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DISEASES OF WOMEN. By HENRY J. GARRIGUES, A. M., M. D., Professor of Gynecology in the New York School of Clinical Medicine; Gynecologist to St. Mark's Hospital and to the German Dispensary, New York City. In one handsome octavo volume of 728 pages, illustrated by 335 engravings and colored plates. Prices: Cloth, $4.00 net; Sheep or Half-Morocco, $5.00 net.

A PRACTICAL work on gynecology for the use of students and practitioners, written in a terse and concise manner. The importance of a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the female pelvic organs has been fully recognized by the author, and considerable space has been devoted to the subject. The chapters on Operations and on Treatment are thoroughly modern, and are based upon the large hospital and private practice of the author. The text is elucidated by a large number of illustrations and colored plates, many of them being original, and forming a complete atlas for studying embryology and the anatomy of the female genitalia, besides exemplifying, whenever needed, morbid condi tions, instruments, apparatus, and operations.

Second Edition, Thoroughly Revised.

The first edition of this work met with a most appreciative reception by the medical press and profession both in this country and abroad, and was adopted as a text-book or recommended as a book of reference by nearly one hundred colleges in the United States and Canada. The author has availed himself of the opportunity afforded by this revision to embody the latest approved advances in the treatment employed in this important branch of Medicine. He has also more extensively expressed his own opinion on the comparative value of the different methods of treatment employed.

"One of the best text-books for students and practitioners which has been published in the English language; it is condensed, clear, and comprehensive. The profound learning and great clinical experience of the distinguished author find expression in this book in a most attractive and instructive form. Young practitioners, to whom experienced consultants may not be available, will find in this book invaluable counsel and help.”


Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Medical College of Ohio; Gynecologist to the Good Samaritan and Cincinnati Hospitals.

A SYLLABUS OF GYNECOLOGY, arranged in conformity with "An American Text-Book of Gynecology." By J. W. LONG, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Women and Children, Medical College of Virginia, etc. Price, Cloth (interleaved), $1.00 net.

Based upon the teaching and methods laid down in the larger work, this will not only be useful as a supplementary volume, but to those who do not already possess the text-book it will also have an independent value as an aid to the practitioner in gynecological work, and to the student as a guide in the lectureroom, as the subject is presented in a manner at once systematic, clear, succinct, and practical.

THE AMERICAN POCKET MEDICAL DICTIONARY. Edited by W. A. NEWMAN DORLAND, M. D., Assistant Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine. Containing the pronunciation and definition of all the principal words used in medicine and the kindred sciences, with 64 extensive tables. Handsomely bound in flexible leather, limp, with gold edges and patent thumb index. Price, $1.00 net; with thumb index, $1.25 net.


This is the ideal pocket lexicon. It is an absolutely new book, and not a revision of any old work. It is complete, defining all the terms of modern medicine and forming an unusually complete vocabulary. It gives the pronunciation of all the terms. It makes a special feature of the newer words neglected by other dictionaries. It contains a wealth of anatomical tables of special value to students. It forms a handy volume, indispensable to every medical man. SAUNDERS' POCKET MEDICAL FORMULARY. BY WILLIAM M. POWELL, M. D., Attending Physician to the Mercer House for Invalid Women at Atlantic City. Containing 1800 Formulæ, selected from several hundred of the best-known authorities. Forming a handsome and convenient pocket companion of nearly 300 printed pages, with blank leaves for Additions; with an Appendix containing Posological Table, Formulæ and Doses for Hypodermatic Medication, Poisons and their Antidotes, Diameters of the Pemale Pelvis and Foetal Head, Obstetrical Table, Diet List for Various Diseases, Materials and Drugs used in Antiseptic Surgery, Treatment of Asphyxia from Drowning, Surgical Remembrancer, Tables of Incompatibles, Eruptive Fevers, Weights and Measures, etc. Handsomely bound in morocco, with side index, wallet, and flap. Price, $1.75



"This little book, that can be conveniently carried in the pocket, contains an immense amount of material. It is very useful, and as the name of the author of each prescription is given, is unusually reliable."-New York Medical Record.

A COMPENDIUM OF INSANITY. By JOHN B. CHAPIN, M.D., LL.D., Physician-in-Chief, Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane; late PhysicianSuperintendent of the Willard State Hospital, New York; Honorary Member of the Medico-Psychological Society of Great Britain, of the Society of Mental Medicine of Belgium. 12mo, 234 pages, illust. Cloth, $1.25 net.

The author has given, in a condensed and concise form, a compendium of Diseases of the Mind, for the convenient use and aid of physicians and students. It contains a clear, concise statement of the clinical aspects of the various ab. normal mental conditions, with directions as to the most approved methods of managing and treating the insane.

"The practical parts of Dr. Chapin's book are what constitute its distinctive merit. We desire especially, however, to call attention to the fact that in the subject of the therapeutics of insanity the work is exceedingly valuable. The author has made a distinct addition to the literature of his specialty."-Philadelphia Medical Journal.

AN OPERATION BLANK, with Lists of Instruments, etc. required in Various Operations. Prepared by W. W. KEEN, M. D., LL.D., Professor of Principles of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Price per Pad, containing Blanks for fifty operations, 50 cents net.


A convenient blank, suitable for all operations, giving complete instructions regarding necessary preparation of patient, etc., with a full list of dressings and medicines to be employed.

On the back of each blank is a list of instruments used-viz. general instru ments, etc., required for all operations; and special instruments for surgery of the brain and spine, mouth and throat, abdomen, rectum, male and female genito-urinary organs, the bones, etc.

The whole forming a neat pad, arranged for hanging on the wall of a surgeon's office or in the hospital operating-room.

"Will serve a useful purpose for the surgeon in reminding him of the details of preparation for the patient and the room as well as for the instruments, dressings, and antiseptics needed."-New York Medical Record

"Covers about all that can be needed in any operation.”—American Lancet.

"The plan is a capital one."-Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

LABORATORY EXERCISES IN BOTANY. By EDSON S. BASTIN, M. A., Professor of Materia Medica and Botany in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Octavo volume of 536 pages, 87 full-page plates. Price, Cloth, $2.50.

This work is intended for the beginner and the advanced student, and it fully covers the structure of flowering plants, roots, ordinary stems, rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Particular attention is given to the gross and microscopical structure of plants, and to those used in medicine. Illustrations have freely been used to elucidate the text, and a complete index to facilitate reference has been added.

"There is no work like it in the pharmaceutical or botanical literature of this country, and we predict for it a wide circulation."-American Journal of Pharmacy.



formerly Student of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris and of the London
School of Medicine for Women; with an INTRODUCTION by Sir Henry
Thompson, F. R. C. S., M. D., London. 220 pages; illustrated. Price,
Cloth, $1.50.

Useful to those who have to nurse, feed, and prescribe for the sick. In each case the accepted causation of the disease and the reasons for the special diet prescribed are briefly described. Medical men will find the dietaries and recipes practically useful, and likely to save them trouble in directing the dietetic treatment of patients.


A MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGY, with Practical Exercises. Students and Practitioners. By G. N. STEWART, M. A., M. D., D. Sc., lately Examiner in Physiology, University of Aberdeen, and of the New Museums, Cambridge University; Professor of Physiology in the Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Handsome octavo volume of 848 pages, with 300 illustrations in the text, and 5 colored plates. Price, Cloth, $3.75 net.


"It will make its way by sheer force of merit, and amply deserves to do so. the very best English text-books on the subject."-London Lancet.

It is one of

"Of the many text-books of physiology published, we do not know of one that so nearly comes up to the ideal as does Professor Stewart's volume."-British Medical Journal. ESSENTIALS OF PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS OF THE THORAX. By ARTHUR M. CORWIN, A. M., M. D., Demonstrator of Physical Diagnosis in the Rush Medical College, Chicago; Attending Physician to the Central Free Dispensary, Department of Rhinology, Laryngology, and Diseases of the Chest. 219 pages. Illustrated. Cloth, flexible covers. Price, $1.25 net.

THIRD EDITION, THOROUGHLY REVISED AND ENLARGED. SYLLABUS OF OBSTETRICAL LECTURES in the Medical Department, University of Pennsylvania. By RICHARD C. NORRIS, A. M., M. D., Lecturer on Clinical and Operative Obstetrics, University of Pennsylvania. Third edition, thoroughly revised and enlarged. Crown 8vo. Price, Cloth, interleaved for notes, $2.00 net.

"This work is so far superior to others on the same subject that we take pleasure in calling attention briefly to its excellent features. It covers the subject thoroughly, and will prove invaluable both to the student and the practitioner. The author has introduced a number of valuable hints which would only occur to one who was himself an experienced teacher of obstetrics. The subject-matter is clear, forcible, and modern. We are especially pleased with the portion devoted to the practical duties of the accoucheur, care of the child, The paragraphs on antiseptics are admirable; there is no doubtful tone in the direc tions given. No details are regarded as unimportant; no minor matters omitted. We venture to say that even the old practitioner will find useful hints in this direction which he cannot afford to despise."-New York Medical Record.


A SYLLABUS OF LECTURES ON THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY, arranged in conformity with "An American Text-Book of Surgery." By N. SENN, M. D., PH. D., Professor of Surgery in Rush Medical College, Chicago, and in the Chicago Polyclinic. Price, $2.00.

This work by so eminent an author, himself one of the contributors to "An American Text-Book of Surgery," will prove of exceptional value to the advanced student who has adopted that work as his text-book. It is not only the syllabus of an unrivalled course of surgical practice, but it is also an epitome of or supplement to the larger work.

"The author has evidently spared no pains in making his Syllabus thoroughly comprehen. sive, and has added new matter and alluded to the most recent authors and operations. Full references are also given to all requisite details of surgical anatomy and pathology."-Britisk Medical Journal, London.

Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children, University of Pennsylvania;
Physician to the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, etc.
67 illustrations in the text, and 5 plates. 12mo. Price, $1.50.


404 pages, with

A reliable guide not only for mothers, but also for medical students and practitioners whose opportunities for observing children have been limited.

"The whole book is characterized by rare good sense, and is evidently written by a mas. ter hand. It can be read with benefit not only by mothers, but by medical students and by any practitioners who have not had large opportunities for observing children."-American Journal of Obstetrics.

THE NURSE'S DICTIONARY of Medical Terms and Nursing Treatment, containing Definitions of the Principal Medical and Nursing Terms, Abbreviations, and Physiological Names, and Descriptions of the Instruments, Drugs, Diseases, Accidents, Treatments, Operations, Foods, Appliances, etc. encountered in the ward or the sick-room. By HONNOR MORTEN, author of "How to Become a Nurse," "Sketches of Hospital Life," etc. 16m0, 140 pages. Price, Cloth, $1.00.

This little volume is intended for use merely as a small reference-book which can be consulted at the bedside or in the ward. It gives sufficient explanation to the nurse to enable her to comprehend a case until she has leisure to look up larger and fuller works on the subject.

DIET LISTS AND SICK-ROOM DIETARY. BY JEROME B. THOMAS, M. D., Visiting Physician to the Home for Friendless Women and Children and to the Newsboys' Home; Assistant Visiting Physician to the Kings County Hospital; Assistant Bacteriologist, Brooklyn Health Department. Price, Cloth, $1.50 (Send for specimen List.)

One hundred and sixty detachable (perforated) diet lists for Albuminuria, Anæmia and Debility, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Dyspepsia, Fevers, Gout or Uric-Acid Diathesis, Obesity, and Tuberculosis. Also forty detachable sheets of Sick-Room Dietary, containing full instructions for preparation of easily-digested foods necessary for invalids. Each list is numbered only, the disease for which it is to be used in no case being mentioned, an index key being reserved for the physician's private use.

DIETS FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN IN HEALTH AND IN DISEASE. By LOUIS STARR, M. D., Editor of "An American Text-Book of the Diseases of Children." 230 blanks (pocket-book size), perforated and neatly bound in flexible morocco. Price, $1.25 net.

The first series of blanks are prepared for the first seven months of infant life; each blank indicates the ingredients, but not the quantities, of the food. the latter directions being left for the physician. After the seventh_month, modifications being less necessary, the diet lists are printed in full. Formula for the preparation of diluents and foods are appended.

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