by the masses and the thing that matters is thet they have been provoked by bad people.

For this reason, we should, firstly, avoid aggravating issues; secondly, let the misled masses of your own work units and own organizations drag out the bad people; and thirdly, dragging out the small handful within the Army constitutes merely the wtra-"left" trend of thought but right in essence. By encouraging everybody to heighten bis consciousness in the course of struggle and prohibiting bad people from fishing in troubled waters, we shall then make progress. Yin Lin-p'ing should be discouraged from making trouble while people like Ko Feng should be stopped from influencing people. Ko Feng has close ties with "three-anti" element Wang K'uang and these two should be probibited from carrying out acts of sabotage. Whoever knows of bad people should unmask them and so long as he does so he is a revolutionary.

There are about one and a half months before the year is out. It is rather belated to set up the preparatory group of the provincial revolutionary committee. We hope we shall be able to propel the great proletarian cultural revolution in Kwangtung forward. Can you people do 80?" (The gathering: Yes, we can!)

The decision on the question of Kwangtung has been approved by both Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Lia, A report on tonight's meeting has been submitted to Chairman Mao.

(The delegates shouted: "Learn from Premier Chou!" "Salute Premier Chou!")

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After you people are back in Canton, you should form revolutionary great alliance and revolutionary triple-combination by taking "fight against self and repudiation of revisionism" as the guide. Failing to do so, you people will not be able to do a good job of the struggle-criticise-transformation task in your own work units and revolutionary, mass criticism and repudiation. As Premier Chou bas mentioned all that I wish to say, I extend my greetings to you all in the hope you people will make a good beginning. If you people wish to come to Peking again, you are all velcome.

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One o our comredes has 3:18t said that whea they come to Ping again they wil). do 89 8fter forsing canalicace. As a matter of fact, you peo; 1.8

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