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his own inspection and judgment, it cannot be doubted, that in point of literary execution, it might have been more worthy of the general favor.

But sermons, it must be remembered, are not to be read, chiefly for the gratification of a fastidious taste, but as helps to religious knowledge; to the cherishing of devout affections, and the maintenance of an holy life. The very circumstance, therefore, to which we have alluded, may give to this selection an additional interest to the mind of the serious reader. He may learn here, how wisely the various providence of God in the appointmients of prosperity or of adversity as the lot of individuals, families, or communities, may be marked and improved. For these great purposes, and as containing lessons of practical godliness, we cordially commend this volume to christians of every name. They will find here, not words of “ doubtful disputation,” but of vital truth. And we are certain, that it will be the accomplishment of the most earnest wishes of their author, should they prove in any degree instrumental of diffusing among our churches and within our hearts, that spirit of evangelic love and charity, which pervaded his own.

Boston, Dec. 25, 1830.

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