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have of the other, both in pros- | Matrimony ? Wilt thou love her, perity and adversity. Into which comfort her, honour, and keep holy estate these two persons her in sickness and in health; present come now to be joined. and, forsaking all other, keep Therefore if any man can shew thee only unto her, so long as ye any just cause, why they may both shall live? not lawfully be joined together, | The Man shall answer, let him now speak, or else here

I will. after for ever hold his peace. | Then shall the Priest say unto the Woman, | And also, speaking unto the persons that

N. TILT thou have this shall be married, he shall

Man to thy Require and charge you both, husband, to live together after

as ye will answer at the God's ordinance in the holy esdreadful day of judgement when

tate of Matrimony ? Wilt thou the secrets of all hearts shall be obey him, and serve him, love, disclosed, that if either of you honour, and keep him in sickness know any impediment, why ye and in health ; and, forsaking all may not be lawfully joined toge- other, keep thee only unto him, ther in Matrimony, ye do now

so long as ye both shall live ? confess it. For be

well assur-

The Woman shall answer, ed, that so many as are coupled

I will. together otherwise than God's Word doth allow are not joined

Then shall the Minister say, together by God; neither is their

Who giveth this Woman to

be married to this Man ? Matrimony lawful.

Then shall they give their troth to each At which day of Marriage, if any man do

other in this manner. alledge and declare any impediment, why

The Minister, receiving the Woman at her they may not be coupled together in Matri

father's or friend's hands, shall cause the mony, by God's Law, or the Laws of this Realm; and will be bound, and sufficient

Man with his right hand to take the Wo

man by her right hand, and to say after sureties with him, to the parties; or else

him as followeth. put in a Caution (to the full value of such charges as the persons to be married do M. take thee N. to my wedthereby sustain) to prove his allegation : ded wife, to have and to hold then the solemnization must be deferred, from this day forward, for better

until such time as the truth be tried. 1 If no impediment be alledged, then shall for worse, for richer for poorer,

the Curate say unto the Man, in sickness and in health, to love M.

, wife, to live together after God's dinance; and thereto I plight ordinance in the holy estate of thee my troth.


M. WILT thou have this and to cherish, till death us do


Then shall they loose their hands; and

sons may surely perform and the Woman, with her right hand taking the Man by his right hand, shall likewise keep the vow and covenant besay after the Minister,

twixt them made, (whereof this N. take thee M. to my wed- Ring given and received is a to

ded husband, to have and to ken and pledge,) and may ever hold from this day forward, for remain in perfect love and peace better for worse, for richer for together, and live according to poorer, in sickness and in health, thy laws; through Jesus Christ to love, cherish, and to obey, till our Lord. Amen. death us do part, according to Then shall the Priest join their right hands God's holy ordinance; and there

together, and say, to I give thee my troth.

Those whom God hath joined 1 Then shall they again loose their hands; together let no man put asunder. and the Man shall give unto the Woman a

Then shall the Minister speak unto the Ring, laying the same upon the book with

people. the accustomed duty to the Priest and Clerk. And the Priest, taking the Ring, the Ring Fo


M. and N. shall deliver it unto the Man, to put it have consented together in upon the fourth finger of the Woman's

left holy wedlock, and have witnessed hand. And the Man holding the Ring the same before God and this there, and taught by the Priest, shall say, WITH this Ring I thee company, and thereto have given

wed, with my body I thee and pledged their troth either to worship, and with all my world- other, and have declared the same ly goods I thee endow: In the by giving and receiving of a Ring, Name of the Father, and of the and by joining of hands; I proSon, and of the Holy Ghost. nounce that they be Man and Amen.

Wife together, In the Name of 1 Then the Man leaving the Ring upon the the Father, and of the Son, and fourth finger of the Woman's left hand,

of the Holy Ghost. Amen. they shall both kneel down ; and the Minister shall say,

| And the Minister shall add this Blessing. GSD

OD the Father, God the O

Eternal God, Creator and Son, God the Holy Ghost,

Preserver of all mankind, bless, preserve, and keep you; Giver of all spiritual grace, the the Lord mercifully with his faAuthor of everlasting life; Send vour look upon you; and so fill thy blessing upon these thy ser- you with all spiritual benediction vants, this man and this woman, and grace, that ye may so live whom we bless in thy Name; together in this life, that in the that, as Isaac and Rebecca lived world to come ye may have life faithfully together, so these per- everlasting. Amen.

Let us pray:

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his ways:

1 Then the Minister or Clerks, going to the God : yea, let all the people

Lord's Table, shall say or sing this Psalm praise thee. following

O let the nations rejoice and Beati omnes. Psal. cxxviii.

be glad : for thou shalt judge LESSED are all they that the folk righteously, and govern fear the Lord : and walk in the nations upon earth.

Let the people praise thee, O For thou shalt eat the labour God : yea, let all the people of thine hands : 0 well is thee, praise thee. and happy shalt thou be.

Then shall the earth bring Thy wife shall be as the fruit- forth her increase : and God, ful vine : upon the walls of thine

even our own God, shall give us house;

his blessing Thy children like the olive- God shall bless us : and all the branches : round about thy table. ends of the world shall fear him. Lo, thus shall the man be

Glory be to the Father, and to blessed : that feareth the Lord.

the Son : and to the Holy Ghost; The Lord from out of Sion

As it was in the beginning, is shall so bless thee : that thou

now, and ever shall be : world shalt see Jerusalem in prosperity without end. Amen. all thy life long; Yea, that thou shalt see thy The Psalm ended, and the Man and the

Woman kneeling before the Lord's Table, children's children : and peace the Priest standing at the Table, and

turning his face towards them, shall say, Glory be to the Father, and to

Lord, have mercy upon us. the Son : and to the Holy Ghost;

Answer. Christ, have mercy As it was in the beginning, is upon us. now, and ever shall be : world Minister. Lord, have mercy without end. Amen. Or this Psalm.

UR Father, which art in heaDeus misereatur. Psal. lxvii. ven, Hallowed be thy Name. GO OD be merciful unto us, and Thy kingdom come. Thy will

bless us : and shew us the be done in earth, As it is in healight of his countenance, and be ven. Give us this day our daily merciful unto us.

bread. And forgive us our tresThat thy way may be known passes, As we forgive them that upon earth : thy saving health trespass against us. And lead us among all nations.

not into temptation ; But deliver Let the people praise thee, O us from evil. Amen.

upon Israel.

upon us.

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their enemy.

Minister for Lord, save thy O. Merciful Lord, and hea

thy Answer. Who put their trust cious gift mankind is increased ; in thee.

We beseech thee, assist with thy Minister. O Lord, send them blessing these two persons, that help from thy holy place; they may both be fruitful in pro

Answer. And evermore de- creation of children, and also live fend them.

together so long in godly love Minister. Be unto them a tow- and honesty, that they may see er of strength,

their children christianly and Answer. From the face of virtuously brought up, to thy

praise and honour; through JeMinister. O Lord, hear our sus Christ our Lord. Amen. prayer.

O thy Ånswer. And let our cry power hast made all things come unto thee.

of nothing; who also (after other Minister.

things set in order) didst appoint, O

God of Abraham, God of that out of man" (created after

Isaac, God of Jacob, bless thine own image and similitude). these thy servants, and sow the

woman should take her beginseed of eternal life in their ning; and, knitting them togehearts; that whatsoever in thy ther, didst teach that it should holy Word they shall profitably never be lawful to put asunder learn, they may in deed fulfil the those whom thou by Matrimony same. Look, O Lord, mercifully hadst made one: O God, who upon them from heaven, and hast consecrated the state of Mabless them. And as thou didst trimony to such an excellent myssend thy blessing upon Abraham tery, that in it is signified and and Sarah, to their great comfort, represented the spiritual marriso vouchsafe to send thy blessing age and unity betwixt Christ and upon these thy servants; that his Church ; Look mercifully upthey obeying thy will, and alway on these thy servants, that both being in safety under thy protec- this man may love his wife, action, may abide in thy love unto cording to thy Word, (as Christ their lives' end; through Jesus did love his spouse the Church, Christ our Lord. Amen.

who gave himself for it, loving

and cherishing it even as his own 9 This Prayer next following shall be omit- flesh,) and also that this woman

ted, where the Woman is past child-bearing:

may be loving and amiable, faith

* T


ful and obedient to her husband; glorious Church, not having spot, and in all quietness, sobriety, and or wrinkle, or any such thing; peace, be a follower of holy and but that it should be holy, and godly matrons. O Lord, bless without blemish. So ought men them both, and grant them to in- to love their wives as their own herit thy everlasting kingdom; bodies. He that loveth his wife through Jesus Christ our Lord. loveth himself: for no man ever Amen.

yet hated his own flesh, but nouThen shall the Priest say,

risheth and cherisheth it, even LMIGHTY God, who at

as the Lord the Church: for we the beginning did create are members of his body, of his our first parents, Adam and Eve, flesh, and of his bones. For this and did sanctify and join them

cause shall a man leave his father together in marriage; Pour upon

and mother, and shall be joined you the riches of his grace, sanc

unto his wife; and they two tify and bless you, that ye may shall be one flesh. This is a great please him both in body and mystery; but I speak concerning soul, and live together in holy Christ and the Church. Neverlove unto your lives' end. Amen. theless, let every one of you in 9 After which, if there be no Sermon de particular so love his wife, even claring the duties of Man and Wife, the

as himself. Minister shall read as followeth.

Likewise the same Saint Paul, LL A

ye that are married, or writing to the Colossians, speakthat intend to take the holy eth thus to all men that are marestate of Matrimony upon you, ried; Husbands, love your wives, hear what the holy Scripture doth and be not bitter against them. say as touching the duty of hus- Hear also what Saint Peter, bands towards their wives, and the Apostle of Christ, who was wives towards their husbands. himself a married man, saith un

Saint Paul, in his Epistle to to them that are married; Ye the Ephesians, the fifth Chapter, husbands, dwell with your wives doth give this Commandment to according to knowledge; giving all married men ; Husbands, love | honour unto the wife, as unto the your wives, even as Christ also weaker vessel, and as being heirs loved the Church, and gave him together of the grace of life, that self for it, that he might sancti- your prayers be not hindered. fy and cleanse it with the wash- Hitherto ye have heard the ing of water, by the Word ; that duty of the husband toward the he might present it to himself a wife. Now likewise, ye wives,

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