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Mrs. Turner, Ipswich
Miss Turner
Mr. Turner, Trinity College, Cambridge
Rev. Edward Twentyman, Clare Hall
Rev. C. Tyrrell, Thurston

Right Hon. Lord Vernon
Right Hon. Lady Vernon
Rev. Dr. Vyner, Predendary of Canterbury
Rev Dr. Valpy, Reading
Peter Vaughan, Esq. Merton College, Oxford
J. G. Vernon, Esq. Hereford-street
Rev. T. Vickers, Fellow of Trinity Hall
Mrs. Vernon, Bury
Rev. Mr. Vatchell
Rev. A. Uvedale, Barking

Right Hon. Lord Walpole
Right Hon. Lady Walpole
Hon. Miss Walpole
Hon. George Watson
Hon. Henry Watson
Sir John Wodehouse, Bart. 3 copies
Thomas Wodehouse, Esq. Sennowe
Mrs. Wodehouse
Rev. P. Wodehouse, Prebendary of Norwich
Lady Wombwell, Harley-street
Rev. Dr. Wollaston, Bury
Rev. Dr. Wynne, Queen Ann-street, West
Rev. Dr. Watson, Hadleigh
Q. Wainman, M. D. Wisbeach
Mr. Warn, Stowmarket
Rev. Mr. Watson, Blackheath
Mrs. Watson, Swaffham, Cambridgeshire
R. Walpole, Esq. Beighton


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Rev. H. Wastell, Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge
Rev. W. Watts, Ash-hill
Rev. G. Watts, Uffington, Berks
Rev. William Warburton, Lambeth
Henry Lee Warner, Esq. Walsingham
Rev. William Walker, Stuston
Rev. Mr. Walker, Shingham
Mrs. Warren, Great George-street, Westminster
Rev. Mr. Wagett, Boston, Lincolnshire
Mrs. Wells, Newington Green
Mrs. Wells, Angel-court, Snow-hill
Miss Wells, Bickley, Kent
Mr. J. S. Webster
Mr. Webster, Chapel-field, Norwich
Robert Weskett, Esq. Milton-Terrace, Gravesend
Rev. Henry White, Eye. 2 copies
Rev. T. Whittaker, Mendham
John Whittaker, Esq.
Miss Whittaker
Rev. Edward Whittle, St. John's College
Rev. Joshua White, Oxborough
Rev. John Wheeler, South-street, Park-lane
Rev. Walter Whiter, Clare Hall, Cambridge
J. Whittington, Esq.
Mrs. Whittington
Abraham Wilkenson, Esq. Dublin
Miss Maria Wilkenson
Mrs. Wilkinson
Rev. William Wilkinson, Reedham
Mr. Wing, Thornby Abbey, Peterborough
Mr. Winn, Bury
Rev. W. Wilson, Fellow of St. John's College
Rev. George Wilson, Ashwell Thorpe, Wiymondham
Rev. C. Williamson, Compton, Bedfordshire
Mr. T. Williams, Clare Hall

Rev F. I. H. Wollaston, Jacksonian Professor
Mrs. F. Wollaston
Rev. H. Wollaston, Lincoln
Mr. Woods, Surgeon, Dereham
Rev. Thomas Woodroffe, Oakley, Surry.
Mr. T. W. Wootton, Rattlesden
William Woodley, Esq. Eccles
Woodbridge Book Club
Woodbridge Dissenting Book Society
Mrs. Ann Wright, Dereham
Rev. John Wright, Mattishall
Rev. Richard Wright, Harling
Rev. Lawrence Wright, Bradfield
Mrs. Catharine Wright, Norwich
Mrs. Caroline Wright, ditto
Mrs. Ann Wright, ditto
Matthias Wright, Esq. Bury
Rev. Thomas Wythe, Eye
Rev. William Wyatt, Framlingham

Rev. Archdeacon Yonge, Swaffham
Rev. Mr. Young, Denver
Mrs. Young, Necton
Miss Young, ditto
Arthur Young, Esq. Bradfield
Mr. D. Young, Lynn

The following names were either omitted by mistake, or came too late for

insertion in their proper places. Hon. and Rev. Dr. Finch, All Souls College, Oxford Hon. and Rev. Mr. Legge, ditto Hon. Thomas Wenman, ditto Rev. Dr. Price, Prebendary of Durham Rev. R. Barnard, Prebendary of Winchester All Souls College Library, Oxford

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Rev. Scrope Berdmore, D. D. Warden of Merton

College, Oxford
Rev. Dr. Isham, Warden of All Souls College, Ox-

ford. 3 copies
Robert Proctor Anderson, Esq. Henlade
Rev. R. C. Barnard, Withersfield
Rev. C. D. Barnard, Bigby, Lincolnshire
Rev. Mr. Barter, Timsbury
Rev. H. Baynton
John Bowdler, Esq. Hayes, Kent
J. Clarkson, Esq. Parfleet, near Grays, Essex
R. H. Davis, Wadham College, Oxford
Mr. Deck, Bury. 2 copies
Rev. B. Edwards, Hetherset, near Norwich
Mrs. Edwards
Mrs. Fairfax, Lansdown Crescent, Bath
Mrs. Humphreys, ditto
Mrs. Holroyd, Queen's Parade, Bath
Mr. Hazard, Bookseller, Bath. 2. copies
Rev. Mr. Johns, All Souls College, Oxford
Rev. Mr. Monkhouse, Queen's College, Oxford
Rev. Thomas Portworth, Gloucestershire
Rev. Henry Pacey, Pembroke College, Cambridge
Thoms Pytches, Esq. Gazely
Mrs. Sloper, South Audley-street
Mrs. W. Sloper, ditto
Rev. Mr. Shute, Brancaster, near Lynn
Rev. Mr. Shaw, All Souls College, Oxford, 2 copies
Rey, G. Swaine, Jun. Wadham College, Oxford
Rev. H. Smith, Peterhouse, Cambridge

The printer hopes all errors in the orthography of the above List of Subscribers' Names will be readily pardoned, when the difficulty of accuracy, in so great a number, is considered. Erratum---p. 4.1, 5. For Mrs. Brooke, ditto, read

Mrs. Brooke, Norwich.

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