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Face Powder

The price-50 cents a box-is one which will suit a big majority of your patrons. The quality cannot be improved, and is an assurance of repeat sales. The package is so handsome ibat it gets trade on sight.

Besides all this-Henry Tetlow Co., the manufacturers, are advertising Pussywillow in six leading magazines. These are The Delineator, The Designer, The Woman's Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and the Red Book. Full pages in color started the campaign. Large space is being used every month. The combined circulation is over two million and a quarter.

On initial orders there is a special offer and sampling plan. Write us or ask your jobber.

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Henry Tetlow Company,

Philadelphia, Pa.

MOTHER: "What gives you the idea that Mr. Siffles intends to propose?”

Daughter: "He asked me if there was a mortgage on the house."Boston Transcript.

REDUCING chaos to order is the purpose of McCourt label cabinets.

McCourt roll label cabinets are made in all sizesfor a few stock labels—or the very largest assortment. Each compartment holds a roll of 500 McCourt labelsalphabetically arranged. It requires only an instant to cut a desired label from the gummed roll and to stick it on a bottle or box. And the rest of the labels are kept clean-away from dirt and moisture.

To registered druggists who are not familiar with the advantages of roll labels, the manufacturers will send a roll of 500 blank shop labels with convenient cardboard cabinet for 20 cents in stamps (to cover cost of handling and mailing). The company will also send free of charge, upon request, two illustrated booklets describing McCourt cabinets and roll labels.

To take advantage of either or both of these offers address the McCourt Label Cabinet Co., 47 Bennett Street, Bradford, Pa.

AMONG recent notable arrivals in New York commercial circles are Messrs. M. P. Gosset and B. Alexander, representing Heppells, of London and Paris, a concern with a world-wide reputation for the excellence of its products.

Heppells, who are themselves wholesale and manufacturing chemists, perfumers and toilet specialists, also control the entire output of such well-known firms as Alexis Guerin, of Moscow and London; Vladimir Smirnoff, of Petrograd and London; Felix Boissard, of Paris and London; Genee Freres, of Paris and London, etc.

Heppells likewise control and are the sole ranufacturers of “Heppells Fly Spray,” by means of which premises can be freed from dangerous and disagreeable insect pests. Heppells also manufacture other insecticides of entirely novel and equally efficacious characters.

Messrs. Gosset and Alexander may be seen at the McAlpin Hotel, Broadway and 34th Street, New York City, or letters may be sent to them at that address.

"What show did the musical director give you after he had heard you sing?"

“Advised me to go into moving pictures.”Baltimore American.

Mrs. YOUNGBRIDE (to butcher): "I've just thought of something for dinner my husband is very fond of. You have chickens?"

Butcher : “Yes'm; nice and fresh.”

Mrs. Youngbride: "Well, please cut out the croquettes and I'll take them with me.”Boston Transcript.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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She dispatched the following telegram to five of her husband's best friends in the city:

"Jack hasn't come home. Am worried. Is he spending the night with you?"

“Soon after this her husband arrived home and explained the cause of his delay. While he was talking a boy brought in five answers to her telegrams, all worded thus :

“Yes, Jack is spending the night with me."-Wire World.

THERE is no guesswork as to the volume of business done where the Lock-Stub check system of controlling soda-fountain receipts is used.

The system quickly and permanently stops "leaks” whether from dishonesty or carelessness. It provides a clean check for every customer and, in general, puts the checking system on a modern basis.

A booklet describing the complete system and explaining some expensive irregularities likely to occur where faulty methods are employed will be sent, free of charge, upon application to the Lock-Stub Check Company, Bush Terminal, Brooklyn N. Y., or 22 Quincy Street, Chicago.

The Ambrosia Chocolate Co., Milwaukee, was the lowest bidder for supplying 40,000 pounds of cocoa for use in the United States navy and it is probable that the Milwaukee concern will be awarded the contract. The Ambrosia Company has been successful for a number of years in obtaining these contracts from the navy, due to the excellent quality of its products and the low price of its bids. Uncle Sam's sailor boys long since have discovered that Ambrosia cocoa is a most important item of their diet.

“Men certainly do hang together," said Brown. "For instance, I have a friend who lives in a suburb where many wealthy folks live. Recently he had an automobile accident at a lonely spot on the road, where he found it impossible to reach a telephone to notify his wife.

"Now, it happened that he was happily married, very domesticated, and not accustomed to staying out at night. So at midnight his wife became very nervous.

"FOILED AGAIN !" hissed the heavy villain, as he lit a fresh cigarette, “but my time will come. I shall yet turn the tables."

And the beautiful heroine stood on the canvas mountain and waved her hand. "That's easy, Gaspard. Get a job in the roundhouse.”—Film Fancies.

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHER: "And the father of the prodigal son fell on his neck and wept. Now, why did he weep?"

Tommy Tuffnut: "Huh! I guess you'd weep, too, if you fell on your neck.”—Life.

that the curate should accompany him to the rectory, and together they would have a "wee nip o' Scotch.”

The curate somewhat coldly replied that he was a total abstainer.

"Young mon," said the rector, “do ye no drink whusky?"

"No, sir," promptly replied the reverend gentleman. "Humph!" grunted the rector. “Do ye eat grass?" "No, sir, but

The astonished curate was cut short. “Weel,” said the disgusted old scholar, “ye can gang along hoom, ye are no fit company for mon nor beast.”The Windleer.

NO MATTER if your store is located in a town where electricity or gas is not available, you can still have a lighting system that is bright, clean, attractive and up to date.

The “Sun” hollow wire method of burning gasoline and "Sun" semi-indirect fixtures constitute a decorative, efficient and economical lighting system that is claimed to be cheaper and better than gas, electricity, acetylene or kerosene.

Druggists who have installed the "Sun" system find that not only is their own lighting problem solved but that they also have an excellent means of demonstrating the advantages of the system to prospective buyers.

Interesting information concerning the working of the "Sun” system as well as particulars of the opportunities which its sale holds out may be obtained from the Sun Light Co., 1611 Market Street, Canton, Ohio.

DEPENDABLE chemicals-Merck's.

There's not a jobber in the country who does not carry Merck chemicals in stock.

Some years ago, when former Speaker Cannon was a plain member, he took some of his constituents to dine with him at a rather good hotel in Washington. It was in the fall and Mr. Cannon ate very heartily of that American edible, Indian corn; in fact, almost his entire dinner consisted of corn. The westerner looked at him and said: "Say, Mr. Cannon, what does it cost you to board here?"

"About $5 a day,” said Mr. Cannon.

"I'll be durned,” drawled his constituent, "ef I don't think it would be cheaper fer you to board at a livery stable."-Bagology.

The new curate had arrived just in time to take part in the morning service of a little church in Scotland. After the service was over and rector and curate had retired to the vestry, the old gentleman suggested

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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“How to MAKE Show Cards” is the title of a practical treatise on the fundamental principles of artistic lettering with pen and brush for the use of retail merchants and their clerks. The book is written by Charles A. Miller and is fully illustrated with diagrams, alphabets, sample signs, etc.

One dollar is the price of the book, for which sum it will be sent postpaid by the Spatula Publishing Company, 2 Sudbury Building, Boston, Mass.

Dewey, discussing the naval battle of Skagerrack, said at a Washington luncheon :

“A naval officer, to succeed, must be very quickwitted and resourceful. In fact, he must be like Hamilton Footlites.

"Ham Footlites leaned on the rail of his sea-going yacht soliloquizing about love while the blue waves rolled and heaved splendidly, each blue wave being a super under a roll of canvas.

"But the waves were here and there threadbare, and suddenly a wave ripped, and a head bobbed up in the midst of the heaving sea, and stared around in bewildered fashion.

"Ham Footlites silenced the audience's titters with one stern glance.

PHILANTHROPIC VISITOR (to jail-bird): My friend, may I ask what brought you here?

Jail-bird: The same thing that brought you herethe desire to poke my nose into other people's business. Only I used generally to go in by way of the basement window.Tit-Bits.

NITROUS-OXID-OXYGEN ANALGESIA.— Painless childbirth by means of nitrous-oxid-oxygen analgesia is a subject that is claiming the attention of many obstetricians at the present time. Physicians are finding

When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.


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that the gaseous method of inducing anesthesia has many advantages over the schemes formerly employed.

Dentists, too, are using nitrous-oxid-oxygen analgesia for the painless extraction and filling of teeth. There is a wide field of usefulness for the combination and many practitioners are adopting its administration as a routine procedure.

Oxygen, of itself, is a valuable aid that is used extensively by physicians in the treatment of pneumonia, diphtheria, heart failure, spasmodic asthma, phthisis, croup and other conditions when respiration is interfered with seriously.

The increasing demand for nitrous oxid and oxygen gases offers the druggist an excellent opportunity to add a profitable and ethical side-line; and all who are interested should write to the Oxygen Gas Company, Traders Building, Kansas City, Mo., for information concerning the possibilities held out by the line.

The Oxygen Gas Company furnishes oxygen and nitrous oxid in containers of various sizes and also supplies all equipment needed for the handling and administration of the gases.

THERE's a wide field for the sale of artist's materials and drawing and school supplies. Students taking up the various lines of work, either by attendance at professional schools or by correspondence, are in constant need of supplies; and the neighborhood drug store is the most logical and handiest place for them to turn to.

For catering to this demand Weber's supplies ar the first choice of many druggists. The Weber line includes color paint boxes for amateurs and professionals; drawing instruments, in all grades, and at various prices; drawing boards; "T" squares; sets for mechanical drawing; water-proof drawing ink, etc.

Let F. Weber & Co., Philadelphia, explain the possibilities held out by the line. A postal card request will bring a price list and other information.

She was a sweet young bride who had already found that what looks like a nice piece of meat in the shop often seems to have gone through a private transforination scene when it arrives home.

“How is it," she inquired eagerly, when a married friend called upon her, "that you always manage to have such delicious beef?"

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When writing to advertisers please mention BULLETIN OF PHARMACY.

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