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An interesting account of "The Scandinavian Countries and the War" is given by Johan Castberg in the "Contemporary Review" for February. Denmark, the writer states, is still bitter over the tyrannical conduct of the Germans towards a quarter of a million Danes in Schleswig; and there is bound to be a coldness between the Scandinavian countries and Germany until this is changed. On the other hand, all Scandinavia-but Sweden in particular -mourns with Finland in her suffering, and fears Russia. Since the opening of the European war, however, the Scandinavians have felt the Russian danger to be less imminent; and their deep sympathy for Belgium has increased their anti-German feeling. They welcomed British interference in the war, and Germany's defense of her action has had no effect.

Louis Bertrand, in "Revue des Deux Mondes" for December 15, discusses "Nietzsche and the War." The works of Nietzsche, M. Bertrand believes, were tremendously influenced by the war of 1870, which made a profound im

pression upon the German philosopher's diseased sensibilities. And his writings and others like them produced the present war. Were Nietzsche living to-day, he could say in very truth," This is my war."

In the same number of the "Revue" is a discussion of The European Conflict, According to the Diplomatic Docu ments," by Professor Guglielmo Ferrero. Professor Ferrero's conclusions are that Germany is to blame for the war; that the war was caused by the pan-German propaganda, which created a situation which the German government could not resist. He suggests that further investigation of the question may prove that the responsible element in Germany was reduced to playing the role of executors of the will of the irresponsible."


John Bassett Moore, in an article entitled, "Is there a Latin America?" ("Independent," January 18) calls attention to the remarkable character of the "A, B, C" media. tion of last spring. The efforts of the representatives of the three leading South American republics, he writes, relieved the strained relations between the United States and Mexico, and set a precedent by recognizing those powers as equals of the United States, and admitted by implication that "differences which gravely menace the relations of individual American states are matters of concern to all the American nations." If these principles are adhered to, the relations of the American nations will eventually be placed upon a basis of "confidence, respect and friendly cooperation."


American History.

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Outline Maps of Europe

Will help teachers and scholars to visualize the European struggle, and make possible the depicting of alliances and army movements.

Desk and Wall Sizes

of Europe and all its principal divisions, showing the physical features in each case, can be procured in the well-known series of

McKinley Outline Maps

Write for samples of these maps and of others suitable in the study of any period of history or any phase of geography, to the publishers.





I want to tell you how pleased I am with the Sanford History Maps. It is safe to say that there is no one set of maps anywhere that will be found as helpful to the teacher and to the student as this series.

I was rather skeptical as to the value of such a chart in history teaching in the high school, but I find myself using it constantly. It is a ready source of information, it expresses concretely many things that would take long to explain; it affords a basis for map work. The maps on the development of the West, the growth of population, immigration, railways, etc., are especially useful.

I think that no school history room is complete without this series.

The History Teacher's Magazine

Published monthly, except July and August, at 1619-1621 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia, Pa., by MCKINLEY PUBLISHING CO.

P. M. MELCHOIR, Head, History Dept., Girard College, Philadelphia, Pa.


PROF. HENRY JOHNSON, Teachers College, Columbia University, Chairman.

PROF. FRED. M. FLING, University of Nebraska.

MISS ANNA B. THOMPSON, Thayer Academy, South Braintree, Mass.

PROF. GEORGE C. SELLERY, University of Wisconsin.
PROF. ST. GEORGE L. SIOUSSAT, Vanderbilt University.
DR. JAMES SULLIVAN, Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y.
ALBERT E. McKINLEY, Ph.D., Managing Editor

Reports from the Historical Field-WALTER H. CUSHING.
Periodical Literature-MARY W. WILLIAMS.

Book Reviews-WAYLAND J. CHASE.

Recent Historical Publications-CHARLES A. COULOMB.

Sanford's New Series of American History Maps



After a very careful examination and
a thorough test in our history classes
here I have recommended the purchase
of the Sanford American History Maps.
I do not hesitate to say that I consider
them the best maps on the market for
the teaching of American history. You
are at liberty to quote my opinion, as I
think aids of this kind should be found
in every school history room.

Yours very truly,


SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, two dollars a year; single copies, twenty cents each.

REDUCED RATE of one dollar a year is granted to members of the
American Historical Association, and to members of local and
regional associations of history teachers. Such subscriptions must
be sent direct to the publishers or through the secretaries of
associations (but not through subscription agencies).
POSTAGE PREPAID in United States and Mexico; for Canada, twenty
cents additional should be added to the subscription price, and for
other foreign countries in the Postal Union, thirty cents additional.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Both the old and the new address must be
given when a change of address is ordered.
ADVERTISING RATES furnished upon application.

Head, History Dept., State Normal
School, Winona, Minn.


Thank you very kindly for submitting the Sanford U. S. History Maps to me.

I have examined all of them care-
fully, find them very satisfactory
indeed, and shall seek to add as
many of them as possible to
our equipment.

Very truly yours,
Head, Dept. of History,
Washington, D. C.,
High Schools.

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H. T. M.



& CO. 623 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Ill.


You may ship on approval 1 complete set of 32 Sanford American History Maps with Teacher's Manual and tripod supporter. If satisfactory we shall keep and pay $24.00 for same. If unsatisfactory we shall return at your expense.

Official Position


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Published monthly, except July and August, by McKinley Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Copyright, 1915, McKinley Publishing Co. Entered as second-class matter, Oct. 26, 1909, at Post-office at Phila., Pa., under Act of March 3, 1879

An attractive new history course that gives the needed background for the interpretation of present events

Outlines of European History

In the present state of European affairs, schools desire, for class or reference use, some authentic work that will shed light on the origin and development of the great European powers as to-day constituted, and the relations that these powers bear to each other.

OUTLINES OF EUROPEAN HISTORY, written by authorities in their subjects, not only fills this need admirably, but is in full accord with the new spirit in the teaching of history. With these two volumes in hand, the teacher can cover general European history satisfactorily in two years, leaving the third year for American history. Emphasis throughout is placed on conditions and institutions rather than on unrelated events, while by devoting Part II to the history of the last two hundred years, the course directs the pupil's attention especially to the problems and developments that are of present-day import.

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