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3 And this is life eternal, that the words which thou gavest me: they might know thee the only and they have received them, and true God, and Jesus Christ whom have known surely that I came thou hast sent.

out from thee, and they have 4 I have glorified thee on the believed that thou didst send earth: I have finished the work me. which thou gavest me to do. 9 I pray for them : I pray not

5 And now, O Father, glo- for the world, but for them which rify thou me with thine own self, thou hast given me; for they are with the glory which I had with thine. thee before the world was.

10 And all mine are thine, 6 I have manifested thy name and thine are mine ; and I am unto the men which thou gavest glorified in them. me out of the world : thine they 11 And now I am no more in were, and thou gavest them me; the world, but these are in the and they have kept thy word. world, and I come to thee. Holy

7 Now they have known that Father, keep through thine own all things whatsoever thou hast name those whom thou hast givgiven me are of thee:

en me, that they may be one, as 8 For I have given unto them we are. ple, and to be admitted into heaven. of life, and was so conscious of holdCompare 6: 37, 39.

ing himself ready for the remaining 3. This is life eternal, that they sufferings, that he spoke of himself, might know thee. Eternal life is con- by anticipation, as having performed nected with a right knowledge of the all his work. His active labors were Father – a knowledge of him which indeed completed; all that remained not only recognizes his real character was, to yield himself up to death. and designs, but which is also accom- 5. With thine oun self; in thine panied with approbation and love. own presence. || Before the world See on 14:17. || The only true God. was. Compare 1:1, 2. Jehovah is thus called in distinction 6. I hade manifested thy name. I from all false gods. || And Jesus have made thee known. || Unto the Christ, whom thou hast sent. There men which, &c.; the apostles. || Thine is no true system of religion but that they were ; by thy special love to of Jesus Christ. Hence a knowledge them, and by their love to thee. of Jesus Christ — such a knowledge 8. The words which thou gavest me; as is combined with love to him, and the instruction which I was commiswith obedience to him conducts sioned to impart. Compare 7: 16, to eternal life. Jesus here spoke of 17. 8: 28. himself as the Messiah, sent forth to 9. I pray not for the world. The become the Redeemer of men. petitions which Jesus was offering on

4. I have glorified thee. The in- this occasion were particularly for his struction which Jesus gave concern- apostles. On other occasions, he ing the character of God, the plan of prayed also for the ungodly. See salvation, and the divine purposes re- Luke 23 : 34. Compare Is. 53 : 12. specting men, was highly lionorable 10. I am glorified in them. They to God. The whole course of Jesus had honored Jesus by acknowledging bore most directly and happily on the and obeying him as their Master. glory of God. || I hade finished the 11. Keep through thine oron nime; work. Jesus was so near the close in thine own name. The Saviour

12 While I was with them ins I have kept, and none of them is the world, I kept them in thy lost, but the son of perdition; that name: those that thou gavest me the scripture might be fulfilled.

prayed that his disciples might be pre- donian widow was not an Israelitish served in the knowledge and love of widow, and as the Syrian leper was God. || That they may be one; that not an Israelitish leper, so the son of they may be united together in the perdition was not one of those who knowledge and love of thyself, and in had been given to Christ. The real the support of thy truth.

sense of this clause is exhibited by 12. kept them in thy name; I pre- placing the emphasis on the word served them in the knowledge and them, and supplying the verb to love of thyself, through my teaching which the word son relates : thus, and care. || The son of perdition. In Those that thou gavest me I have the scriptural manner of speaking, kept, and none of them is lost; but this phrase means a person worthy of the son of perdition is lost. Comperdition, and one doomed to perdi- pare also 18: 9. | That the scripture tion ; one whose character makes might be fulfilled. The Scriptures him a fit subject for God's special had foretold that the Messiah was to disapprobation, and who is there suffer and to die, and this was fulfore doomed to be lost. Our Lord filled by the traitorous conduct of here referred to Judas Iscariot, Judas. In the conduct which sealed who had betrayed him, and who had his doom, Judas was not actuated by been known to himself as a faithless a design on his part to fulfil the Scripfollower, whose utter destitution of ture, but by a malicious disposition. love to him, and whose covetous dis- The voluntary exercise of this dispoposition (compare 12: 4–6), had at sition was a leading means by which length issued in the foul act of be- the death of Christ was to be effected. traying his Master, and who was soon Thus the conduct of Judas was in about to designate him to his enemies accordance with scriptural predic. by a kiss. It may be thought that tions, and resulted in giving fulfilJesus here acknowledged Judas as ment to those predictions. In his one of those who had been given to conduct there was also a verifying of him by the Father, and to whom he what had been written in Ps. 41:9; was to give eternal life. Compare v. so that his conduct might well be re2. But a comparison, especially in garded as a filling out of that passage. the original, of the manner of speak. The conduct of Judas is not hereby ing in this passage with the manner excused. It is simply declared to have of speaking in Luke 4: 26, 27, shows been in accordance with what had that our Lord did not here acknowl- long before been written by inspired edge Judas as one that had been given men. But the predicting of wickedto him by the Father. In the passage ness furnishes no apology for that of Luke, the terms in the original wickedness; and the resemblance betranslated save and saving are the tween criminal conduct at one time same as are here translated but. And and a known account of criminal as, in the passage of Luke, an obvi- conduct at a former time, so far from ous distinction is made between the diminishing, rather heightens the guilt widows in Israel and the widow of of a transgressor. The conduct of Sidon, not belonging to Israel; and Judas was not only wrong in itself, between the lepers in Israel and Naa- but its guilt was increased by his man a Syrian leper; so our Lord's knowledge of the Scriptures, which language here makes a distinction be- had exposed the baseness of a man tween those who had been given to him that had violated friendship and conand the son of perdition. As the Si- fidence.

13 And now come I to thee, 17 Sanctify them through thy and these things I speak in the truth: thy word is truth. world, that they might have my 18 As thou hast sent me into joy fulfilled in themselves. the world, even so have I also

14 I have given them thy sent them into the world. word; and the world hath hated 19 And for their sakes I sancthem, because they are not of tify myself, that they also might the world, even as I am not of be sanctified through the truth. the world.

20 Neither pray I for these 15 I pray not that thou alone; but for them also which shouldest take them out of the shall believe on me through world, but that thou shouldest their word: keep them from the evil.

21. That they all may be one; 16 They are not of the world, as thou, Father, art in me, and even as I am not of the world. I in thee, that they also may be

13. In the world; while I am on God for the work of redeeming sin. earth: || My joy; the happiness which ners. In this work are included both they have received from me. ll Ful- his devoting himself to making known filled; rendered complete. During the will of God and his devoting himthe conversation preceding this prayer, self to death for the salvation of men. Jesus had given such assurances to In both these senses, he had consethe apostles as were suited to deliver crated himself to God; he had occuthem from all fear.

pied himself in teaching the will of 15. From the evil ; either the evil God, and he was holding himself one, Satan, or from evil in general. ready to suffer death on the cross.

17. Sanctify them. The word sanc- It was also for the apostles' sakes that tify signifies not only to make holy, he had thus consecrated himself; but also to consecrate, to devote; and both for their salvation and for fursometimes both of these meanings nishing them an exainple in the office seem to be combined. As the apos- which they were to sustain. || That tles had been called out from the they might be sanctified through the world for the performance of peculiar truth; that they might be made holy and holy duties, it was necessary that and devoted to God in the work to they should be holy men and devoted which he had called them. to those duties. ll Through thy truth : 20. But for them also, &c. The thy word, &c. The instructions which Saviour extended his view through God had imparted through the Sa- all coming time, and embraced in his viour were fitted to promote the holi- intercession, not only the apostles, ness of the apostles, and consequently but also all who should become his their devotion to their work.

followers. 18. Even so have I also sent them, 21. May be one; may be united to&c. The fact that the apostles were gether in knowledge and love. 11 One going forth as his agents, as he him- in us; one with us. Between the self had been the agent of the Father, Father and the Son there is a comwas another reason why the Saviour plete union in respect to their views desired that they should be made and feelings. So the Saviour desired truly holy.

that all his followers might be united 19. I sanctify, myself. The Sa- as to their views and affections, being viour spoke of himself as one who united in love to the Father, and to was separate from the world, and who the Son, and to one another; and was voluntarily and wholly devoted to holding fast the truths which were

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one in us: that the world may they may behold my glory which believe that thou hast sent me. thou hast given me: for thou

22 And the glory which thou lovedst me before the foundation gavest me, I have given them; of the world. that they may be one, even as 25 O righteous Father, the we are one;

world hath not known thee: but 23 I in them, and thou in ine, I have known thee, and these that they may be made perfect have known that thou hast sent in one; and that the world may me. know that thou hast sent me,

26 And I have declared unto and hast loved them as thou them thy name, and will declare hast loved me.

it : that the love wherewith tlou 24 Father, I will that they hast loved me, may be in them, also whom thou hast given me and I in them. be with me where I am; that oved by the Father and the Son. there may be a complete union in | That the world may believe, &c. mind and heart. || And thou in me; The affectionate union which the Sa- that is, as thou art in me; as between viour desired among his followers, thee and me there is a complete union would be a convincing proof of the of sentiment and affection. || That truth of his religion and of his claim they may be made perfect in one; that to have been sent from God. And they may be completely united tosuch has been the effect. The ardent, gether, by being united to us. mutual love of real Christians has 24. I will ; desire. Jesus, hav been regarded as a proof of the truth ing mentioned that he had purposed and power of their religion. Nothing to admit his followers to a participaelse has power to produce such a tion of the glorious state which awaitunion of hearts. Notwithstanding ed him in heaven, presented it as a the diversities of opinion on various distinct wish of his, that such should subjects which have divided Chris- be the case. || Be with me; in heavtians, there will, where there is true en. || Where I am; where I shall be. religion, be strong mutual affection. || My glory; the glorious condition to Love to Christ is a common bond, a which I shall be exalted. || Before love which proves itself superior to all the foundation of the world." Comearthly allurements. Compare 13:35. pare v. 5. 22. And the glory zohich thou gavest 26. And will declare it; will still

I have given them; that is, by further make it known by the agency promise. I have given to them a of the Holy Spirit. Compare 16:8 participation in the glorious state 14. ll That the love wherewith thou which thou hast appointed for me. hast loved me, may be in them; may Compare Luke 22: 29,30. Matt. 19 : be cherished towards them; that they 28. Jesus was speaking also of those may share in the love which thou who should become his followers. hast bestowed on me. This would Hence he had reference, likewise, to be a consequence of their receiving the glorious state to which all believ- increased knowledge of the Father, ers will be received in heaven. Com- and of being influenced by that knowl. pare Matt. 13: 43. || That they may edge to a stronger affection and conbe one; that is, united to me, as the fidence towards the Saviour. || And next verse expresses,

I in them; and that I may be united 23. I in them; that I may be in to them, by their increase of knowl. them, that between them and me edge and love respecting the Father,

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CHAPTER XVIII. 2 And Judas also, which beTHEN Jesus had spoken trayed him, knew the place : for

these words, he went forth Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his disciples over the brook with his disciples. Cedron, where was a garden, into 3 Judas then, having received the which he entered, and his a band of men and officers from disciples.

the chief priests and Pharisees,

and thus coming nearer and nearer to we may differ from many of our felmy state of knowledge and love. low Christians in various opinions

This union with his disciples, the and practices, let not the flame of Saviour seems to have contemplated true love to Christ's followers burn with peculiar fondness. And how in- dimly. They with us are united to teresting is the thought, and how Christ, and we hope to form together dignified the privilege, to a follower one perfectly harmonious, and holy, of Christ, of being thus united to his and happy community in heaven. vs. Lord in sentiment and affection here, 21–23. and in glory hereafter! DO WE FEEL 7. The union of heart which exists this to be a privilege, and are we as- among Christians, is a strong proof piring more and more after it ? of the divine origin of their religion.

Such is the natural selfishness of the REMARKS. 1. It is a cheering human heart, and so numerous are thought, that if we are truly Chris- the conflicting interests of men, that tians, the Lord Jesus Christ, in one a religion which is so opposed to the of the most interesting hours of his natural bent of the heart, and which life, offered special prayer for us. vs. proves itself superior to all the inward 9, 20.

and outward causes of self-preference 2. The deep solicitude which Je- and of disunion, cannot be reasonably sus felt for his apostles, was not a traced to any other than a divine fruitless solicitude; it was effectual source. vs. 21, 23. in securing their usefulness, their 8. The followers of Christ will at spiritual happiness, and their salva: length be with him in heaven. The

His solicitude for others will sight of our glorified Redeemer also be availing for every one who the assurance of his everlasting love commits his soul to him.

- and our consciousness of being like 3. Let us cherish true holiness and him— these things will render heaven consecration to God, as our primary a blessed abode indeed; and the anduty, and as the regulating principle ticipation of such bliss may well of our whole conduct. vs. 15–17. strengthen us for all the duties and

4. The truths of the Bible ought to all the trials incident to a Christian be engraven on our souls, as the life. means of increasing our knowledge

CHAPTER XVIII. of God, our piety, and our happiness. 1. The brook Cedron. This was a v. 17. It is by receiving the truths stream flowing through the valley of Christianity, that holiness will be east of Jerusalem, between the city promoted in our souls.

and the mount of Olives. It emptied 5. How strong an inducement to into the Dead Sea. It has but little holiness and devotedness to God water, except in the rainy season. ought the example of Jesus to be ! v. The same stream is mentioned in 19. We ought to walk in his steps. 2 Kings 23 : 6, 12. || A garden. This Compare 1 Pet. 2: 21–23.

garden was probably a part of the 6. The spirit of Christian love and farm called Gethsemane.' See Matt. union — let us cherish it as a bright 26: 36. ornament of true religion. However 3. A band of men. The temple was



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