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The Advisory Committee on Education was appointed by the President of the United States on September 19, 1936, initially for the purpose of making a study of the experience under the existing program of Federal aid for vocational education, the relation of such training to general education and to prevailing economic and social conditions, and the extent of the need for an expanded program of Federal aid for vocational education. The Committee was requested to develop recommendations that would be available to the Congress and the Executive. Under its original assignment, the Committee was known as the President's Committee on Vocational Education.

In a later letter dated April 19, 1937, the President stated that he had been giving much thought to the general relationship of the Federal Government to education, that numerous bills in connection with educational matters were pending in the Congress, and that it was his understanding that the Committee was already in possession of much information bearing upon the subject. He therefore requested the Committee to give more extended consideration to the whole subject of Federal relationship to State and local conduct of education, and to prepare a report.

In accordance with this request, the Committee enlarged the scope of its work and prepared a comprehensive report, which was transmitted to the President on February 18, 1938, and was transmitted by him to the Congress on February 23, 1938. The report was printed as House Document No. 529, Seventy-fifth Congress, third session. An indexed edition of the report, differing in pagination but not in text, was also printed for public use by the Advisory Committee, and has been made widely available.

The Committee was assisted in its work by a temporary staff of specialists in education, public administration, and

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1 The Advisory Committee on Education, Report of the Committee, for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. Price 35 cents.


economics. The major function of this staff was to collect, analyze, and interpret available data bearing upon the problems under consideration by the Committee. Time did not permit any extensive amount of original research, and original research was not attempted except in areas where the existing information seemed entirely inadequate. The work of the staff did result, however, in a number of studies which present in convenient form a large amount of information bearing upon the status and problems of education in the United States.

The present volume is one of the studies prepared by the research staff. The statements and conclusions contained in

are those of the authors, and do not necessarily conform to those of the Committee. The findings of this study were considered by the Committee, however, in formulating the conclusions and recommendations that appear in its own report.

Dr. George A. Works, the senior author of this study, is Professor of Education, Dean of Students, and University Examiner at The University of Chicago. He has had a distinguished career in research, teaching, and educational administration, in the course of which he has become thoroughly familiar with the work of the land-grant colleges in many States. During an extended period he was professor of rural education at Cornell University; later he was president of Connecticut Agricultural College; in recent years he has directed surveys of higher education in North Carolina and Georgia. For several years he served as secretary of the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Dr. Barton Morgan, the junior author, is head of the Department of Vocational Education, Iowa State College. He has been connected with the College since 1923 and has done research in extension work and rural education. The results of one of these recent studies were published in a volume entitled: A History of the Extension Service of Iowa State College.

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The authors of this volume are heavily indebted to Alfred H. Hausrath, Vocational Education Department, Iowa State College, William H. Lancelot, Professor Emeritus of Vocational Education, Iowa State College, and Doxey A. Wilkerson, Associate Professor of Education, Howard University, for materials which they prepared and which have been incorporated in this volume with more or less modification.

C. W. Warburton, Director of the Federal Extension Service, C. B. Smith, former Assistant Director, M. C. Wilson, in charge, Surveys and Reports Section, and James T. Jardine, Chief of the Office of Experiment Stations, all of the United States Department of Agriculture, were most generous in providing such materials and services as their offices afforded. F. J. Kelly and Walter T. Greenleaf of the United States Office of Education rendered a similar service. Constructive suggestions from Lloyd E. Blauch of the staff of the Advisory Committee on Education are gratefully acknowledged. Acknowledgments made throughout the body of the report to the sources from which data and other information have been drawn.


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