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The Gospel.

and doft forgive the Sins of Jesus went thence. S. Mat. all them that are penitent; 15. ver. 21. to V. 29.

Create and make in us new The Thirteenth. and contrite hearts, that we

The Collect. worthily lamenting our sins, WE

beseech thee, Al- and acknowledging our

mighty God, look wretchedness, may obtain of
upon the hearty defires of thee, the God of all mercy,
thy humble servants; and perfect remiffion and for
stretch forth the right hand giveness, through Jesus
of thy Majesty, to be our Christ our Lord. Amen.
defence against all our ene- This Collect is to be used only
mies, through Jesus Chrift the five days following,
our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle.
The Epifle. Turn ye even to me. Joel
Be ye therefore. Ephef. 5. 2. ver. 12. to v. 18.
ver. 1. to v, 15.

The Gospel.
The Gospel.

When ye fast, be. S. Mat. 6.
Jefus was casting out S. Luk.

ver. 16. to v. 22.
II. ver. 14. to v. 29.
The Fourteenth

The Sunday next before Easter.
The Colleet.

The Collect.

Rant we beseech thee, Almighty, and everlast

Almighty God, that ing God, who of thy we who for our evil deeds tender love towards mana do worthily deserve to be kind, haft sent thy Son, our punished, by the comfort of Saviour Jesus Christ, to take thy grace may mercifully be upon him our Aesh, and to relieved, through our Lord suffer death upon the cross, and Saviour Jesus Chrift. that all mankind should folAmen.

low the example of his great The Epiftle.

humility and patience; MerTell me, yethat defire. Gal. cifully grant, that we may be 4. ver. 21. to the end. humble and patient as he The Gospel.

was, and also be made partaJesus went over the. S. John, kers of the benefits of his 6. ver. 1. to V. 15.

precious death, and passion, The Fifteenth. thro' the same Jesus Christ The Collect.

our Lord. Amen. Almighty and everlasting

The Epistle. God, who hatest no- Let this mind be in.Philip. 2. thing that thou haft made, ver, 5. to v. 12.


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And straightway in. S. Mark O Merciful God, who

The Gospel.


Lmighty and everlasting When the morning. S. Mat. God, by whose Spirit 27. ver. I. to v. 55.

the whole body of the Monday before Easter. Church is governed and sanThe Epiftlé.

ctified ; Receive our suppliWho is this that. Ifa. 63. cations and prayers which ver. I. to the end.

we offer before thee for all The Gospel.

estates of men in thy holy After two days was. S. Mark Church, that every member 14. ver. 1. to the end.

of the same in his vocation Tuesday before Easter. and ministry, may truly and

The Epifle. godly serve thee, thro' our
The Lord. God hath.Ifa.50. Lord and Saviour Jesus
ver. 5. to the end. Chrift. Amen.
The Gospel.


haft made all men, and 15. ver. I. to v. 40. hateft nothing that thou hast Wednesday before Easter. made, nor wouldft the death The Epistle.

of a finner, but rather that Where a testament is. Heb. he should be converted and 9. ver. 16, to the end.

live ; Have mercy upon all The Gospel.

Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Now the feast of. S. Luke Hereticks ; and take from

22. ver. I. to the end. them all ignorance, hardness Thursday before Easter. of heart, and contempt of The Epiftle.

thy word; and fo fetch them In this that I declare, 1 Cor. home, bleffed Lord, to thy 11. ver. 17. to the end. Aock, that they may be saved The Gospel.

among the remnant of the The whole multitude. S. true Israelites, and be made Luke 23. ver. 1. to v.50. one fold under one Shepherd, Good Friday.

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. The Collets.

The Epiftle. A Lmighty God, we be- The law having a. Heb. 10. feech thee graciously to

ver. I. to v. 26. behold this thy family, for

The Gospel which our Lord Jesus Christ Pilate therefore took. S. was contented to be betray. John 19. ver. 1. to v.38. ed, and given up into the

Easter Even. hands of wicked men, and

The Collect. to suffer death

upon the


, GRant, Lord, that as we who now liveth and reign

been eth with thee, world with- the death of thy blessed Son out end. Amen.


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our Saviour Jesus Chrift; lo Likewise reckon


allo by continual mortifying our your selves to be dead indeed corrupt affections, we may unto fin, be buried with him, and But alive unto God, thro' that thro'the grave and gate Jesus Christ our Lord. of death, we may pass to

Chrift is risen from the our joyful resurrection, for dead ; and become the firft. his fake, who died, and was fruits of them that dept. buried, and rose again for

For since by man came us, thy Son Jesus Christ death, by man came also the our Lord. Amen.

resurrection of the dead. The Epistle.

For as in Adam all die : It is better if the. I S. Pet. even so in Christ fall all be 3. ver. 17. to the end.

made alive. Hallelujah. The Gospel.

Glory be to the Father, When the evenwas. S.Mat. and to the Son, in the Holy 27. ver: 57. to the end.


Answ. As it was in the

beginning, is now, and ever Easter Day.

shall be,sworld without end.

Amen. Hallelujah.
At Morning Prayer, instead

The Collect.
of the Psalm (come, let Almighty God, who
us, &c.] this Anthem ball

thro' thine only begotbe sung or said.

ten Son Jesus Christ, haft

overcome death, and opened CHrift our passover is fa- unto us

. the gate of everlaftcrified for us ; therefore ing life; We humbly beseech let us keep the feast.

thee, that as by thy special Not with old leaven, nei- grace preventing us, thou ther with the leaven of ma. dost put into our minds good lice and wickedness. defires; so by thy continual

But with the unleavened help we may bring the same bread of fincerity and truth. to good effect, thro' Jesus

Christ being raised from Chrift our Lord. Amen. the dead, dieth no more :

Death hath no more do. If ye then be risen with.Col. minion over him:

3. ver. I. to v. 8.
For in that he died, he
died unto fin once :

The first day of the. S. John But in that he liveth, he 20. ver. I. to V, 12. liveth unto God.


The Epiftle.

The Gospel

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The Gospel.

Monday in Easter Week. grace that we may always

The same Collect. most thankfully receive that

For the Epiftle. his inestimable benefit, and Peter opened his. Aets 10. also daily endeavour our ver. 34. to v. 44. selves to follow the blessed

The Gospel. steps of his most holy life, Behold two of his. S. Luke thro' the same Jesus Chrift

24. ver. 13. to v. 36. our Lord, Amen.
Tuesday in Easter Weck.

The Epiftle.
The same Colleet. This is thank-worthy. I S.

For the Epiftle. Pet. 2. ver. 19. to the end. Men and brethren. Aats 13.

The Gospel. ver. 26. to v. 42. Jesus said, I am the. S. John

IO. V. II. to ver. 17. Jesus himself stood. S. Luke The third Sunday after 24. ver. 36. to v. 49.

Easter. The first Sunday after Easter. The Colleet. The Collect.

Lmighty God, who

, haft given thine only be in error the light of thy Son to die for our fins, and truth, to the intent that they to rise again for our justifi- may return into the way of cation ; Grant us so to put righteousness ; Grant unto away the leaven of malice all them that are admitted and wickedness, that we into the fellowshipof Christ's may alway serve thee in religion, that they may espureness of living and truth, chew those things that are thro' the merits of the same contrary to their profeffion, thy Son Jesus Christ our and follow all such things as Lord. Amen.

are agreeable to the fame, The Epistle. thro' our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatsoever is born of God. Amen. 19. John 5. ver. 4. to v. 13. The Gospel.

Dearly beloved. 1 S. Pet. 2. The same day at evening. ver. II. to v. 18.

S.Jo. 20. ver. 19. to v.24. The Gospel. The second Sunday after Jesus said unto his. S. John Easter.

16. ver. 16. to v. 23. The Colle&t. The fourth Sunday after Almighty God, who haft

Easier. given thine only Son to

The Collect. be unto us both a sacrifice O Almighty God, who afor sin, and also an ensam. ple of godly life; Give us


The Epiftle.

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ruly wills and affections of like as we do believe thy on-
finful men ; Grant unto thy ly begotten Son our Lord
people, that they may love Jesus Christ to have ascend-
the thing which thou com- ed into the heavens ; so we
mandeft, and desire that may also in heart and mind
which thou dost promise ; thither ascend, and with him
that so among the fundry continually dwell, who liv-
and manifold changes of the eth and reigneth with thee,
world, our hearts may sure- world without end. Amen.
ly there be fixed, where

For the Epistle.
true joys are to be found. The former Treatise. Asta
through Jesus Christ our I. ver. I, to v. II..
Lord. Amen.

The Colle&.
The Epifle. Jesus appeared unto. S.Mar.
Every good gift. S. Jam. I. 16. ver. 14. to the end.

ver. 17. to v. 22. Sunday after Afcenfion-day.
The Gospel.

The Collec7.
Jesus said unto. S. John 16. O God the King of glory,
ver. 5. to v, 15.

who haft exalted thine
The fifth Sunday after Ea- only Son Jesus Christ with

great triumph unto thy The Collect.

kingdom in heaven; we beO , all thee us

good things do come ; fortless; but send to us thine Grant to us thy humble fer- Holy Ghost to comfort us, vants, that by thy holy in- and exalt us unto the fame {piration we may think those place whither our Saviour things that be good, and by Christ is gone before, who thy merciful guiding may liveth and reigneth with thee, perform the fame, through world without end. Amen. our Lord Jesus Christ. An

The Epistle.

The end of of all things. I S.
The Epistle.

Pet, 4. ver. 7. to v. 12.
Be ye doers of the, S. Jam.

I he Gospel

I. ver. 22. to the end. When the comforter. S. Joh.
The Gospel.

15. ver. 26. and part of the
Verily verily I say. S. Joh. fixteenth Chapter to v. 4.
16. ver. 23. to the end.

Ascension day.

The Collect.
The Collect.

O God, who as at this time

didit teach the hearts of
GRant, we beseech thee,
Almighty God, that thy faithful people, by the



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