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Earle, Mary Tracy. Portrait and Biographical Note,

Eben Holden, by Irving Bacheller, 118
Eccentricities of Genius, The, by Major James B.

Pond, 460
Edward Barry, South Sea Pearler, by Louis Becke,

Eleanor, by Mrs. Humphry Ward, 413
Eleanor, by Mrs. Humphry Ward, 581
Elissa, by H. Rider_Haggard, 117
England's Heiicon, Edited by A. H. Bullen, 64
English Classics, Library of, Edited by A. W. Pol-

lard, 435
Epictetus, Discourses of, 436
Essays in Dramatic Criticism, by L. Dupont Syle,

Essays, Letters and Miscellanies, by Count Lyof

Tolstoi, 406
Evolution of the English Novel, The, by Francis H.

Stoddard, 113
Expansion, by Josiah Strong, 462
Expatriates, The, by Lillian Bell, 303
Fairies and Folks of Ireland, by W. H. Frost, 440
Famous American Belles of the Nineteenth Century,
Famous Literary Clans, Some, by Anna Blanche

McGill. Illustrated.
ii. The Tennysons, 30

iii. The Trollopes, 195
Fate the Fiddler, by Herbert C. Mcllwaine, 306
Fielding, Henry, by Austin Dobson, 462
Field, Roswell Martin, Note, 535
Fifer-Boy of the Boston Siege, The, by Edward A.

Rand, 445
Fireside Fancies, by Beulah G. Garretson, 64
Flint, Martha Bockie. Biographical Note, 264
Florence, The Story of, by E. G. Gardner, 425
Fore, 587
Forms of Prose Literature, The, by J. H. Gardiner,

Fortune's Boats, by Barbara Yechton, 451
Fra Angelico and His Art, by Rev. Langton Doug-

las, 398
France, A Little Tour in, by Henry James, 431-432
Fraser, W. A. Portrait and Note, 87
French By-ways, Along, by Clifton Johnson, 411
Friendly Year, The, by Henry Van Dyke, 586-587
Friend of Cæsar, A, by William Stearns Davis, 219
Froggy Fairy Book, The Second, by A. J. Drexel

Biddle, 432
Furniture of Our Forefathers, The, by Esther Sin-

gleton, 457
Gaboriau, The Tales of, 436
Gateless Barrier, The, by Lucas Malet, 217
George, A Life of Henry, by Henry George, Jr., 393
George, Henry, by Henry George, Jr., 569
Georgie, by S. E. Kiser, 119
Georgian Bungalow, A, by Frances Courtnay Baylor,

Ginsey Kreider, by Huldah Herrick, 449

by Virginia Tatnall Peacock, 381
Girl at the Half-way House, The, by E. Hough, 120
Glanvil, Joseph, by Ferris Greenslet, 404
Glimpses of Scenery, by Frank S. Thayer, 426
Godson of Lafayette, The, by Elbridge S. Brooks,

Gold Seeking on the Dalton Trail, by Arthur R.

Thompson, 449
Golliwogs Polar Adventures, The, by Bertha Upton,

Goops and How to Be Them, by Gelett Burgess, 455
Goss, Charles Frederic. Portrait. 11
Grahame, Kenneth. Portrait, 186
Greater America, 454
Great Painter's Gospel, The, 586
Grey Fairy Book, The, by Andrew Lang, 440
Griffs, William Elliot. Portrait and Note, 82; Re-

view of “ American in Holland," 221
Hale, The Works of Edward Everett, 436
Half a Dozen Thinking Caps, by Mary T. Leonard,

Hall, Gertrude. Portrait and Note, 12
Half Portions, 587
Handbook of Golf for Bears, A, by Hayden Carruth,

Happiness of This World, The. Plantin's Famous

Sonnet of the Sixteenth Century, Translated by

Robert Bridges (Droch), 267
Harben, Will N. Portrait and Biographical Note.

Review of " Northern Georgia Sketches," 305
Hard Pan, by Geraldine Bonner, 584
Head of a Hundred, The, by Mrs. Goodwin, 438

Helen Benton, by Adelaide L. Rouse, 450
Heming, Arthur. Note and Portrait, 260
Henry, Arthur. Biographical Note, 84; Portrait, 85
Heroes of Our Revolution, by T. W. Hall, 446
Hidden Servants, The, by Francesca Alexander, 396
Hilda Wade, by Grant Allen, 222
Himalayas, Among the, by Major L. A. Waddell, 408
Hogarth, William, by Austin Dobson, 438
Holiday Books, The. A Classified List, 463
Holly and Pizen, by Ruth McEnery Stuart, 62
Hosts of the Lord, The, by Flora Annie Steele, 416
Hôtel Rambouillet, by Leon H. Vincent, 130
Hough, E. Portrait and Note, 13; Review of “ The

Girl at the Half-way House," 120
Houseboat on the St. Lawrence, The, by Everett T.

Tomlinson, 448
House of Egremont, The, by Molly Elliott Seawell,

417, 585
Hugh Wynne, by S. Weir Mitchell, 438
Human Boy, The, by Eden Phillpotts, 63
Hurley, Life and Letters of Thomas Henry, by his

son, Leonard Hurley, 560
Hurley, Thomas Henry, by P. Chalmers_Mitchell, 560
Hyde, Solon. Biographical Note, 181; Portrait, 182
Idiot at Home, The, by John Kendrick Bangs, 305
In and Out of the Nursery, by Eva E. Rowland, 433
India, A Sportswoman in, by Isabel Savory, 412
In Circling Camps, by J. A. Altsheler, 110
In the Days of Alfred the Great, by Eve March Tap-

pan, 454
In the Hands of the Redcoats, by Everett T. Tomlin-

son, 445
In the Irish Brigade, by G. A. Henty, 433
Ireland, Alleyne. Biographical Note and Portrait,

Italian Cities, by E. H. and E. W. Blashfield, 405
Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott, 438
Jack among the Indians, by George Bird Grinnell,

James, Henry, Sr., Portrait, 541
Jay-Hawkers, The, by Adela E. Orpen, 111
Joey and the Chipmunk, by Sydney Reid, 442
Jones, Commodore Paul, by Cyrus Townsend Brady,

Jones, Paul, by Augustus C. Buell, 557
Just about a Boy, by W. S. Phillips, 62
Juvenile, A Resurrected, by Charles Battell Loomis,

King's Deputy, The, by H. A. Hinkson, 417
Kinkard Venture, The, by Kate W. Hamilton, 451
Knickerbocker History of New York, by Washing-

ton Irving, 434
Knowles, Frederic Lawrence, Portrait and Bio-

graphical Note, 539
Knox, John, by Marion Harland, 432
L'Aiglon Translated by Louis N. Parker, 587
La Flesche, Francis. Biographical Note, 82; Por-

trait, 83
Last of the Flatboats, The, by George Cary Eggle-

ston, 448
Last Refuge, The, by Henry B. Fuller, 417
Later English Drama, The, by Calvin S. Brown, 127
Laughter of the Sphinx, by Albert White Vorse, 119
Law's Lumber Room, The, by Francis Watt, 62
Leech, John. Portrait, 184; Sketches by, 184-185
Leighton, Frederic Lord, by Ernest Rhys, 402
Light of Day, The, by John Burroughs, 129
Lilly, W, S. Portrait, 262
Lincoln, Abraham. His Book, 388
Linnet, by Grant Allen, 462
Little Boy's Book, The, by Helen Hay, 456
Little Dreamer's Adventure, The, by Frank S. Child,

Literary Friends and Acquaintance, by W. D. How-

ells, 549
Literary History of America, A, by Barrett Wendell,

Literary Interpretation of Life, by W. H. Crashaw,

Literary News in England, The, by J. M. Bullock,

50, 105, 209, 287, 571
Literary Querist, The, Conducted by Rossiter John-

son, 65, 131, 225, 309, 588
Lloyd, John Uri, Portrait and Note, 537
Lloyd, Nelson. Portrait and Note, 84
Loom of Destiny, The, by Arthur J. Stringer, 122
Lorna Doone, by R. D. Blackmore, 435
Lost Continent, The, by Cutcliffe Hyne, 307
Love and Mr. Lewisham, by H. G. Wells, 305
Loveman, Robert. Portrait and Biographical Note,


Lowell, James Russell. Portrait, op. p. 79; Note,

Lucid Intervals, by E. S. Martin, 406
Lyrics, by Julia c. R. Dorr, 395
Lyrics, by J. Houston Mifflin, 396
Magna Charta, The, by Boyd C. Barrington, 61
Man that corrupted Hadleyburg, The, by Mark

Twain, 120
Mark Hanna's " Moral Cranks and Others," by

Mul, 294
Marpessa, by Stephen Phillips, 436
Martin, Dr. W. A. P. Portrait, op. p. 7; Biograph-

ical Note, 8; Review of “A Cycle of Cathay," 20
Martineau, James, by A. W. Jackson, 393
Master Christian, The, by Marie Corelli, 301
Matthew, Frank. Portrait, 187
McLoughlin and old Oregon, by Eva Emery Dye, 130
Men of Marlowe's, by Mrs. Henry Dudeney, 300
Middle Five, The, by Francis La Flesche, 453
Middle Kingdom, The, by Professor Samuel W. Will-

iams, 21
Miss Nonentity, by L. T. Meade, 451
Moon Babies, The, by G. Orr Clark, 456
Moon Metal, The, by Garrett P. Serviss, 304
Mooswa, by W. A. Fraser, 410
More Bunny Stories, by John Howard Jewett, 450
More, Hannah, by Marion Harland, 432
More Famous Homes of Great Britain. Edited by

A. H. Malan, 420
Moscow, The Story of, by Wirt Gerrare, 425
Mother Goose for Grown-Ups, by Guy Wetmore Car-

ryl, 433
Motifs, by E. Scott O'Conner, 436
Mountain Maid and Other Poems, The, by Edna

Dean Proctor, 396
Mr. Bunny, His Book, by Adah L. Sutton, 456
Mr. Dooley's Philosophy, by F. P. Dunne, 462
Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation, by Bret Harte, 123
Music, The Best Books about. An Essay by James

Huneker, 99
Nanny, by T. E. Butler, 455
New Divinity, A, by Chola, 123
New Wonderland, A, by Frank Baum, 456
Nineteenth Century Literature. A Survey, by Ben-

jamin W. Wells, 203
Noank's Log, The, by W. 0. Stoddard, 446
Northern Georgia Sketches, by Will N. Harben, 305
Northwest Under Three Flags, The, by Charles

Moore, 410
Notes on the Bacon-Shakespeare Question, by

Charles Allen, 113
O'Connell, Daniel, by Evelyn Abbott, 392
Oh, What a Plague is Love, by Katharine Tynan,

Old Gentleman of the Black Stock, The, by Thomas

Nelson Page, 378
Old Virginia and Her Neighbors, by John Fiske, 427
Omoo, by Herman Melville, 462
On Life and Death. Translation by A. H. Mallock,

On the Wings of Occasions, by Joel Chandler Harris,

Oregon Trail, The, by Francis Parkman, 438
Oriental Rugs, by John Kimberly Mumford, 423
Oriental Rugs, by John Kimberly Mumford, 564
Orpheus: A Masque, by Mrs. Fields, 396
Orpen, Mrs. Adela E. Autobiographical Note, 16;

Portrait, 17; Review of " The Jay-Hawkers," 111
Osborne, Duffield. Biographical Note, 15; Portrait,

16; Review of " The Secret of the Crater," 117
Osborne, Lloyd. Portrait op. p. 179; Note, 179
Oswell, William Cotton, by W. E. Oswell, 410
Our Literary Diplomats. Illustrated Papers by

Lindsay Swift:
III. From the Forties to the Seventies, 38

IV. From the Seventies to the Present Day, 90
Out with Garibaldi, by G. A. Henty, 444
Outdoor Handy Book, The, by Dan C. Board, 453
Overland to China, by Archibald R. Colquhoun, 18
Pageantry of Life, The, by Charles Whibley, 404
Parker, Theodore, by J. W. Chadwick, 393
Parkman, A Life of Francis, by Charles H. Farn-

ham, 295
Paris Described by Famous Writers. Edited by

Esther Singleton, 424
Paris of Today, by Richard Whiteing, 419
Pathfinders of the Revolution, The, by W. E. Grif-

fis, 446
Path of Dreams, The, by Leigh Gordon Giltner, 396
Peabody, Josephine Preston. Portrait and Note. 9
Peake, Elmore. Portrait and Biographical Note, 12

Pelican Chorus, The, by Edward Lear, 456
Penelope's Experiences, by Kate Douglas Wiggin,

Peoples and Politics of the Far East, The, by Henry

Norman, 22
Perugino, by C. G. Williamson, 401
Petersburg Tales, by Olive Garnett, 303
Phebe: Her Profession, by Anna Chapin Ray, 451
Pickwick, The Writing of. An Illustrated Sketch by

Hammond Hall. Part I., 189; Part II. (conclu-
sion), 275
Pictores Carmina, by Frederic Crowninshield, 395
Pilgrim Shore, The, by Edmund H. Garrett, 425
Pine Knot, by W. E. Barton, 308
Pinero, Arthur W., Portrait, 534
Plantin-Moretus Museum, Pictures of, 536
Playground Toni, by Anna Chapin Ray, 452
Play Lady, The, by Ella T. Platt, 452
Potocka, Memories of Madame, by Casimir Stry-

ienski, 388
Poverty Knob, by Sarah Warner Brooks, 118
Prairie Schooner, The, by W. E. Barton, 448
Pre-Raphaelite Ballads, by William Morris, 587
Pretty Polly Perkins, by Gabrielle E. Jackson, 451
Prisoner in Buff, A, by Everett T. Tomlinson, 445
Princess's Story Book, The, 587
Problem of Asia, The, by Captain A. T. Mahan, 567
Psalms of King David, The, 438
Puritan as a Colonist and Reformer, The, 61
Queen's Twin, The, by Sarah Orne Jewett, 122
Queen vs. Billy, The, by Lloyd Osborne, 416
Quisante, by Anthony Hope, 414
Rab and His Friends, 436
Rambler, The, 7, 79, 179, 257, 531
Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson, 384
Randy's Summer, by Amy Brooks, 451
Rare Books, Notes of, by Ernest Dressell North, 54,

108, 212, 290, 576
Recollections of a Missionary in the Great West, by

C. T. Brady, 586
Reeds and Spindles, by Evelyn Raymond, 451
Reid, Hon. Whitelaw. Portrait, 10; Signed Review

by Edward Cary of “ Problems of Expansion," 57
Reign of Law, The, by James Lane Allen, 115
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, by Sir Walter Armstrong, 397
Richard, Yea and Nay, by Maurice Hewlett, 462
Ridpath, John Clark. Biographical Note, 87
Road to Nowhere, The, by Livingston B. Morse,

Robert Orange, by John Oliver Hobbes, 584
Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, 434, 449
Roland, Private Memoirs of Madame. Edited by

E. G. Johnson, 387
Roman Art, by Franz Wickhoff, 398
Romance of Gilbert Holmes, The, by Marshall Mon-

roe Kirkman, 222
Romantic Triumph, The, by T. S. Osmond, 113
Rossettis, The, by Elisabeth Luther Cary, 460
Rubaiyat, 587
Rulers of the South, by F. Marion Crawford, 374
Sandro Botticelli, by Count Plunkett, 400
Sanskrit Literature, A History of, by Dr. Arthur A.

Macdonell, 128
Scotland, A History of, by Andrew Lang, 389
Scouting for Washington, by John P. True, 446-447
Sea-Farers, The, by Mary Gray Morrison, 118
Secret of the Crater, The, by Duffield Osborne, 117
Shakespeare, A New Study of the Sonnets of, by

Parke Godwin, 403
Shadowings, by Lafcadio Hearn, 405
Shakespeare, William, by Hamilton W. Mabie, 459
Shelley, The Love Poems of Percy B., 436
Shinn, Millicent w. Note and Portrait, 259

Blashfield, Evangeline Wilbour: Crawford's

“ Rulers of the South,” 374
Brady, Cyrus Townsend: Sir Algeron West's

Recollections," 124; “ Recent History and
Biography," 387; “Hurley: Truth Seeker,” 560
Brooks, Noah: Henry George, Jr.'s,

Life of
Henry George," 569
Buell, Augustus C.: Mahan's “ The Problem of

Bullock, J. M.: Lawrence's “ Sir Arthur Sulli-

van, 580
Butler, R. G.: Farnham's “ Life of Francis

Parkman," 295
Cable, George W.: Page's “ old Gentleman of

the Black Stock," 378
Carman, Bliss: American Poetry," 394


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Cary, Edward: Reid's Problems of Expan-

sion," 56
Cortissoz, Royal: “ The Art Books of the Sea-

son,” 397
Earle, Mary Tracy: “ Some Scholarly Views of

111; Helen Hunt Jackson's
“ Ramona," 384; “ Four New Novels,” 583
Ellwanger, George H.: Mumford's

" Oriental

Frost, William Henry: Holiday Books for

Young People," 439
Halsey, Francis W.: Roosevelt's Oliver Crom-

well," 215; "How to Read Wisely," 297
Hubert, Philip G., Jr.: Mrs. Bishop's Yangs-

tze Valley and Beyond," 57; “ Tales of Travel:

New and old," 407
Hulbert, E. J.: Mrs. Ward's “ Eleanor," 581
Humphreys, Mary Gay: Peacock's Famous

American Belles of the Nineteenth Century,'

Hutton, Laurence: Wiggin's “ Penelope's Ex-

periences," 371
Kimball, Arthur Reid: Books of Serious Pur-

pose," 60; Gidding's “Democracy and Em-
pire," 214; “A Glance at Recent Fiction," 413
Mabie, Hamilton W.: Books about Books and

Others," 403
Matthews, Brander: Wendell's “ Literary History

of America,” 578
Mortimer, F. C.: “ Two War-Time Wooings,"

110; “Ghost Stories and Others," 217
Seawell, Molly Elliot: Buell's “Paul Jones," 557
Shipman, Carolyn:

" More Literary Piece-
Work," 121; “Many Points of View," 299
Stedman, Edmund Clarence: Howells' Literary

Friends and Acquaintance,” 549
van Dyke, Henry: Barrie's “ Tommy and Gri-

zel," 283
van Westrum, A. Schade: " China and the Chi-
nese Problem,' 18; “ Current Fiction," 116;

“ Autumn Novels," 303
Signett Eckdal's Bride, by Richard Voss. Trans-

lated by Mary J. Safford, 308
Silence of Love, The, by Edmund Holmes, 436
Sparks and Flames, by Stratton, 63
Sport and Travel, by Frederick C. Selous, 425
Soft Side, The, by Henry James, 299
Songs of Two, by Arthur Sherbourn Hardy, 395
Sons of the Morning, by Eden Phillpotts, 583
South African War, The, by Captain A. T. Mahan,

Southern States, Historic Towns of the, by Lyman

T. Powell, 429
Statue and the Bust, The, by Robert Browning, 436
Stephens, Robert Neilson. Portrait and Biographical

Note, 10
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Portrait by Gribayedorf,

88: Biography by L. Cope Cornford, 129
St. Nicholas Book of Plays, The, 454
Stockton, The Works of Frank R., 436
Stories of Famous Songs, by S. J. Adair-Fitzgerald,

Story of Delight. The, by Evelyn Raymond. 450
Strenuous Life, The, by Theodore Roosevelt, 296
Sullivan, Sir Arthur, by Arthur Lawrence, 580
Surface of Things, The, by Charles Waldstein, 121
Switzerland, Unknown, by Victor Tissot, 425-426
Sword and Crucifix, by E. S. Van Zile, 223
Temple Classics, The, 435
Tennysons, The. An Illustrated Sketch by Anna

Blanche McGill, 30
Things Chinese. by J. Dyer Ball, 21
Thoroughbred Mongrel, The, by Stephen Townsend,

Thrasher. Max Bennett. Portrait and Biographical

Note, 81

Three Colonial Maids, by Julia McNair Wright, 447
Through the First Antarctic Night, by Frederick A.

Cook, 408
Tommy and Grizel, by J. M. Barrie, 283, 416, 542
Touraine, Two Gentlemen in, by Richard Sudbury,

Transition Period, The, by G. Gregory Smith, 404
Treasure Island, by R. L. Stevenson, 435
Treasury Club, The, by William Drysdale, 454
Trollopes, The. An Illustrated Sketch" by Anna

Blanche McGill, 195
True Annals of Fairyland, The, by William Canton,

Trusts, The, by William M. Collier, 293
Two Little Street Singers, by Nora A. M. Roe, 452
Typee, by Herman Melville, 462
Uncanonized, by Margaret H. Potter, 307
Under the Great Bear, by Kirk Munroe, 447
Unsocial Socialist, An, by G. Bernard Shaw, 117
Until the Day Break, by Robert Burns Wilson, 218
Urchins of the Sea, by Marie 0. Corbin and Charles

Burton Going, 456
Ursula, by K. Douglas King, 306
Van Dyke, Henry. Book-Plate, 265; Review of

Tommy and Grizel," 283
Var Dyck, Fifty Masterpieces of Anthony, by Max

Rooses, 398
V-a-s-e and Other Bric-a-Brac, The, by James Jef-

frey Roche, 64
Village Life in China, by Rev. Arthur H. Smith, 19
Vincent, Leon H., Biographical Note, 539; Portrait,

Wandering Scholar, A Modern (From the London

Spectator), 285
Warren, Charles. Portrait and Biographical Note,

Web of Life, The, by Robert Herrick, 116
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 223
Webster's International Dictionary, 586
Wendell, Barrett, Portrait of, 530
Wendell, Barrett, Biographical Note, 531
Weeden, Howard. Portrait and Note, 86
Weighed in the Balance, by Christian Reid, 119
West, Recollections of Sir Algeron, 124
White, Hervey. Portrait and Biographical Note, 13
Widower and Some Spinsters, A, by Maria Louise

Pool, 121
Wife of His Youth, The, by Charles W. Chestnut,

Wild Animal Play, The, by Ernest Seton Thompson,

Wilson, Robert Burns, 182; Review of " Until the

Day Break," 218
Winslow, Helen M. Portrait and Biographical Note,

Winter Holiday, A, by Bliss Carman, 64
With Both Armies, by Richard Harding Davis, 388
With Buller in Natal, by G. A. Henty, 443
With Hoops of Steel, by Florence F. Kelly, 304
With Lawton an Roberts, by E. S. Brooks, 444
With Preble at Tripoli, by James Otis, 447
Woman Tenderfoot, A, by Mrs. Ernest Seton Thomp-

son, 458
Wonder Stories from Herodotus, retold by T. H.

Boden and D. B. D'Almeida, 587
Woodstock, by G. A. Henty, 443
World of the Great Forest, The, by Paul Du Chaillu,

Wounds in the Rain, by Stephen Crane, 300
Yangstze Valley and Beyond, The, by Mrs. Isabella

Bird Bishon. A Signed Review by Philip G. Hu-
bert, Jr., 57
Yankee Enchantments, by Charles Battell Loomis,

Yesterdays with Authors, by James T. Fields, 431

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