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Printed and Published by W. Corbett, No. 183, Fleet-street.

Brit. Hist, 15
Brotto 0.3

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1.-Proceedings at Preston. (From the

Morning Herald.)

2. To the Electors of Preston.-To

the Subscribers to the Fund for the

election of Mr. Cobbett.-Yorkshire

Meeting of the working classes.

3.-To Money-Hoarders.-Scotch re-

venge. Poor Man's Friend.-Lying

4.-To Mr. Frederick Robinson, on the
proofs of the prosperity, which has
flowed from his unreformed Parlia-
ment. To the Weaver Boys of Lan-
cashire. "Envy and admiration."
-Scotch Banks.-Newspaper lies.

5.-To Mr. Canning, on the present

state of Things.-Poor Forties !-
State of Trade.-" Envy and admi-
ration."—"The best public in-
structor."-Manchester Affairs.

6. To the Readers of the Register, on
my Petition to the King."No
Popery," or, the purity of lands and
tenements.— -"Catholic emancipa-
tion"!!!-Distress.-Good God!
Surely my eyes deceive me!-Na-
tional Debt.

7.-State of the Poor; and projects of

the Scotch and English Landlords.

To Mr. Lawless.-" Best public in-
structor."- Foreign Loans.- Aris-
tocratical encroachment. -
land's Glory."-The Poor Man's

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