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Constitution of the state of Nebraska........



House Roll No. 58. A resolution to amend section one (1) of article five (5)
of the constitution of the state of Nebraska.. .....
House Roll No. 7. A joint resolution to submit to the electors of the state of
Nebraska for their approval or rejection an amendment to the constitution
of the state providing for the investment of the permanent educational
fund of this state....

House Roll No. 65. An act to repeal chapter seventy (70), Laws of Nebraska,
1889, entitled “"An act to provide for the encouragement of the manufact-
ure of sugar, and paying a bounty therefor",
Senate File No. 213. An act to establish experimental stations at Culbertson
and Ogalalla, Nebraska, and fixing the control and management of the


House Roll No. 276. An act for the apportionment of and designation of
congressional districts..........

House Roll No. 83. An act to apportion the state into judicial districts, and
for the appointment and election of officers thereof.........



[blocks in formation]

Senate File No. 110. An act to amend sections eleven (11), twelve (12), thir-
teen (13), twenty-three (23), thirty (30), thirty-seven (37), sixty-five. (65),
sixty-six (66), sixty-nine (69), seventy-nine (79), eighty-one (81), ninety (90)
ninety-one (91), ninety-eight (98), ninety-nine (99), one hundred and one
(101), one hundred and four (104), one hundred and seven (107), one hun-
dred and eight (108), one hundred and ten (110), one hundred and eleven
(111), one hundred and twelve (112), one hundred and thirteen (113),
one hundred and fifteen (115), one hundred and twenty-nine (129), one
hundred and thirty-two (132), one hundred and thirty-four (134), one hun-
dred and thirty-five (135), one hundred and forty (140), one hundred and
forty-two (142), one hundred and forty-three (143), one hundred and
forty-five (145), one hundred and forty-six (146), one hundred and forty-
eight (148), one hundred and fifty-three (153), one hundred and fifty-five
(155), one hundred and sixty-seven (167), of chapter twelve (12) A, entitled
"Cities of the Metropolitan Class," Compiled Statutes, 1889, and to repeal
said sections so amended, and so also to repeal section thirty-one (31) of
said chapter.......

Senate File No. 80. An act to amend sections 1, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 25, 26, 27,

42, 46, 49, 52, subdivisions III, VI, and XXXI of section 67, and sections 69,
81, 84, 87, and 91 of an act entitled "An act to incorporate cities of the



first class, and regulating their duties, powers, government, and remedies,"
approved March 29, 1889, and to repeal said original sections and subdi-
Senate File No. 178. An act to amend sections one (1) and two (2) of an act
entitled "An act to incorporate cities of the first class having less than
twenty-five thousand and more than eight thousand inhabitants, and reg-
ulating their duties, powers, and government," known as chapter 15 of
the General Laws of 1889, and passed and approved March 14, 1889........ 162
House Roll No. 170. An act to amend section sixty-eight (68) of the act en-
titled "An act to incorporate cities of the first class having less than
twenty-five thousand (25,000) and more than eight thousand (8,000) in-
habitants, and regulate their duties, powers, and government ".
House Roll No. 71. An act to amend subdivision seventeen (17), section fifty-
two (52), article two (2), chapter fourteen (14), of the Compiled Statutes
of 1889.......

..... 164

Senate File No. 180. An act to amend section sixty-six (66) of article two (2)
of chapter fourteen (14) of the Compiled Statutes of Nebraska, 1889, en-
titled "An act to provide for the organization, government, and powers of
cities of the second class having more than five thousand (5,000) inhab-

House Roll No. 57. An act to amend section one hundred thirty-six (136)
and section one hundred thirty-nine (139) of chapter sixteen (16) of the
Compiled Statutes of 1889, and to repeal said original sections.......
Senate File No. 217. An act to provide a law for the government, regulation,
examination, reporting, and winding up of the business of associations
hereafter incorporated under the laws of this state, which shall be organized
within this state for the purpose of raising a fund by the collection of dues
or stated payments from its members to be loaned among its members; re-
quiring such associations to use the words "Loan and Building Asso-
ciation" "Building Association," or "Building and Loan Association,"
as a part of its corporate name; granting certain powers to the same and
requiring them to provide certain equitable features in their constitution
and by-laws; prohibiting such associations from taking evidences of in-
debtedness for loans negotiable in form and making all such debts and
evidences of debts non-negotiable, non-assignable, and non-transferable in
any manner so as to prevent their discharge by payment to the association;
to provide for the examination of their articles of incorporation, constitu-
tion, and by-laws, and all amendments thereto by the auditor of public ac-
counts, state treasurer, and attorney general, and their certificate of ap-
proval, if approved under this act; exempting associations holding such
certificates from the operation of the usury laws of this state; allowing
minors over fourteen years of age to become stockholders in such asso-
ciations and removing their legal disability as to their dealings with
such associations as members thereof; requiring similar associations now
existing to comply with certain requirements of this act, and extend-
ing its privileges to existing associations fully complying therewith; pro-
hibiting any association hereafter formed not complying with this act




from, and punishing it for, using the words “ Loan and Building Associa-
tion," "Building Association," or "Building and Loan Association as a
part of its corporate name; punishing every person who shall make any
false statements or entries on any books of any such association, or
exhibit false papers with intent to deceive any person authorized to
make examination into its affairs, or shall make, state, or publish any
false statement of the financial condition of the same; also to define "For-
eign Building and Loan Associations," and to provide for and fix the
terms upon which the same shall be permitted to do business in this state,
making it unlawful for them to do business within this state without
complying with said terms and procuring a certificate of approval and
authorization from the auditor of public accounts, state treasurer, and
attorney general, or any two of them, and punishing any person doing
business or attempting to do business in this state for any foreign building
and loan association not holding such certificate; and repealing all acts
and parts of acts in conflict with this act.........................

House Roll No. 115. An act to protect the associations and unions of working-
men in the use of labels, trade-marks, and other forms of advertising
goods manufactured by members of such associations and unions, and to
provide a penalty for the violation thereof.............

Senate File No. 20. An act to enable associations of persons to become bodies
corporate for the purpose of acquiring and holding title to real estate,
issuing and negotiating bonds thereon, and borrowing money for the use
of the members of said corporation........

House Roll No. 214. An act to amend sections one hundred and sixty-five
(165) and one hundred and sixty-six (166) of chapter sixteen (16) of the
Compiled Statutes of Nebraska, entitled "Corporations," and to repeal
said original sections.........


House Roll No. 103. An act to compel railroad companies to name their sta-
tions the same as the city or village in which located, and to fix a penalty
for a failure so to do.............

House Roll No. 36. An act requiring all railroads, corporations, companies,
and persons operating a railroad and doing business in Nebraska to equip
all engines and cars with proper, efficient, and safe automatic couplers
and brakes, and for prescribing penalties for failure thereof.............
House Roll No. 271. An act to form a new county....








House Roll No. 86. An act to amend sections fifty-three (53) and fifty-four
(54) and fifty-nine (59) of article one (1) of chapter eighteen (18) of the
Compiled Statutes of Nebraska for the year 1887, and to repeal said sections, 225
Senate File No. 212. An act to require the register of deeds and county
clerks who are ex-officio registers of deeds to procure and keep a mortgage
indebtedness record, and prescribing the form of same, and to require
annual reports by said registers therefrom ........


House Roll No. 231. An act to amend section seven (7) of chapter twenty-
six (26) of the Compiled Statutes, entitled "Elections," and to repeal said
section seven (7) as now existing...........


House Roll No. 141. An act to promote the independence of voters at public


elections, to enforce the secrecy of the ballot, and to provide for the print-
ing and distribution of ballots, at public expense......................
House Roll No. 197. An act to construct and furnish additional buildings at
the Nebraska instituttion for feeble-minded youth and making appro-
priation therefor........


House Roll No. 22. An act to amend section thirteen "a" (13a) of chapter
twenty-eight (28) of the Compiled Statutes of the state of Nebraska of
1887, entitled Fees".
Senate File No. 23. An act to amend section twenty (20), chapter twenty-
eight (28), of the Compiled Statutes of 1889, entitled "Fees"..
House Roll No. 134. An act to prohibit the keeping, maintaining, or harbor-
ing of girls under the age of eighteen (18) years and boys under the age
of twenty-one (21) years in houses of ill-fame, and to authorize any officer
of the law, or the officers or agents of the Nebraska Humane Society, and all
other humane or charitable societies, to compel their removal from such







Senate File No. 158. An act to make the selling or giving away of fire-arms,
ammunition, or other munitions which can be used in fire-arms, to any
Indian not a citizen, a felony, and providing a penalty therefor........
Senate File No. 117. An act to make the selling or giving away of malt,
spirituous, or vinous liquors or intoxicating drinks of any kind whatsoever
to an Indian not a citizen, a felony, and providing a penalty therefor...... 267
Senate File No. 43. An act to repeal section forty-six (46) and to amend sec-
tion forty-eight (48) of chapter forty (40) of the Compiled Statutes of the
state of Nebraska, entitled "Insane," and to repeal said original section
forty-eight (48)...............................

..... 268

House Roll No. 532. An act to provide for two wings to main building of the

hospital and for furnishing the same for the incurable insane, at Hastings,
and to appropriate the necessary funds therefor..........
House Roll No. 52. An aet to authorize the organization of mutual insurance




Senate File No. 200. An act to amend section one (1) of chapter fifty (50) of
the Compiled Statutes, 1887, entitled "Liquors".
Senate File No. 116. An act to establish a State Board of Health, to regulate
the practice of medicine in the state of Nebraska, and to repeal sections one
(1) to eleven (11), inclusive, of chapter fifty-five (55) of Compiled Statutes
of Nebraska, entitled "An act to regulate the practice of medicine,” ap-
proved March 3, 1881, and amended in 1883, and all other acts inconsist-
ent herewith, and to provide a penalty for the violation of this act......... 280
Senate File No. 168. An act to provide for the organization of sanitary dis-
tricts and to define their powers......

House Roll No. 233. An act to establish and locate a "Girls' Industrial
School for Juvenile Delinquents;" to provide for the government, duties
of officers, and methods of commitments and transfer; to make appropri-
ation for erection of necessary buildings, and to provide for letting con-

tracts therefor........

House Roll No. 79. An act for the relief of the people in the drouth-stricken



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