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Ask for Phamphlet B When Writing.


FORMULA.-Irisin, 1.8 grain; Podophyllin, 1-8 grain; Ext. Chionanthus. 1-8 grain; Ext. Belladonna, 1-8 grain; Strychnia, 1-100 grain; Cascarin, 1-4 grain; Oleoresin Capsicum, 1-120 grain.

Do not gripe, distress, or nauseate. One pill is usually sufficient for laxative effect. Catharsis results from increased dosage. Their continued use is productive of curative results in acute and chronic constipation of varlous forms particularly those dependent on bilious derangement. Samples mailed free upon application.

Our preparations may be obtained direct from us or through any jobber in Chicago. Our Catalogue and price list of Plain, Chocolate and Sugar Coated Compressed Tablets, Tablet Triturates, Hypodermic Tablets, Specific Tinctures, Elixirs,

Syrups, Wines, Suppositories, Ointments and Specialties mailed upon application. Private formula work a specialty. 4 CHICAGO PHARMACAL CO., 141 Kinzie St., CHICAGO. 52250 250


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The Obstetrical Clinic affords sufficient material that each Senior has one or

more cases each term to personally attend.

New Building, Laboratories, Reading Room and

Library, and Everything Up-to-Date.

Hahnemannian Homeopathy is taught, but nothing of real merit in modern

medicine will be overlooked.

For further Particulars and Catalogue, Address L. C. McELWEE, M. D., Dean, C, J. LUYTIES, M. D., Registrar, 1221 N. Grand Ave.

2100 Lafayette Ave.



The physician often desires something more complete than the average condensed Materia Medica. Where the crisis is not imminent, or the course of disease unsatisfactory, time is frequently required to work out the indicated remedy, and a grave respon sibility rests upon the physician.

HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS represents the results of thousands of PUZZLING CASES. The physician who refers to this work is treading in the foot-steps of those great pioneers in Homeopathy who forced their way so effectively to the front. It is the clinically verified Materia Medica of HERING assisted by the great investigators of his time.

FASHIONS OF TREATMENT MAY CHANGE, but the physiological action of drugs remains the same. Every book-buying and book-loving doctor should invest in the one series of volumes which never goes out of date-HERING'S GUIDING SYMP. TOMS.

THE REPERTORY TO HERING'S GUIDING SYMPTOMS constitutes a complete index to that work, but is used with great satisfaction by many physicians in connection with other Materia Medicas.

GUIDING SYMPTOMS. Bound in Handsome Cloth, $5.00 10 Octavo

por volume; in Sheep, $6.00; in Half-Russia, $6.50 Volumes. PRICBS:

REPERTORY. Sheep or Half-Russia, $10.00, One Octavo Volume

of 1216 pages. Liberal terms of payment are allowed when desired, including IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF GOODS.

F. A. DAVIS COMPANY, Medical Publishers, 1914-16 CHERRY STREET,



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