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Marth. XVIII. 28. The cruel Fellow-Servant deliver'd to Torment, Pag. 75

XX. 1. The Labourers in the Vineyard, 81

XXI. 33. The wicked Husbandmen and their just Punishment, 89

- XXII. 2. The Marriage-Feast, and the unworthy Guest, 91 XXV.1. The wife and fooliss Virgins, 97

15. Talents entrusted to Servants, 99 Mark IV. 2. The Sower, 119 -------- 21.

The hidden Candle, the Husbandman and the Mustard-seed, 121 Luke VII. 37. The Creditor and his tpoo Debe tors, 167

X. 30. Who is our Neighbour, 173

33. The good Samaritan, ibid. ---- XII. 18. The rich Man's vain confidence,

177 ------ XIV. 16. The invited Guests excuse them

selves, 181 -.-..-XV. 3. The loft Sheep and piece of Silver, 183

11. The prodigal Son leaves his Father's House, 185


He is reduced to Mifery, 187 ----...-- 20. His Return and Reception, 189

XVI.1. The Unjuft Steward, 191

------- 19. The rich Glutton and Lazarus, 193

Matters preceding or relating to CHRIST's

Paffion, &c.

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Matth. XXVI. 17, Christ sends his Disciples to prepare the Passover, Pag. 103

28. The Eating thereof, and the Betrayer foretold, ros Luke XXII. 41. He is strengthened in his Agony

by an Angel, 205 Matth. XXVI. 36. Judas betrays Christ, 107 Luke XXIII. 3. He is carried before Herod, 207 Marth. XXVI. 57. He is denied by Perer, 109 John XVIII. 19. He is examined before Caiaa phas, 255

XIX. 1. He is arraign'd and scourg'd, 257 Matth. XXVII. 2. Christ deliver'd bound to Pi

late, III John XIX. 2. He is mocked, crown'd with Thorns and (mitten, 259

4. He is offer’d to the Jews by Pilate,
and Barabbas is demanded, 261
Luke XXIII. 26. Bepaiid by the Women, be re-

proves them, 209
John XIX. 17. His Crucifixion, 263

25. Recommends his Mother to the Care
of John, ibid.
Luke XXIII. 33. He is crucifid, pierc'd and re-
vild, 211

50. He is taken down the Cross and buried, 213 Matth. XXIV. 3. and Luke XXIV. 1. The Refurreftion of Christ, 215

Mark XVI. 1. The same declar'd by an Angel to

tbe three Women, Pag. 141 Mark XVI. 9. and John XX. 14. He appears to

Mary Magdalen, 143 Matth. XXVIII. 2. He again appears to the

Eleven, 113 Luke XXIV. 13. He walks and discourses with twa Difciples, 217

28. To whom he discovers himself, and eats with them, 219. John XXI. 1. He appears a third time to bis

Disciples afishing, 267 Luke XXIV. 36. And confutes their Incredulity,

221 John XX. 19. Particularly that of Thomas, 265

XXI. 19. Foretells Peter's Dea h, 267 Luke XXIV. 50. He blesses them and ascends into

Heaven, 223


X. S.

Matth. IV. 15. The Apostles, &c. calld, p. 20
IX. 9. p.43

Mark I. 16. p. 117
Their Mision, p. 49

Mark VI. 8. p. 125

XVI. 1 3. Peter's Confession of Christ, p. 65 Acts II. 1. The Feast of Pentecoft, and descent of the Holy Ghoft, 269

13. Perer's Sermon to the Multitude, 271 37. Many converted by his Sermon, 273

Perer and John restore a lame Man to bis Feet, 275

V. 1. Ananias and Sapphira their Deceit and Punishment, 277



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Acts V. 17. The Apostles imprison’d, and released by
An Angel, Pag.279

VI. 8. Stephen the first Martyr for Christ
ston'd, 281
------ VIII. 26. Philip baptises the Ethiopian Eu-
nuch, 283

IX. 1. The Conversion of Saul, 285 ------ X. 1. Cornelius bis Vision ; be sends for Peter, 287

XII. 1. Peter imprison'd, and deliver’d by an Angel, 289

19. Herod smitten by the Angel of XIII. 4. Elymas the Sorcerer stricken blind, 293

XIV. 8. Paul and Barnabas accounted Gods by the Lycaonians, 295

XVI. 23. The Failor converted and baptised, 297

XX.6. Eurychus raised to Life by St. Paul, 299

XXVIII. 1. Paul unhurt by the Viper, 301 Revelat. I. 1. Christ's Appearance to John, 303

XXI. 10. The Nero Jerusalem describ'd, 305

God, 291

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BOOKS prinsed for, and Sold by C. Harper

at the Flower de Luce over against St. Dunstan's Cburcb in Fleetstreet.

THE Life of our Blessed Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ. An Heroic Poem : dedicated to Her moft Sacred Majesty, in Ten Books. Attempted by Samuel Wesley, A M. Each Book illustrated by necessary Notes, explaining all the more difficult Matters in the whole History. Also a Prefatory Discourse concerning Heroic Poetry. The Second Edition revised by the Author, and improved with the Addition of a large Map of the HolyLand; and a Table of the Principal Matters; with Sixty Copper-Plates, by the celebrated Hands of W. Frithorn. Folio.

The Pious Communicant rightly prepard; Or, a Discourse concerning the Blessed Sacrament; where the Nature of it is described ; our Obligarion to frequent Communion enforced, and Directions given for due Preparation for it, Behaviour at, and after it, and profiting by it. With Prayers and Hymns suited to the several parts of that Holy Office. To which is added a short Discourse of Baptism. With a Letter concerning Religious Societies. In Twelves. By Samuel Wesley, A. M. Chaplain to the most Honourable John Lord Marquis of Normanby, and Rector of Epworth in the Diocess of Lincoln: Author of the Life of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In Folio.

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