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Education, Science and Leadership, SYDENHAM, 477

EIGENMANN, C. H., Irwin Expedition to Peru and

Bolivia, 108

EKLAW, W. E., Death of Thorild Wulff, 132
Electrical Industries, British, after the War, 362
Electro-Thermo-Regulator for Water Baths, C. H.
OTIS, 425

Emmons, W. H., Economic Geology, A. C. LANE, 197

Energy Relations of Plants, G. B. RIGG, 125

Engineering, National, Societies, 289; Education,

420; Research, Endowment for, 441; School,

Harvard, 636

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GAEHR, P. F., Visual Phenomena, 575

GAGE, S. H., Hand-made Lantern Slides, 221

GAINEY, P. L., Soil Reaction and Azotobacter, 139

Generic Determinations of Bees, C. ROBERTSON, 368
Geographical, Soc., Royal, Recent Acquisitions of,
462; Amer. and Peace Commissioners, 590
Geological Terms in Geographical Descriptions, W.
M. DAVIS, 81

Geology and Meteorology, Military, M., 576

Geometric Basis for Physical and Organic Phe-
nomena, J. MILLIS, 353

German, Shall Writers ignore Papers published in?
W. J. HOLLAND, 469

Gilbert, Grove Karl, 65; H. L. FAIRCHILD, 151

GILLESPIE, L. J., Hydrogen-Ion Exponent and Oc-

currence of Bacteria in Soil, 393

GLASER, O., Hereditary Deficiencies in the Sense

of Smell, 647

GLASER, R. W., Polyhedral Virus of Insects, 301

Glass Sands of Pennsylvania, C. R. FETTKE, 98
GODFREY, G. H. and E. F. SMITH, Brown Rot, 42
GORTNER, R. A., Hydrolysis of Proteins, 122

Granite for Building in 1917, 263

Grant, M., Passing of the Great Race, F. A.
WOODS, 419

Grasshopper, Musical Chirping of, H. A. ALLARD,

GRAVES, A. H., Chestnut and Disease, 652
GRAY, Á. W., Celluloid Lantern Slides, 43
GRAY, G. P., Economic Toxicology, 329
Greek Tract on Indivisible Lines, F. CAJORI, 577
GRIER, N. M., Academy of Science of St. Louis, 124
GRINNELL, J., Wild Animals of North America, E.
W. Nelson, 547
Growth-promoting Substances and Correlation, C.


GUDGER, E. W., Rhineodon Typus, Whale Shark, 622
GUNTHORP, H., Papers "to be Published," 495
GUYER, M. F., Aquatic Microscopy, A. C. Stokes,

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MEANS, P. A., Race-Appreciation in Latin Amer-
ica, 256

Mechanics, Foundations of, P. J. Fox, 343; W. S.
Medallists of the Royal Society, 637
Medical, Corps Officers, College Students for, 135;
Service Corps, Volunteer, 187; Entente with
America, 196; Profession in Great Britain and
the War, 320; Training and Science, G. LUSK,
629; Research Committee, British, 639
MEES, C. E. K., Supply of Organic Reagents, 91;
Science of Photography, John R. Roebuck, 140
METCALF, Z. P., Wings of Insects, J. H. Comstock,


Metric System in the United States, 540
Meyer, Frank N., E. F. SMITH, 335
Microscopic Organisms, Washing, H. RUCKES, 44
Military, Instructors, 62; Geology and Meteorology,

MILLER, G. A., Scientific Activity and War, 117;
History of Secondary Mathematics, 182; Devel-
opment of Mathematics Teachers, 553
MILLER, W. J., Syenite-Granite, 560; International
Organization of Science, 649

MILLIS, J., Geometric Basis for Physical and Or-
ganic Phenomena, 353

Minerals, Exhibit of, Useful in War, 440
Moisture Ratio, A. SMITH, 48

Molecular Motion, E. R. STOEKLE, 474
Mollusca, Marine Tertiary, C. J. MAURY, 14
Mollusks, Terrestrial, Behavior of, T. C. STEPHENS,

MOODIE, R. L., Armand Thevenin, 84; Equide of
North America, H. F. OSBORN, 171; Paleontol-
ogy and Medical History, 619

MOORE, J. S., A country without a Name, 271

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OBERHOLSER, H. C., Intergradation in Vertebrate
Zoology, 165; Scientific Name of the Passenger
Pigeon, 445

O'CONNELL, M., George Jennings Hinde, 588
O'Gara, P. J., White-Spot Disease of Alfalfa, 299
OGDEN, H. N., Purpose of Research, 525
Ohio Academy of Science, E. L. RICE, 277
Olona, Hawaii's Fiber-Plant, V. MACCAUGHEY, 236
Ornithologists, American, Union, 641
Osborn, H. F., Equide of North America, R. L.
MOODIE, 171; Origin and Evolution of Life, R.
S. LILLIE, 472

Osmosis with Living Membrane, E. KREMERS, 599
OSTERHOUT, W. J. V., Relative Rates of Life Proc-
esses, 172

OTIS, C. H., Electro-thermo Regulator for Water
Baths, 425

Oxidation in the Body, W. E. BURGE, 174

P., G. H., Outline of Neurology, C. J. Herrick, and
E. C. Crosby, 374

P., T. M., Lieutenant Herbert Douglas Taylor, 411
Paleontology and Medical History, R. L. MOODIE,
619; Palisades Interstate Park, 541
Papers to be published,'' H. GUNTHORP, 495
Paramecia with Extra Contractile Vacuoles, R. T.
HANCE, 295

Parker, H. N., City Milk Supply, L. F. RETTGER,

PARSONS, C. L., Amer. Chem. Soc., 184; American
Chemist in Warfare, 377

Patent Reform Prospects, B. RUSSELL, 250
Pathologists, Cereal, Field Conference of, C. W.

Peace Commissioners and Amer. Geog. Soc., 590

Pear Blight Wind Borne, F. L. STEVENS, W. A.
RUTH, and C. S. SPOONER, 449

Pectin, Preparing, C. H. HUNT, 201

PETER, A. M., Kentucky Academy of Science, 73

Phenomena, Visual, P. F. Gaehr, 575

Physicists, Specializing, Designation of, C. H.

SHARP, 140

Pickering, E. C., Annals of Astronomical Observa-
tory of Harvard College, G. C. COMSTOCK, 397
Pigeon, Passenger, Scientific Name of, H. C. OBER-
HOLSER, 445; Rediscovery of, S. M. RASMUSsen,
445; T. S. ROBERTS, 575

PIKE, F. H., Blood Flow and Respiratory Move-

ment, 121

Plant, and Nutrient Solution, D. R. HOAGLAND, 422
Polarization of Moving Electrodes, C. BARUS, 253
POOR, C. L., Destinies of Stars, Svante Arrhenius,

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SMITH, A. B., Color Association, 395
SMITH, A. H., Blood Volume, 21

SMITH, E. F., and G. H. GODFREY, Brown Rot, 42;
Frank N. Meyer, 335

Smithsonian Solar Constant" Expedition to

Chile, 635


Smut, Fungicide for Wheat and Barley, W. W.

SNYDER, H., War Bread, 154
Soil Reaction and Azotobacter, P. L. GAINEY, 139
Solar Eclipse, W. W. CAMPBELL, 34
Soldiers, Disabled, Physical Reconstruction of,
211; Wounded, Rehabilitation of, 186
SOPER, G. A., Influenza-Pneumonia Pandemic in
American Army Camps, 451

Special Articles, 21, 47, 72, 98, 121, 143, 172, 198,

225, 253, 273, 298, 324, 348, 374, 398, 422, 449,

474, 499, 518, 549, 578, 602, 622, 652

Sphagnum as a Surgical Dressing, J. W. HOT-

SON, 203

Pear Blight Wind Borne, 449

Squaw Island, 265

Syenite-Granite, W. J. MILLER, 560
Symbols, Organic, I. W. D. HACKн, 333

[blocks in formation]

Stonewort, Jura-cretaceous, H. HANNIBAL, 578
STURTEVANT, A. H., Mutation in Drosophila

Funebris, 72

Stylonichia impaled upon a Fungal Filament, D.

Surgeons, American College of, 364

SYDENHAM, Education, Science and Leadership, Whipple, G. C., and H. B. Ward, Fresh-water Biol-


ogy, J. G. NEEDHAM, 171

Weather Bureau and Dr. Cleveland Abbe, 64
WEIL, M., and C. C. TROWBRIDGE, Coefficient of
Expansion of Tree Trunks, 348

WENRICH, D. H., Stylonichia Impaled upon a

Fungal Filament, 602

Western Reserve University Medical Group, 389

WHEALDON, R., and H. B. TORREY, House Fly, 222

Wheat, Russian, 336

WIELAND, G. R., Origin of Dicotyls, 18; Vero Man
and the Sabre Tooth, 93

WILSON, E. B., Proceedings of the Nat. Acad. of
Sci., 141, 323; Insidious Scientific Control, 491

Wolfe, Harry Kirke, H. B. ALEXANDER, 312

WOODS, F. A., Passing of the Great Race, M.

Grant, 419

Woodworth, R. S., Dynamic Psychology, M. F.

Wulff, Thorild, W. E. EKBLAW, 132

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