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Abbott, Frank W., M. D. Review of Dr. Baxter, Surgeon J. H., promotion of, 38

C. C. F. Gay's article upon Uterine Bichloride of Methylene as an anaesthetic, 359


317 Blisters in the treatment of Typhoid Fever, 71

Abbott, Frank W., M. D. Sources of Blodgett, A. C., M. D. Case of poisoning

Muscular Power,

293 by Oil of Tansy,


Abstract of the Proceedings of the Buffalo Books and Pamphlets received, 40, 78, 119,

Medical Association, 9, 41, 81, 137, 153,

160), 233, 280, 327, 367, 406, 448, 483.

174, 211, 256, 329, 369, 409, 453.

Boston School of Medical Specialties, 158

Academy of Medicine and Homeopathists, 181 Bromide of Potassium in Epilepsy,... 28

Activity of the Skin in the Absorption of Bromide of Potassium, new property of,. 328



Acute Inflammation of the Psoas Magnus

Muscle. By J. W. Grosvenor, M. D., . 161


Address delivered before the Erie County

Medical Society. By J. R. Lothrop,

Casarian Section. Mother and Child both

M. D.,.

241 saved,


Address delivered before the Graduating Causes of the Formation of Cataract. By
Class of the Buffalo Medical College.

Alfred Mooren, M. D. Translated from

By J. F. Miner, M. D.,-

281 the German, by C. F. A. Nichell, M.D., 214

Alcohol as a Medicine. By Wm. M. Cor Clinical Remarks upon Surgical Cases, at

nell, M. D., L. L. D

106 the Buffalo General Hospital. By J. F.

Alcoholic Stimulants, Indiscriminate use

Miner, M. D.,--.. -129, 172, 208, 311, 384

of, in Disease,

64 Clitoris, excision of,


Alimentation in Disease.
431 Close of Volume VII,..

Alleged Poisoning by Morphine,

Commencement Exercises of the Buffalo
American Medical Association, annual Medical Coilege,...


meeting of

.362, 388 Commencement of new volume,


American Medical Association on Medical Congar, H, M., M. D. A Section on the
39 Etiology of Uterine Diseases,-

American Medical Association, transac Consanguinous Marriages,.-


tions of,

120 Contents of present number,


American Medical Association, Prize Es Cornell, Wm. M., M. D., L. L. D. Alcohol
say for 1868,
200 as a Medicine,

American Journal of Obstetrics.

408 | Cornell, Wm. M., M. D., L. L. D. Atom-
Amputations at the knee-joint,

436 izeá Inhalations in Diseases of the Air

Anti-periodic, Liquor Ferri Persulphates

Passages and Lungs,


as an,

219 Correspondence-Dental Surgery,.. 261

Anuerism of the Right Subsclavian Artery: Correspondence-Letter from John G.
treated by direct pressure upon the

Meacham, M. D.,---


Ateria Innomenata,

191 Correspondence-Removal of a Neurom·l-

Appointment in the U. S. Navy,

368 tous Tumor. By George D. Slocum,

Arsenic in the treatment of Pulmonary

M. D.,



430 Correspondence-Reply to a Review of Dr.

Art of prescribiog,

20 Paul F. Eve's contributions to the His.
A Section on the Etiology of Uterine Dis-

tory of Hip-joint Amputations, 257
eases. By H. M. Congar, M. D., 81 Counter irritants, use of.


Asiatic Cholera, treatment of. By Henry Course and effects of Syphilis when un-

Nichell, M. D.,

329 treated by any remedy,


Association of Medical Superintendents of Crew's Mustard Plaster, -


American Institutions for the Insane, Crystaline Lens, reproduction of,-


annual meeting of -.--


Association, New York State Medical,

sixty-first anniversary,

-266, 309


Atlantic Monthly,

Atomized Inhalations in Diseases of the Death from swallowing two ounces of

Air Passages and Lungs. By Wm. M.



Cornell, M. D., L. L. D..

61 Death reported from inhalation of Ether,. 140




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... 439


. 199

Contrih anl F. Rpean Letter ---


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Diarrhoea of Enteric or Typhoid Fever,
Diarrhoea, treatment of Infantile,..

Dilator, Gentian Root as a---


Indiscriminate use of Alcoholic Stimulants
Disease, alimentation in,...

in Disease..
Doctors, puffing of in newspapers, ---


Induction of Premature Labor,....
Doses and Actions of Medicines,.. 475 Infantile Diarrhea, treatment of --------
Druggists Renewing Prescriptions, -..... 478

Inflammation, general and local treatment

of. By J. F. Miner, M. D.,
Immature Observations,......
Inoculation of Tubercle,...

Instrumental Diagnosis. Sphymography,. 462
Empyema, treatment of in children....... 402
Entropium. By J. F. Miner, M. D.,-..... 384

International Medical Congress, ........80, 146
Epileptics, legal responsibility of,... 182
Epilepsy, Bromide of Potassium in,.
Erie County Medical Association.

dress to the-by J. R. Lothrop, M. D.,. 241 Jones, W. W., M. D. Life Insurance, ... 14
Erie County Medical Association, annual

meeting of,.......
Erie County Medical Association, semi-

annual meeting of,
Excision of the Clitoris, ----

* 16 | Knee-joint Amputations,---..........
Excision of the Median, Musculo-S

and Ulner Nerves. By J. F. Miner,
M. D., ----------

Experiments to prove that the Capillaries

Law-suits upon shares,...
of the Lungs do not anastomoze...... 317

Lee, Prof. Charles A., Resignatio
Extirpation of the Uterus, by a mistake

Legal Responsibility of Epileptics..... 182
for an Ovarian Tumor,--------------- 110 Life Insurance. By W. W. Joi es, M. D., . 14
Extracts from a Enropean Letter ...

Liquor Ferri Pers ulphates, as an anti-
Eve, Prof Paul F. Reply to a Review of

Contributions to the History of Hip London Hospita

joint Amputations,.-


London Lancet,
Every Saturday....

Long Island Medical College..
Experiments Showing Vegetable organ.

Locomotor Ataxy, treated with Nitrate of
isms in Human Blood,

Lothrop, J. R., M. D, Annual Address be-

fore the Erie County Medical Society,- 241

Lothrop, J. R., M. D. Strangulated
Fibris Nigra, recent ontbreak of in Dubli


-- - 1
Fistula in Ano. Clinical Remarks upon.
By J. F. Miner, M. D....

... 208
Florence Nightingale. Ward in King's
College Hospital,...

Magnetic Somnambulism,.
Forms of continued Fever and their defi-

Materia Medica, General Therapeutics and
nition, ........................... ..

Fractures, Simple and Compound, of the

Meaham, John G.,
Leg, treated with Suspension Splints,. 262

Medical Colleges,
Medical College in Detroit, Mich.,...
Medicine as a Business, and Business in

Gay, C. C. F., M. D. Placenta Previa,.... 369 | Memorandum on the nature and mode of
Gay, c. C. F., M. D. Uterine Displace-

Propagation of Phthisis, .............. 18
ments and their Surgical Treatment... 418 | Milk of Syphlatic Nurses,..
Gay, C. C. F., M. D. Uterine Surgery,... 299 | Miner, J. F., M. D. Annual Address to the
Gay, c. C. F., M, D. Vesico Vaginal Fig.

Graduating Class of the Buffalo Medi-
tula ...

....103, 131, 166
cal College,--

..... 281
Genesee (eventy Medical Society,........

440 Miner, J. F., M. D. Clinical Remarks upon
Gentian Rot as a Dilator, ...

Surgical Cases at the Buffalo General
Grosvenor., W., M. D. Acute Inflamma-

Hospital,............1129, 172, 208, 341, 384
tion of the Psoas Magnus Muscle. 161 Miner, J. F., M. D. General and Local

Treatment of Inflammation,......
Miner, J. F., M. D. Excision of the Medi-

an, Musculo-Spiral and Ulnar Nerves,. 427

Mooren, Alfred, M. D. Causes of the
Hahnemann Medical College,

Formation of Cataract. Translated
Half-Yearly Compendium Medical Scien-

from the German, by C. F. A. Nichell,

------......... 214
Hernia: Operation for Strangulated." By Monthly Medical Reprint,.....

J. R. Lothrop, M. D., ..
Hernia, Operation for Strangulated Fem-

oral. By J. F. Miner, M. D .........
Homøopathists and the Academy of Medi-

9 Nerves, Excision of the Median Musculo-
Homeopathy and the University of Michi Spiral and Ulnar. By J. F. Miner, M.D., 427
gan, -----

356 | New Apæsthetic. Bichloride of Methy-
Homeopathy Putting on Airs....


lene, ....
Hospitals and Dispensaries, .--.... 481 New Medical Journal, ..


:- 473


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.. 119

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New Medical Works,

--- 200 | Review-Brand & Taylor's Chemistry,....
New mode of Vaccination, .--.


Carson's Synopsis of Materia
New Method of Preserving the Dead,...

New Property of Bromide of Potassium,. 328 " Catalogue of the Army Medical
New Sydenham Society,..-.

New Sydenham Society, Publications of,. 4

Chambers on Indigestion......... 479
New York Academy of Medicine and Mr.

Circular No. 7. Amputations at

the Hip-joint,.
New York Academy of Medicine. Consul-

Circular No. 5. Report on Epi.
tation with Homeopathist,

demic Cholera, -...
Nichell, Henry, M. D. Treatment of Asiat-

Code of Medical Ethics of the
ic Cholera, ---

American Medical Association,
Nitrate of Silver in the Treatment of Lo-

Condie on Diseases of Children,
comoter Ataxy,---

Coventry on Spotted or Conges-

tive Fever, ..
Cullerier's Atlas of Venereal Dis.

Obituary. John Mason Warren, M. D.,.. 31

Dalton's Human Physiology,... 156
Obituary. John C. Mattison, M. D.

Dickson. Studies in Pathology
Obituary, M. Eugene Shaw, M. D........ 158

and Therapeutics......
Obituary Notices,

Eliot's Obstetrical Clinic,..---- 366
Obituary. Thomas C. Bringmade, M. D, 447

Elmer's Physicians' Hand-Book,

---------------------- -- 130

Erichson on Railway and other
P. .

Injuries to the Nervous System, 78

Eve. Contributions to the His-
Personal Items ----..

tory of Hip-joint Amputations, 2
Phthisis. Memorandum on the Nature

Flint's Physiology of Man....
and Mode of Propagation,

Fuller on Diseases of the Lun
Phthisis, Value of Arsenic in the Treat-

and Air Passages, .--.
ment of, ......

Hall-Yearly Compendium of Med-
Placenta Previa,....

ical Science, ...
Poisoning by Morphine, ..
Poisoning by Oil- of Tangy. By A. C.

Ilartshorne’s Principles and Prac-

tice of Medicine......
Blodgett, M. D.,

Headland on the Action of Medi-
Preparation and Publication of the Medi

Hewett on the Diseases of Wom-
cal and Surgical History of the War, -- 443

Prescribing, art of,..

cines in the System,...
Prescriptions, renewal of, by Druggists, .. 437

Holden's Manual of Disections
Prescriptions, written,..

of the Human Body....
Psoas Maguus Muscle, Acute Inflamma-

Iloward Damon on Neurosus of
tion of. By J. W. Grosvenor, M. D.,-

the Skin, --.

..... 481
Puffing of Doctors by the Newspapers,...

Hufland's Art of Prolonging Life. 156
Pure Bourbon Whisky,....

Institutes of Medicine. By Mar

tyn Paine, A.M., M.D , L.L.D.,. 481
Jennings' Tree of Lise,----153

Lawson on Injuries of the Eye,..
Raid on the Uterus,...


Lindsay & Blackiston's Physi-
Remarkable Infant. J. Myrtle Corban.... 459

cians' Visiting List, for 1868, ... 199
Recent outbreak of Fibris Nigra in Dub-

Maudsly on the Physiology and
Jin, ..


Pathology of the Mind..
Renewal of Prescriptions by Druggists,---

Miller on the Causes of Exhaust-
Report of the Scientific Committee ap-

ed Vitality, ......
pointed to investigate the Physiologi-

Morris on Shock after Surgical
cal and Therapeutical effects of the

Operations and Injuries,..---
Hypodermic Method of Injection,..

Pennsylvania Hospital Report.
Reproduction of the Crystaljne Lens,.-... 112

Vol. 1,.....
Resections in the London Hospitals, .-. 226

Peters on Asiatic Cholera,......
Review-Aikins' Science and Practice of

Prince. Plastic Surgery,--------
Medicine, .......... ... 32

Siegle on the Treatment of Dis.
Annual Report of the Surgeon

eases of the Throat and Air
General U. S. A., 1867,. ..

Prissages, ....
Bartholow on the Principles

Stillé on Epidemic Meningitis... 238
and Practice of Disinfection, 76,

Stillé. Therapeutics and Mate-
Beard & Rockwell. Medical Use

ria Medica,.----------
of Electricity,....

Storer. “Is it I,"..
Bedford. Principles and Prac

Tanner. Signs and Diseases of
Bedele's Materia Medica...

Pregnancy, -

tice of Obstetrics, --...

Thomas on Diseas's of Women,- 404
Bennett's Principles and Prac-

Tobald. Chronic Diseases of the
tice of Medicine,

Biennial Retrospect of Medicine

Transactions of the American
and Surgery and the Allied Sci-

Medical Association. Vol. 18.

1867, ......................
Biglow on Ununited Fractures,. 77

Transactions of the Medical So-
Bonchardett's Annual Abstract of

ciety of the State of Kansas. ..
Therapeutics, Materia Medica,

United States Sanitary Commis.
Pharmacy and Toxicology, for

sion, Memoirs. Edited by Aus.

tin Flint,

.. 481

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..206, 309

Review-Wales on Mechanical Therapeu Transactions of the Buffalo Medical Asso-

250 ciation, 9, 41, 81, 137, 174, 211, 256, 329,
West. Lectures on Diseases of

369, 409.

237 | Transactions of the Erie County Medical
Wetmore. The Base of the Brain


240, 439
with Nerves emerging, -

198 Transactions of the New York State Medi.
Williams on Diseases of the Eye,

cal Society
Eye. Their Medical and. Surgi Treatment of Disease by Faith and Prayer
cal Treatment,
118 instead of Medicine, -

Wilson on Diseases of the Skin,. 479 Tubercle, * Inoculation of,

Wright on Headaches

237 Typhoid Fever, Blisters in the treatment
Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal, 368 of,

Typhoid fever, Diarrhea in,


Typhoid Fever ls it arrestable? By P.
H. Strong, M. D., --

Slocum, George D. Removal of a Neuro-
matous Tumor,


Skin, Activity of, in the Absorption of

138 University of Michigan vs. Homeopathy,. 356
Somnambulism, Magnetic, ..
24 Use of Counter Irritants,

Sources of Musenlar Power. By Frank Use of Pepsine in alimentation in Disease.
W. Abbott, M. D.,----

By James S. Hawley, M. D.,.

Subsclavian Artery, aneurism of, treated by Uterine Displacements and their Surgical
direct pressure upon the Ateria Inno.

Treatment. By C. C. F. Gay, M. D.,- 418

191 Uterine Surgery. By C. C. F. Gay. M. D., -- 299
Subcutaneous Injection,

484 Uterus. Extirpation of, by mistake for an
Surgical Pathology and 'Therapeutics and

Ovarian Tumor,..

Operative Surgery,

141 | Uterus, Raid on the,
Sustaining the Board of Regents,

Suspension Splint for treating simple and
compound fractures of the leg,


Suture of Nerves,--

Syphilis, Course and effects of, when un Vaccination, New method of,

treated by any remedy,

224 Value of Arsenic in the Treatment of Pul-
Storer, Prof. Horatio R. Lectures to Phy-

monary Phthisis,


37 Vesico Vagina! Fistila. By C. C. F. Gay,
Strong, P. H., M. D. Typhoid Fever. Is

M. D., -

...103, 131, 106
it arrestable?

41 Vesico Vaginal Fistula, Operation for.
By J. F. Miner, M. D., ..

Transactions of the American Medical
..120, 388 | Written Prescriptions,




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