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him, he inclosed several other articles for me to read, one from the Medical Owl! a crea ture of darkness that I have never seen. Life is too short, Dr. Jackson. You would better go back to the practise of law. You are too voluminous—and dilute-for the medical profession,

The Medical Brief has circulated reprints entitled “Independent Journalism," encouraging the independent journal. For this we ought to be deeply grateful. We fear, however, that instead of being an earnest appeal, as we had taken the reprint to be, the little sheet was prepared by the editor of the Brief as a practical joke in a most jocular moment. There are some passages which we must credit with delightful sarcasm, pleasant satire and real wit. We can imagin how the editor winkt and smiled when he penned this sentence: “The Medical Brief, which is the most ethical, progressiv, scientific and fairest journal in the world.” The humor of this was doubtless carried on into the next pages, where vaccination, antitoxin and other therapeutic procedures of known and accepted worth were condemned most scientifically as absurdities.-Chicago Clinic.

I have noticed the editorial above referred to reproduced entire in several medical journals, and it could also be noticed that such journals also carried advertisements of one or more of the Lawrence list of proprietaries. Is this a coincidence ?

The Brief prates so much about "independence;" claiming to be the only Simon pure “independent medical journal.” The fact is that it is the most flagrant trade organ publisht in America. If it were not for its RioOdd-Sultan-Peacock-Dad-Celerina-ChioniaSeng-Sanmetto-Neurilla-etc., etc., etc., combination, it wouldn't be publisht at all. Any doctor who will read discriminatingly will have no trouble in seeing the purpose for which the Brief is publisht; and then he can decide whether or not he wishes to spend his time in serving that purpose.

Confidential information comes to me that money sent out by Dr. J. J. Lawrence for articles for the Brief is being returned to him, without the articles. One letter says significantly : I did not write the 100 words, as he desired." There are some doctors who cannot be brought into questionable associations by money.

Later: The President of the Christian Hospital" Defends the Medical Brief and Threatens the editor of THE MEDICAL WORLD.


Philadelphia, Pa. Sir:-I note with some interest the renewal of your attacks on “The Medical Brief” in your May issue, and your answers to Dr. Jackson and other medical men, who have tried to point out your motive for 'knocking” your more successful rival.

I also wish to take exceptions to your repetition of the uncalled for and outrageous assault on the Christian Hospital, of which I am one of the managing Directors.

You printed a gross libel on this Institution and its

management last July, and repeat part of it again this month. It is plainly evident from what you say that you are actuated solely by malicious motives or have been grossiy misinformed; perhaps a little of both. You certainly betray the fact that you have no knowledge whatever of this worthy Hospital and its proper management, or you would hesitate to print such unjust and malicious libels.

You do not seem to know or care, who or what, worthy Institution or person you outrage, so that you may pose to your subscribers as the self-appointed guardian of their ethics, and the conservitor of their morals and money, forgetting that they are not children, or imbeciles, but men of mature years, fair education and average common sense. A few perhaps, like yourself, may however be slaves to an antiquated and obsolete" code."

You seem lately to be inclined to devote more space to meddling with other peoples business, than to the discussion of subjects strictly medical.

I was glad to see you get a hard jolt in the current issue of The Medical Brief” for your meddling with other peoples affairs (see first nine pages, also editorial under caption “ Lies" in May Brief).

You are fast acquiring the reputation so aptly and tersely described by Dr. Lawrence in the editorial above referred to.

Dr. Lawrence edits and publishes one of the best Medical Journals issued in America, and is amply able to defend himself from your calumnies, therefore I shall not attempt to defend him. His journal probably has five times the circulation yours does, and the intelligent unprejudiced physicians of the country can plainly see your motive :

For Base envy withers at another's joy,

And hates that excellence it cannot reach.” If you decide to continue your policy of “knock” I would suggest that you change your present title, which is somewhat misleading, and in future call it “ The Medical Knocker."

You say in answer to Dr. Jackson's criticism that "you came into the field of medical journalism not to fight, but to serve the daily medical needs of the average Doctor." If this be true, why do you make unwarranted assaults on reputable medical journals, hospitals, christian charities, and brother Physicians engaged in the same, or in a different line of work?

You say further on that “any man makes a grave mistake when he comes into any profession with a fighting spirit.” Quite true. Can you not see that your own words condem you ?

You doubtless have a lot of “ Yap" Doctors on your list who, for the vanity of getting their names in print, will write you flattering letters, endorsing your “stand," etc., etc., among whom will doubtless be found Dr. T. D. Crothers of Hartford, Conn., whose hypocritical juggling and contortions with ethics is so neatly and completely exposed with your own duplicity in this months “Medical Brief."

I am informed that you are not content with publishing “fake exposes” of our Hospital, but are also writ. ing personal letters containing similar wicked and vicious falsehoods to Doctors throughout the country.

I warn you here and now, that we will not stand much more of this sort of thing. Your cry of" fraud" and “fake” where there is no justification whatever for such an indecent and unprovoked slander, is. amenable to the law, and unless you stop it at once, you must take the consequences that follow the violation of laws made to protect decent citizens against such assaults on their reputation.

Our attorneys inform us that you are not only liable under the civil laws, but that the criminal statutes also run against such publications as you have made ; Will you retract, apoligize and quit, as Abbott and Waugh of “The Alkaloidal Clinic" did, or shall we arrest and prosecute you? Yours Sincerely,

N. News Wood, A.M., M.D. President and Superintendent Christian Hospital. P. S.-You are privileged to print this in your next “symposium” if you print it in full.

Now this is rich! Incidentally it shows the

class of people that defend the Medical Brief. quit trying to debase and cheat the medical My remarks referred to concerning the Christian profession by offering a piece of parchment or Hospital are on page 207, May WORLD, which sheepskin with tinsel and ribbon to the foolish please see. The complete exposé of this insti- or vicious hangers-on to the medical profession, tution appeared in July, 1903, WORLD, pages at $15 to $25 per “certificate," to be used by 294, 295 and 296, which please see. I don't the purchasers thereof to delude and mislead see how I can be “misinformed,” for the litera- the general public. ture that these people have been sending to If you ever quit the unprofessional business doctors recently is identical with that sent out that your literature describes and solicits, and last summer, except a bad attempt to blot out turn your back on it forever, I will congratuthe name of Dr. J. B. Murphy in the sample late you certificate. So if this institution was unworthy I will ask World readers everywhere to send of the recognition and patronage of the pro- to me any and all literature they may receive fession then, it is now. As to what the profes- from the “ Christian Hospital.” Dr. John B. sion thought of it then, see the Journal of the Deaver, in his letter to them last summer (see American Medical Association, and all the World for last July, page 295, second column) other leading medical journals, for last summer. said: “The circular you sent is an insult to any The literature of this institution shows its reputable physician." I supposed that it was character. If you have not seen it (and you stopt last summer-I guess it was until recently. are fortunate if an attempt has not been made It must be stopt permanently. If I continue to “work" you), see World for last July, to receive their literature from subscribers after pages above referred to.

this issue, in next issue I will again publish Yes, I am “meddling with the business" of their literature in full, and let their own words certain kinds of people, and I propose to con- condemn them. tinue to do so; and I don't need to “ lie” to do it. All that is necessary is to show them up in their true light. Their own words

Some Interesting Facts Concerning Anti

kamnia Methods. their own literature when shown up and analyzed-condemn them. I am not surprised

Grass VALLEY, CAL., May 6, 1904. that you are an intense admirer of the Medical


Dear Doctor :-Last month I took it upon myself to Brief. Yes, Dr. Lawrence could well afford to write to the Antikamnia tablet makers expressing my give the Brief (free copies) many times the cir- surprise at their work of advertising their product to culation of The World if there were that

the laity, having been thus far under the impression

that they were strictly ethical towards the medical many doctors, and if he could get the doctors profession. The inclosed was sent to me in reply to to read it; for he would make it all up on the

my letter. Yours, etc., H. E. FRANCK, M.D. proprietaries boosted in the editorials and other I suppose the Doctor wrote to the Antiparts of the reading pages. Jayne's almanac kamnia people an account of the correspondhas a circulation of millions, perhaps. So it is ence given on page 147, April WORLD, showeasy for the Brief to have the largest circula- ing how Antikamnia tablets are placed in the tion of any medical journal in the world”- hands of clergymen. Here is the beautiful” that is, if we consider it a medical journal. letter that they wrote to Dr. Franck : “ The Medical Knocker”- thank you. Per

St. Louis, U. S. A., April 25, 1904. haps you and some others feel that this is an Harry ED. FRANCK, M.D. Grass Valley, Calif. appropriate name.

Dear Doctor :-Replying to your esteemed favor of

the 19th inst., we beg to state that for twelve years we To show up certain things is one way, and were advertisers in THE MEDICAL WORLD, during an important way, of serving the daily needs which time Dr. Taylor found his vocabulary insuf

ficient to tell of all the virtues of Antikamnia tablets. of the average doctor. If your work is all

About two years ago when the advertising rates were right, why should you object to having it raised out of all proportion to the circulation and shown up? Why not be glad to get that much standing of THE WORLD, we withdrew our adverfree advertising ?

tisement, and now Dr. Taylor, after trying coaxing,

cajoling, threats and bulldozing to get us back, is I do not fight with the profession, but for it trying what might be termed a species of ethical —and that is glorious.

blackmail to “bring us to time."

Is not this sufficient explanation of the character of As to the matter between Dr. Lawrence and

the articles which are now appearing in THE MEDICAL Dr. Crothers, which you call my “duplicity," WORLD? We have not changed our business meththat is not my affair at all.

ods in the least since THE MEDICAL WORLD carried

our advertisement, but the loss of our advertising I am too busy to write personal letters to contract is what is hurting the old gentleman. Isn't doctors thruout the country about your “Chris- it wonderful what a change a few dollars will work ? tian Hospital.” They can keep posted by

Thanking you for the opportunity to show the

motive of THE MEDICAL WORLD's attitude towards reading THE WORLD.

Antikamnia tablets, we remain, with best of good Your threat is amusing. I have nothing to

wishes, sincerely yours,

THE ANTIKAMNIA CHEMICAL COMPANY, apologize for. I will not “ quit” until you

Frank A. Ruf, Prest. and Treas.

Now let us analyze this letter. We will find All the charges made by Mr. Ruf are that Mr. Ruf, while a brilliant master of Eng- absolutely false. lish, is not always prudent nor truthful. Please They say that they “have not changed " see on page 184, May WORLD, that I began their “ business methods in the least." How publishing formulas for acetanilid mixtures as long, then, are we to understand that they have early as 1893. Knowing that antikamnia was been sending their letters, literature and samples simply an acetanilid mixture, I was surprised to the preachers and perhaps to other classes at its remarkable success. Doctors took to it, of the laity) directing them to purchase directly and I wondered why. I thought that its suc- from the druggist ? cess would be temporary, but I was surprised “The old gentleman!” This expression to learn of its continued success, year after astonishes me and causes me to look into the year, while its approximate formula had been mirror. Yes, I can find a few gray hairs, and repeatedly publisht. The only explanation I my hair is getting a trifle thin on top; but I feel could think of was the exceedingly clever, as young as ever, and this kind of work for the original and effectiv advertising that Mr. Ruf profession makes me feel younger still. It gave to the preparation, and that it was the makes me feel that I have a field of usefulness first preparation of this kind to be put up in worth living for. comprest tablets, and that each tablet bore a “Wonderful what a change a few dollars monogram, then original, and that skilfully de- will make !” And this from a man who has vised combinations of antikamnia with standard gulled a fortune out of the doctors, and who is drugs, as quinin, codein, salol, laxativs, etc., trying to gull another fortune out of the were made, and that each combination bore its preachers! It is wonderful what a change a appropriate monogram. I was frequently led to little information will work. Mr. Ruf can use admire these business methods, but never have soft and flattering words when he expects jourI extoled the “virtues of antikamnia,” for Inalists to keep his methods dark; but what a knew what it was, and if the profession didn't change when the light is thrown on! And do know it wasn't my fault. At this late day the you notice that he says not one word about the doctors are realizing it-much to the discom- composition of antikamnia? The truth is out, fiture of the antikamnia people. So much for and it hurts. that point

Ruf's "Cajoling" Methods. Now, as to the next-please refer to the letter. Our advertising rates never

The following correspondence of over a year “raised out of all proportion to the circula

ago will be of interest in this connection. tion.” Whenever our advertising rates have

In an article by Dr. J. W. Curless, of Ursa, been raised, it has been because of greater WORLD, page 81, occurred the following:

Ill., which appeared in the February, 1903, proportionate increase in our circulation.

“I will give the readers my formula for an Now, the next point: The letters from our advertising department are always dignified; antikamnia, and can be compounded for less

antipyretic powder which I think is equal to we never have and never will stoop to coaxing, cajoling, threats and bulldozing." I defy

than twenty cents an ounce : Mr. Ruf, or anybody else, to show any com


190 gr. munication from THE MEDICAL WORLD office Salol

90 gr. that will substantiate this charge in the faintest Salicylate of sodium

Citrate of caffein

20 gr. degree.

Triturate the caffein and salol well together; then As to " ethical blackmail !” Is publication mix the whole mass and grind well in the mortar.” of the fact that antikamnia is an acetanilid In March, 1903, WORLD, page 112, is an mixture blackmail? They do not deny that article from Dr. R. E. Eagan, of Fontana, antikamnia is an acetanilid mixture, which any

Kan, in which he gives a list of drugs which doctor or druggist can easily make, at a fraction of the price of antikamnia.

If it is true,

he uses, one of them being antikamnia.

Please keep the above in mind while reading has not the profession a right to know it? As

the following letter from Mr. Ruf, which is the to bringing them “to time :" No, thank you.

most arrant attempt at “cajoling” that has I don't want your advertisement. I blame

ever come to my notice : myself for not refusing your advertisement

St. Louis, U. S. A., March 4, 1903. years ago, and bringing these truths out more

THE MEDICAL WORLD, emphatically than ever. I was too much like

1520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. other medical journalists, and also I thought

Gentlemen :-We thank you very much' indeed, for

the reference to Antikamnia on p. 112 of your March that your advertising was confined strictly

number. We are sorry that the reference on p. 81 to the medical profession. I did not know of the February number is not equally deserving of that you were reaching the clergy with your

thanks, and we really feel that our long patronage of

your journal should exempt us from such assaults, letters and samples.

even tho we now find your price for advertising profor the cure of consumption.


180 gr.



Cheprescription & Acid, aronics .

gr iss

hibitiv. We would gladly advertise with you at the Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I inclose check for old rate, but because we cannot see the value in your $4.00. Please send me “ The Story of New Zealand journal which you place upon space, is no reason why and three WORLD Binders. our long friendship should be severed. It is a plain I take this opportunity to say to you that in my business proposition with us. We cannot use $1,000 mind you are an ideal medical editor. Your light on horses in our business, but that is no reason why any certain subjects is very commendable, especially person who has a $1.000 horse to sell, should be sore concerning the Brief methods. Sorry to see other on us," for not buying it at his price. We cannot use editors whom we have learned to love and honor, putspace at over $200 a year for twelve issues, but that is ting into journalism practically the same methods. no reason why you should be angry with us for not A lady patient of mine gave me a letter yesterday buying your "horse" at your price.

which she had received from the Antikamnia ComRegretting that you should have deemed it ad vis- pany. It is as follows: able to publish the matter in your February number Dear Madam :-We are pleased to enclose you a to which we take exception, we beg to remain ever, sample of Antikamnia tablets. A sample of someSincerely yours.

thing good is a "good thing” to keep about the house, The ANTIKAMNIA CHEMICAL COMPANY, or for convenience, in your purse. Åntikamnia tablets Frank A. Ruf, Prest. and Treas. will relieve all headaches, neuralgias, insomnia, and

especially woman's aches and ills. The enclosed To this letter I immediately replied as fol- booklet tells when and how to use them. Druggists lows: See if you can find any “coaxing,

everywhere sell them. FRANK A. RUF, President.

The booklet describes 122 ailments for which anticajoling, threats and bulldozing" in it.

kamnia is recommended.

B. D. SMITH. March 6, 1903.


An Illustration of Quack Methods. 1723 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen :-Yours of March 4th is at hand, and it

Following is a fac-simile copy of the wonis a great surprise to me. I do not see what you ex- derful Hoff Prescription for Consumption, as pect; I did not know what you meant by reference in originally publisht in the New York Journal: February WORLD, until I carefully lookt it up. Did you suppose that you owned me, body and soul, and for eternity? Did you suppose that a business transaction between us in the past, entirely fair to both parties, would control my editorial course? I do not like the inference that your letter plainly makes, and I am surprised that you would write such a letter. Yes, and on re-reading the letter I see that you also drag in “friendship: You say no reason why it should be severed”; I did not know that it was severed.

What you say about your advertising is all right; it is your own business. We have never complained

gr. about your managing your own business in your own way. We do not get sore " when an advertiser leaves us. We did not know that we were “ sore” on

Acidi unahanglie,


inss you, until your letter informs us of it; and yet even with this information, we are not conscious of it.

But the remark “we cannot use space at over $200 per year for 12 issues" is the most foolish remark that has yet come to us in a letter from a business firm. You entirely disregard the factor of circulation. The Ladies' Home Journal gets $4,000 per page per issue, and shrewd advertisers that have used and continue to use their space, consider the price a reasonable one.

Assuring you that we have never thought of being "angry” with you for not advertising with us, and again expressing great surprise at your letter just received, we are,

. *XX VI
Very sincerely yours,

C. F. Taylor, Ed. and Pub.
That is the way we do business-on a per-
fectly fair and frank basis, and “straight out
from the shoulder." You see that all the

Can you make it out? Do you think it was “ cajoling" is in Mr. Ruf's letter, and not in

intended that any doctor or druggist, other mine. Yet, since he sees that he finds that his

than those in their own branch establishment attempt at cajoling” did not work, he finds it as specified below, should understand the preconvenient, in a letter to an innocent and scription? Do you think that the medicin is uninformed third party, to charge me with the actually put up for each patient at this “cajoling," while he poses as an innocent and branch? or don't you think that it is kept injured martyr!

in stock there, just like any other secret proWhen a medical journalist sets out to serve prietary, and dispenst in “hand-me-down the interests of the medical profession, regard. Here is a copy of the imitation type-written

style, just like other “hand-me-downs ? less of any or all private interests, his trouble begins. But this isn't trouble; it is fun ; and letter, which accompanies the literature : it is a great satisfaction to know that much good handbook, also Professor Hoff's original prescription

DEAR SIR :-Agreeably to your request we send you is being done.

Kale cantor dep

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This prescription can be filled safely and accurately To a busy doctor the idea is a good one, and in a only by skilled chemists who deal in imported drugs. great many cases he will sign a contract on the above Being a new discovery, two, at least, of the ingredients plan. Now, if the doctor will take time to read the are not to be found in one drug store in a thousand. contract (which, by the way, the agent will try and Skill is required for the reason that the greatest pos- prevent you from doing, by talking and directing sible exactitude is demanded in the directions given your attention to other matters), he will find that you by Professor Hoff. The proper amount of boiling and agree to send in not less than a stated amount of colthe after settling of the compound can be done accu- lections per year, and you also agree to remit to them rately only by one who has practical knowledge of the first $35 collected on said accounts, being, as they chemistry. Everything depends upon the purity and say, 5 years' dues. Should the doctor in his hurry freshness of the drugs and the accuracy of bringing sign the contract and find out its contents later, he them together into one medicine, and when scientifi- will probably say to himself: "I won't send them any cally prepared, and containing the right ingredients, accounts, and then I won't owe them anything." will make a perfectly clear, transparent solution, as There is where they have him ; he has agreed to send pointed out by Dr. Hoff in the fourth paragraph on

them a certain amount of accounts each year, and if page 13 of pamphlet.

he does not do so, they sue the doctor for $35, and get One of these drugs is an active poison and must be it, as they have done a number of times. It's a distributed evenly and thoroughly throughout the mass scheme to catch the busy doctor, or one that doesn't in order to assure safety to the patient.

take time to read what he is signing. They came The distinguished Vienna physician has demon- near getting me, but I happened to read it over and strated that his prescription is also a positive cure for told them it was a skin game. He backt out of the Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh and all other troubles office without any argument. I write this thinking connected with the breathing organs of the body. perhaps it will prevent them from working the scheme

Prof. Hoff says the diseases last named which are on a too much workt profession.—Thos. F. BRAY, M.D., but the advance guards of consumption, yield readily in Jour. Mich. Med. Soc. to his treatment, requiring at the most but a few weeks for their successful eradication.

[Is this the old Comstock concern, operating If you desire to take no risks, and want to feel abso

from a new place, with slightly changed methlutely safe as to the exact ingredients and correct ods? Be on your guard. -Ed.] compounding of the mixture, you had better procure it here in New York City of the Eiker Drug Co., corner Nassau & Spruce Sts., who will send you the Editor Medical WORLD:-Your journal has been worth twelve medicine, (a month's treatment,) all delivery charges

times-no, thirty-six times-its cost to me, by showing up the prepaid and in plain package, upon receipt of one

Comstock Collection Agency. I had no idea 1 bad signed a note dollar, money order or registered letter.

for $36 when I signed their contract, and was about to pay them

when I saw your exposure last summer. And besides that, in the We know the management to be of the highest char- short time I i ave been taking it I have seen many valuable sugacter and reliability, employing chemists of national gestions.

E. L. Hills, M.D. reputation to compound the prescription. They took War Road, Mion. a special interest in the prescription from the start and also went to considerable expense in getting up a In this age of quackery, dead beatism and commercialism, I am

Treatise on Consumption" containing, among other much pleased to have some one take the stand you do. Your matters of vital interest, special directions for the use

expose of the Comstock outfit caused me to give you my subof the medicine for diseases other than Consumption,

scription. That outfit had been threatening to sue me for about together with Dr. Hoff's advice on matters of Exercise,

a year, but I paid no attention to their bluff. And now these

proprietary boosters, as the Brief, need the lash.-Dr. W. H. Hygiene, Rest, Sleeplessness, Fever, Night Sweats, LANYON, Joplin, Mo. etc., which they send with the medicine. This advice is highly important in the effecting of a complete cure. However, our interest lies entirely with the safety of

Starch Bandages Not New. the patient, the proper compounding of the prescrip- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I notice, on tion, the use of pure and fresh drugs, and a warning against any concern that attempts to monopolize the

page 209, May World, that Dr. Martin of prescription or offer auxiliary medicines in the shape Gate, Okla., says that “none of the works on of a $5.00 treatment in order to force excessive money surgery say anything about it," i. e. starch out of patients. We regret to say that several concerns are doing

bandages. Now I have an idea that his this. Sincerely yours,

works on

surgery are late works, which THE JOURNAL RESEARCH Society. P. S.-We would be glad to have the names and

explains what he says. For the benefit of addresses of any of your friends who are afflicted and any who have no way of finding out, I will whom you think would like to receive prescription and

say that the first paper that was ever publisht book.

in America on "Starch Bandages,” was by Do you notice the “pure drug" and the

Dr. W. H. Van Buren, of New York. This new discovery” racket in the above ? It is an old quack method to pretend to give a pre

paper was publisht in the American Journal of

Medical Sciences, May, 1840-sixty-four years scription, free, but the prescription is always a jumble, and can never be filled except by the

ago. The French surgeons used starch bandquack who sets the trap. Warn your patients Operative Surgery, by Mott, Vol. i, 1847.). I

ages years prior to that date (See Velpeau's against these methods.

will here say that Mayo, the great surgeon, in Methods of this Collection Agency.

about the year 1830, used plaster of paris to

set limbs. He learned it from Dieffenbach, I was called upon today by a gentleman representing the International Collection Agency, of Syracuse,

who learned it from the Moors in Spain, in N. Y. If I am not mistaken this same company was 1829. On page 229 of the first American exposed by one of the leading weekly journals a few edition of Druitt's Surgery (1848, according months ago. Their scheme is to get you to promise to send in some bad accounts for collection. All the

to the preface) starch bandages are spoken of. doctor had to do is to pay $7 per year as a member- Vol. ii of Erichen's Science and Art of ship fee, which, as they tell you, comes out of the collections; and all money is paid direct to the

Surgery, 1885, gives directions as to how to doctor.

make these bandages, but says that they dry

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