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Established October 20th, 1881, by the Mayor.
Aldermen, and Burgesses.

The conditions under which books are lent from this Library are, that the borrower shall first obtain the signatures and addresses of two responsible parties, one of whom must be on the Municipal Burgess List, who shall guarantee the safe return of the book, free from injury, or become responsible for its value, together with the amount o: any fines that may have been incurred if kept beyond the time specified; such voucher to be delivered to the Librarian one day before the issue of books to the person recommended. The Librarian will cause to be examined each book returned, and if the same be found to have sustained any damage or injury, or to have been rendered of less value by being soiled or written in, he shall require the person to whom the same was delivered, or the ratepayers on whose guarantee it was lent, to pay the amount of the damage or injury done, or otherwise to procure a new copy of equal value, and in the latter case such person shall be entitled to the damaged copy on depositing the new one.

This BOOK must be returned in FOURTEEN days, including Sunday and other holidays, or the borrower will be liable to a fine of one penny per day.

The Library is open daily for the issue and return of books from nine a.m. to nine p.m. Forms of application can be obtained at the Lending Library.

The object of the Free Lending Library being that of affording to the working classes especially, those advantages for the cultivation of their minds which have hitherto been beyond their reach, it is confidently hoped that these advantages will not be abused, that every book will be conscientiously and carefully protected from injury, and returned in due time.


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