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done it in the person of Christ, i 6 Who also hath made us fit mi

'11 That we be not overreached nisters of the new testament, not in by satan. For we are not ignorant the letter but in the spirit. For the of his devices.

letter killeth : but the spirit quick12 And when I was come to eneth. Troas for the gospel of Christ, and 7 Now if the ministration of a door was opened unto me in the death, engraven with letters upon Lord,

stones, was glorious, so that the 13 I had no rest in my spirit, children of Israel could not steadbecause I found not Titus my bro- fastly behold the face of Moses, ther, but bidding them farewell, 1 for the glory of his countenance, went into Macedonia.

which is made void : 14 Now thanks be' to God, who 8 How shall not the ministration : always maketh us to triumph in of the spirit be rather in glory? Christ Jesus, and manifesteth the g For if the ministration of conodour of his knowledge by us in demnation be glory, much more the every place.

ministration of justice aboundeth 15 For we are the good odour in glory. of Christ unto. God, in them that io For even that which was gloare saved, and in them that perish. rious in this part was not glorified,

16 To the one indeed the odour by reason ofthe glory that excelleth. of death unto' death : but to the 11 For if that which is done others the odour of life unto life. away, was glorious: much more And for these things who is so suf-that which remaineth is in glory. ficient?

12 Having therefore such hope, 17 For we are not as many, wę use much confidence : adulterating the word of God, but 13 And not as Moses put a veil with sincerity, but as from God, upon his face that the children of before God, in Christ; we speak. Israel might not steadfastly look on CHAP. III.

the face of that, which is made void. He needs no commendatory letters. 14 But their senses were made Owe begin again to commend dull. For, until this present day,

, i some do) epistles of commendation the old testament, remaineth not to you, or from you ?

taken away (because in Christ it is Ź You are oar epistlé, written made void.) in our hearts, which is known and 15 But even until this day when read by all men :

Moses is read, the veil is upon

their 3 Being manifested, that you are heart. the epistle of Christ, ministered by 16 But when they shall be conus, and written not with ink, but verted to the Lord, the veil shall be with the Spirit of the living God : taken away, not in tables of stone, but in the 17 Now the Lord is a Spirit. And fleshy tables of the heart.

where the Spirit of the Lord is, 4 And such confidence we have, there is liberty. through Christ towards God. 18 But we all beholding the glory

25 Not that we are sufficient to of the Lord with open face, are think any thing of ourselves, as of transformed into the same image ourselves ; but our sufficiency is from glory to glory, as by the Spifrom God.

I rit of the Lord.

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Ver: 6 The letter. Not rightly understood, and taken without the spirk.




faith, as it is written: I believed, for The sincerity of his preaching. which cause I have spoken: we also be

HEREFORE seeing we have lieve, for which cause we speak also:

this ministration, according as 14 Knowing that he who raised we have obtained mercy, we faint up JESUS, will raise up us also with not,

Jesus and place us with you. 2 But we renounce the hidden 15 For all things are for your things of dishonesty, not walking in sakes: that the grace abounding craftiness, nor adulterating the through many may abound word of God, but by manifestation thanksgiving unto the glory of God. of the truth commending ourselves 16 For which cause we faint not: to every man's conscience, in the but though our outward man is corsight of God.

rupted: yet the inward man is re3 3 And if our gospel be also hid; newed day by day: it is hid to them that are lost,

17 For that which is at present 4 In whom the god of this world momentary and light of our tribuhath blinded the minds of unbelie- lation, worketh for us above meavers, that the light of the gospel of sure exceedingly an eternal weight the glory of Christ, who is the image of glory, of God, should not shine unto them. 18 While we look not at the

5 For we preach not ourselves, things which are seen, but at the but Jesus Christ our Lord : and things which are not seen. For the ourselves your servants through things which are seen, are tempoJESUS.

ral: but the things which are not 6 For God who commanded the seen, are eternal. light to shine out of darkness, hath

CHAP. V. shined in our hearts, to give the His charity for the Corinthians.

our , . Folusie kan se hva vift: earthly of God, in the face of Christ Jesus, house of this habitation be dis

7 But we have this treasure in solved, that we have a building of earthen vessels, that the excellen- God, a house not made with hands, cy may be of the power of God, eternal in heaven. and not of us.

2: For in this also we groan, de8 In all things we suffer tribula- siring to be clothed upon with our tion, but are not distressed : we habitation that is from heaven ; are straitened, but are not desti- 3 Yet so, that we be found clothed tute:

not naked. 9 We suffer persecution, but are 4 For we also, 'who are in this not forsaken : We are cast down, tabernacle, do groan being burthens but we perish not:

ed': because we would not be un10 Always bearing about in our clothed, but clothed upon, that that body the mortification of Jesus, which is mortal may be swallowed that the life also of Jesus may be up by life. made manifest in our bodies. 5 Now he, that maketh us for

11 For we who live are always this very thing, is God, who hath delivered unto death for JESUS' given us the pledge of the Spirit. sake : that the life also of JESUS 6 Therefore having always conmay be made manifest in our mor- fidence, knowing that, while we are tal flesh.

in the body, we are absent from the 12 So then death worketh in us, Lord. but life in you.

7 (For we walk by faith and not 13 But having the same spirit of by sight.)


8 But we are confident and have not imputing to them their sins, a good will to be absent rather from and he hath placed in us the word the body, and to be present with of reconciliation. the Lord.

20 For Christ therefore we are 9 And therefore we labour, whe- ambassadors, God as it were exther absent or present,lo please him. horting by us. For Christ, we be

10 For we must all be manifested seech you, be reconciled to God. before the judgment seat of Christ, 21 Him, that knew no sin, for us that every one may receive the pro- he hath made sin: that we might per things of the body, according as be made the

justice of God in him. evil.

He exhorts them to a correspondence 11 Knowing therefore the fear of

with God's grace. the Lord, we use persuasion to


ND we helping do exhort you, men: but to God we are manifest. that

you receive not the grace And I trust also that in your con- of God in vain. sciences we are manifest.

2 For he saith : In an accepted 12 We .commend not ourselves time have I heard thee; and in the again to

you, but give you occasion day of salvation have I helped thee. to glory in our behalf: that you may Behold, now is the acceptable time: have somewhat to answer them who behold now is the day of salvation. glory in face, and not in heart. 3 Giving no offence to any man,

13 For whether we be trans- that our ministry be not blamed: ported in mind, it is to God: or 4 But in all things let us exhibit whether we be sober, it is for you. ourselves as the ministers of God,

14 For the charity of Christ in much patience, in tribulation, in presseth us: judging this, that if necessities, in distresses, one died for all, then all were dead.

5 In stripes, in prisons, in sedi15 And Christ died for all; that tions, in labours, in watchings, in they also, who live, may not now fastings, live to themselves, but unto him 6 In chastity, in knowledge, in who died for them and rose again. long-suffering, in sweetness, in the

16 Wherefore henceforthwe Holy Ghost, in charity unseigned, know po man according to the flesh. 7. In the word of truth, in the And if we have known Christ ac- power of God; by the armour of cording to flesh : but now we justice on the right hand and on know him so no longer.

the left, 17 If then any be in Christ a new 8 By honour and dishonour, by creature: the old things are passed evil report and good report : as deaway, behold all things are made ceivers, and yet true: as unknown, new.

and yet known: 18 But all things are of God, who 9 As dying, and behold we live : hath reconciled us to himself by as chastised, and not killed. Christ ; and hath given to us the

10 As sorrowful, yet always reministry of reconciliation. joicing : as needy, yet enriching

19 For God indeed was in Christ many: as having nothing, and posreconciling the world to himself,' sessing all things.


Chạp, 5. Ver. 8. Absent from the body, and present with the Lord. This demonstrates that the beatitude of the saints is not deferred till the general resurrection : but that in the meantime, and whilst they are absent from the body, they are present with the Lord.

Chap. 5. Ver. 10. The proper things of the body. In the particular judgment, immediately after death, the soul is rewarded or punished according to what she has done in the body.

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ho Receive us. We have injured fered it: but to manifest our care

11 Our mouth is open to you, O yerest, but we suffered all tribulation: Corinthians, our heart is enlarged. combats without, fears within.

12 You are not straitened in us : 6 But God who comforteth the but in your own bowels you are humble, comforted us by the costraitened.

ming of Titus. 13 But having the same recom 7 And not by his coming only, pense (I speak as to my children) but also by the

consolation, wherebe you also enlarged.

with he was comforted in you, relalievers. For what participation hath ing, your zeal for me, so that I rejustice with injustice ? Or what fel- joiced the more. lowship hath light with darkness? 8 For although I made you sor

15 And what concord hath Christ rowful by my epistle, I do not rewith Belial? Or what part hath the pent: and if I did repent, seeing faithful with the unbeliever? that the same epistle (although but

16 And what agreement hath the for a time) did make you sorrowful: temple of God with idols ? For you 9 Now I am glad: not because are the temple of the living God: as you ere made sorrowful; but beGod saith: I will dwell in them, and cause you were made sorrowful walk among them, and I will be their unto penance. For you were made God, and they shall be my people. sorrowful according to God, that

17 Wherefore, Go out from among you might suffer damage by us in
them, and be ye separate, saith the nothing.
Lord, and touch not the unclean 10 For the sorrow that is accord-

ing to
18 And I will

salvation : you : and you of the world worketh death. shall be my sons and daughters, saith 11 Forbehold this self same thing, the Lord Almighty.

CHAP. VII. cording to God, how great carefulThe apostle's affection for the Corin-ness it worketh in you: yea defence, thians.

yea indignation,yea fear,yea desire, therefore these pro- yea zeal, yea revenge: in all things mises, dearly beloved, let us you have shewed yourselves to be cleanse ourselves from all defile- undefiled in the matter. ment of the flesh and of the spirit, 12 Wherefore although I wrote perfecting sanctification in the fear to you, it was not for his sake that of God.

not that suf. 2

, , we have overreached no man. 13 Before God: therefore we were

3 1 speak not this to your con- comforted. But in our consolation demnation. For we have said be- we did the more abundantly rejoice fore, that you are in our hearts, to for the joy of Titus, because his die together, and to live together. spirit was refreshed by you all

. 4 Great is my confidence with 14 And if I have boasted any you, great is my glorying for you. thing to him of you, I have not been 1 am filled with comfort; 1 exceed- put to shame, but as we have spoken ingly abound with joy in all our all things to you in truth, so also tribulation.

our boasting that was made to Ti5 For also when we were come tus, is found truth. into Macedonia, our flesh had no 15 And his bowels are more abun

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däntly towards you : 'remembering forward to be willing, so it may be
the obedience of you all, how with also to perform, out of that which
fear and trembling you received you have.

12 For if the will be forward, it 16 1 rejoice that in all things 1 is accepted according to that which have confidence in you.

a man hath, not according to that CHAP. VIII.

which he hath not. He exhorts them to relieve the poor. 13 For I mean not that others

you burthenyou, brethren, the grace of ed: but by an equality. God, that hath been given in the 14 In this present time let your churches of Macedonia,

abundance supply their want: that 2 That in much experience of their abundance also may supply tribulation they have had abun- your want, that there may be an dance of joy, and their very deep equality, poverty hath abounded, unto the 15 As it is written : He that had riches of their simplicity. much, had nothing over : and he that

3 For according to their power had little had no want. (I bear them witness) and beyond 16 And. thanks be to God, who their power, they were willing. hath given the same carefulness for,

4 With much entreaty begging you in the heart of Titus. of us the grace and communication 17 For indeed be accepted the of the ministry that is done toward exhortation : but being more carethe saints.

ful, of his own will, he went unto 5 And not as we hoped, but you. they gave their own selves first to 18 We have sent also with him, the Lord, then to us by the will of the brother, whose praise is in the God;

gospel through all the churches : 6 Insomuch, that we desired Ti. 19 And not that only, but he was tus, that as he had begun, so also also ordained by the churches he would finish among you this companion of our travels, for this same grace:

grace, which is administered by us, 7 That as in all things you abound to the glory of the Lord, and our in faith, and word, and knowledge, determined will : and all carefulness; moreover also 20 Avoiding this, lest any man in your charity towards us,so in this should blame us in this abundance grace also you may abound. which is administered by us. 8 I speak not as commanding : 21 For we forecast what may

be but by the carefulness of others, good not only before God, but also approving also the good disposition before men. of your charity.

22 And we have sent with them 9 For you know the grace of our our brother also, whom we have rich he became poor, for your sakes things but now much moremaily that through his poverty you might gent, with much confidence in you, be rich.

23 Either for Titus, who is my 10 And herein 1 give my advice: companion and fellow-labourer tofor this is profitable for you, who wards you, or our brethren, the have begun not only to do, but also apostles of the churches the glory, be willing, a year ago :

of Christ. 11 Now therefore perform ye it 24 Wherefore shew ye to them also in deed; that, as your mind is in the sight of the churches, the


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