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OW can I increase my earnings ? is the problem

which confronts every individual. Do you ever

ask yourself why it is you aren't earning four dollars a day, instead of two, when other men with less brains than you are doing it? If you do, we want to reason with you. It's simply a matter of ideas. A man is worth only two dollars a day, from his head down. Some men are making thousands of dollars a year simply because they have ideas and think thoughts which get results. If you could get some successful business man to teach you just how he makes his money, you would feel that you had found something better than a gold mine, wouldn't you ?

G. H. Knox, President of the Personal Help Publishing Co., is making a great success, and his interest in young men has led him to write a book which gives the ideas and principles which have made him successful. Every page throbs and pulsates with energy, vitality and ideas. The title is “READY MONEY.” Every idea in the book can be converted into ready money. The ideas in this book will transform you into a great business man if

you will use them. It teaches you the why and the how. The time spent in writing this book was worth thousands of dollars. Single ideas which are presented have netted thousands of dollars to the author and to the business which he has built up, but you can have the whole book for a mere pittance.

In handsome dark-red cloth, gold lettering on side and back, gilt top, 54 x774, 320 pages, $1.70, postpaid. De Luxe edition, limp leather, silk lining, extra quality paper, $3.40. PERSONAL HELP PUBLISHING CO.

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Des Moines, Iowa

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For a year

S NEEDED; is bought; is prized by thousands.
One free editorial in the Los Angeles Times

brought nearly one hundred orders. Dr. C. S. Carr, editor of Medical Talk, has unqualifiedly urged young men everywhere to get a copy at

In the truest sense it is




It contains points new to you and points that you will appreciate. It shows the utter foolishness of sending money to quack doctors, or so-called “specialists,” who pretend to cure Lost MANHOOD, etc. It contains four departments; sixty chapters; is well bound in cloth, regular dollar binding, but we sell it for fifty cents, postpaid. Write us about our book department in general. We are selling $1000 worth of books a day. Send along fifty cents for this splendid revelation of facts, and then you can be your own “specialist."


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Des Moines, Iowa

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