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When we consider the Temper of those sceptical People, for whose use the following Papers chiefly are intended, we are encouraged to hope that few of the Brethren will be inclined to take offence at any freedom I may have been obliged to use in censuring fome things, that seemed to be the greatest obstacles to this Progrefs of Religious Knowledge, as well as to hinder both ourselves and others from perceiving it and its Effects. Nor will it, I trust; be requisite to make an Apology for the various Defeets of this Performance, which are but too natural on so very extensive a Subjeet, in fueh hands.

As it is, perhaps this may prove fufficient to give general bints in each part of the Scheme proposed, and thereby put some others, who have more advantage for it, on confirming and completing what shall upon due examination bear the test. If the Foundation it felf jould appear to be faulty, too much already has been built upon it.

As for the two Discourses annexed; the former ought to be considered as consisting only of a few loose Traites, or general Reflections on a Subjeet which can never be too much attended to; and if it contain any valuable observations, either speculative, or practical, or of a mixed kind, bowever obvious these are to fome, 'tis hoped they will be no less acceptable for their general use : part of the latter pretends to nothing more, than a brief, imperfeet intimation of the Scripture Doctrine on a point



not yet sufficiently understood; and which, from the reception that and some other Points seem lately to have met with, it may be perhaps a part of Christian Prudence not to deliver more explicitly, till Men appear more willing to submit their vain Philosophy to the Authority of God's Word, and are disposed to examine things with greater attention and impar. tiality. And indeed, as bones Bishop Taylor says, I have been so put'd at by berds and flocks of People that follow any body that whistles to them, or drives them to pasture, that I am grown afraid of any

Truth that seems chargeable with Singularity

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Want of Univerfality


Natural and Revealed Religion,

No just Objection against either.

Are not my Ways equal? Ezek. 18.29.
Is be the God of the Jews only? Is he not also of the

Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also. Rom. 3.29. For when the Gentiles, which have not the Law, do

by Nature the things contained in the Law; these, baving not the Law, are a Law unto themselves.

Rom. 2.14

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