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dence and the patient was supposed to be in the ment was administered July 10th, 15th, 21st, third stage of consumption. Treatments were 28th and Aug. 4th. Results negative. administered May 28th, June 4th, 11th, 18th and 10. Mrs. S., age 28 years. Chronic tuber25th. The symptoms have all disappeared; pa- culous lymphadenitis. The glands were noticetient has gained in weight and is at work, ably swollen and soft, but were not ruptured. and considers himself cured.

Patien treated June 11th, 17th and 21st and 4. Mr. B. S., age 42 years. This gentleman, July 2nd, with a resulting complete disappeara successful business man, for several years bad ance of the glands and a marked increase in been suffering from a sinus from one of the weight and general health. metatarso-phalangeal joints of the left foot; 11. Mr. G. K., age 30 years. Suffered from that the disease was tuberculous was demon- articular rheumatism of 2 years duration which strated by a former operation in Evansville, seemed to be confined to both ankles. On July Ind., and the microscopic demonstration of the 18th and 25th he received injections with a represence of tubercle bacilli. After the opera

sultant absolute cure. tion the sinus closed only to reopen again a

12. Mrs. S. J., age 37 years. Pulmonary second time some months later. At the time of tuberculosis; 2 hemorrhages previous to the first treatment the sinus had been open 14 months. visit to my office. She received treatments July Treatment was administered June 2nd, 7th, 19th, 25th and August 8th and 15th. The pa. 16th and July 1st. Within 4 weeks the sinus tient is evidently much better. She manifests was closed, with no recourse to other local or marked increase in weight and general health; general treatment. The patient is using his all the classic symptoms have disappeared; she foot in his business (that of store manager) is doing her work in her home and is apparently with no difficulty.

cured. 5. Miss C. K., age 23 years. Came with a 13. Mr. J. M., age 65 years. Carpenter. moderate cough, evident bronchitis, anemia and Came suffering with a very severe sciatic rheuafternoon temperature. History of pleurisy matism which had grown progressively worse with adhesions, one year ago. There was little since its inception 12 years before. The pasputum and no microscopic examination was tient seemed evidently a bad subject, but since made. Injections were given July 2nd, 9th, 16th. he had come quite a long distance for treatment The patient gained 8 pounds in three weeks; is he would not be refused and injections were doing her regular work every day and considers given June 14th, 19th and 26th. The old genherself cured.

tleman straightened up; his pain disappeared; 6. Mrs. J., age 61 years. For years this lady mobility gradually returned; his crutches were had been suffering from what evidently was dispensed with and at the present writing, he chronic interstitial nephritis. The albumen is back again at his carpenter work. content of the urine was 2.5%. The first symp- 14. B. F. M., age 41. Severe lumbago affecttoms were noticed 4 years ago and had since ing the left side and complicated at times, with become progressively worse. On presentation, sciatic neuritis. This condition had bothered there was a decided puffiness under the eyes; this gentleman off and on for 2 years. At the the feet and legs were swollen; the patient suf- time of treatment he could not lift up his foot fered from dizziness and other characteristic to tie his shoe. Injections given Sept. 10th, symptoms of this condition. Six injections were 17th and 24th. The patient has had no trouble given, on June 11th, 18th, 25th and July 8th since and has hauled 1,200 bushels of corn to and 20th. With each analysis the urine grew market. progressively better and soon was absolutely 15. Miss T. K., age 37. An "incurable.” The free from albumen (nitric acid layer test used) patient suffered 14 years with complications of and has now been absolutely free from albumen indefinite troubles prominent among which were for several months. The patient considers her- neurasthenia with periodic headaches, anemia self cured; is doing the house work on a farm and severe and frequent attacks of indigestion. and is naturally much encouraged.

The headaches were growing progressively more 7. Mr. J. R., age 33 years. Pulmonary tuber- frequent and severe requiring hypodermic inculosis; two hemorrhages before treatment jections of morphine to control them. At began. Injections were given July 1st, 7th, 14th, earnest solicitation and “as a last resort” in21st and 28th. The patient did not improve jections were given weekly from June 14th to under this treatment and at the present writing August 3rd with a resulting complete cessation is not expected to live.

of the headaches (the patient not using mor8. Mrs. S., age 61 years. For years had suf- phine since tne first injection); marked imfered wtih chronic articular rheumatism involv- provement in the general health; weight ining the knees and ankles as well as the fingers creased 7 lbs. (the patient is a slight woman) and wrists. This patient received treatments and the patient declares she is well and "can July 9th, 13th, 19th, 25th and August 3rd. Soon eat anything now." after treatment was begun, a noticeable mobility 16. Mrs. L. M., age 32. Cardiac dilatation of the affected parts was secured. The patient with severe asthma. Patient absolutely unable made all efforts to exercise these joints and to lie down and sleep for 9 weeks previous to now they are not only free from pain but presenting herself at my office. So far, 3 injecthoroughly serviceable and the patient is well. tions have been given: On Sept. 29th, Oct. 11th

9. Mrs. A., age 29 years. Pulmonary uber- and 20th. After the first injection the patient culosis wtih cavity and 5 severe hemorrhages experienced marked relief;

was able to lie before coming for treatment in July. Treat- down without distress and has done so since at

her pleasure, without any inconvenience. Her will taste and smell the creosote, showing general condition seems to be improving and she has gained five pounds in weight. Still the medicine is circulating in the blood. under observation.

I favor elimination by keeping the kidWithout going into further details and

neys and bowels active during treatment. relating more cases, I feel justified in say I have also, in addition to these intraing that during the six months I have been

venous injections, used an internal soluacquainted with this treatment, my belief

tion prepared by Mr. Bannerman, in three in medicine has been materially increased

to ten drop doses three to four times a day and I have secured results which, to the

and such other remedies as the exigencies casual observer, are absolutely phenomenal.

of each case demanded. If it were not that the fact, that the pa

To sum up: The intra-venous injection tients referred to above and quite a num

of Bannerman's solution has, in my hands, ber of others, are alive to tell the tale of

procured results which cannot to my knowlthe change in their condition that at one

edge, by any meanis be equalled. time was considered hopeless, is so evident to all, I would be loath to commit myself as I have done.

LITERARY NOTES. The immediate results in tuberculosis Medical Vademecum in German and have been encouraging. Of seventeen cases English,. by B. Lewis, with preface by Prof. treated so far, four were not benefitted Dr. A. Politzer, Vienna, B. Lewis ; London, and should never have received this treat J. & A. Churchill ; Leipsic and Stuttgart, ment; one is practically no better while the K. F. Köhler; Philadelphia, P. Blakiston's · remaining twelve assure me that they are Son & Co. First edition. Pp. xv-559. well and in need of no further treatment. Price, $5.00 net. This may, or may not be true—probably This is a collection of admirable clinical not; but that there is a marked change for lectures on various pathological subjects by the better is very apparent and the results the younger teachers at the chief Vienna thus far are very encouraging.

hospitals, care being taken to avoid as far In regard to the dosage. I have given as possible the subjective viewpoint. Each a great deal of study to this treatment and lecture is accompanied by an English transhave to study each individual case. If the lation, grammatically correct but sufficiently patient is very anemic and pale, I give a literal to enable a beginner in German to small dose to begin with, say homs. so as follow the original word by word. In addito prevent too much reaction later. Grad- tion, there are several dialogues with paually increase to goms. In many cases I tients undergoing physical examination. A make a hemoglobin test before the injec- study of this work, which can well be undertion. If this test shows 60% or above, I taken by anyone who has had a year of give goms. at the beginning and gauge the German, will save intending students much dose from homs. to goms. 'in subsequent time and money which they would othertreatment according to reaction and symp- wise spend in the necessarily slow acquiretoms of each case.

ment of a medical German vocabulary I place the patient in a recumbent po- through merely hearing lectures ; it is not sition, and during the injection the patient too much to say that the book is indispensa


ble to such students as cannot spend more cast-off fragments from the cauterization than a twelvemonth in the fatherland. should be carefully collected and sub

jected to a searching microscopic examinais more up-to-date than any dictionary and

tion. Whether Bottini's operation should be gives valuable hints and aids to the intel- performed for purely diagnostic purposes ligent student that no dictionary, however is a question not yet settled. The extirpacomplete, can supply. The idea of giving tion of enlarged glands, although not at the a selection of lectures in full as a supple- groin, may, after microscopical examinament to the conversations was original and tion, permit of a diagnosis being formed. clever. We offer a suggestion that by the

Of symptoms that may be useful for later use of smaller type or by division into two

examinations may be mentioned

mencing incontinence without much retenvolumes the work be issued in a size con

tion, associated with disease of the central venient for the pocket.

nervous system, and, further, detection by means of the cystoscope of the presence of a prostatic tumour behind the symphysis

pubis. ETIOLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS. Symptomatology and Diagnosis of The Diagnosis of Eczema.1- The cause, Cancer of the Prostate. Salinger first characters, and diagnosis of eczema vary, observes that in the case of enlargement of says Prof. Gaucher, with the localities atthe prostate in elderly people it is always in- tacked. dispensable to bear in mind the possibility Eczema of the genital organs in men is of malignant disease. In seeking an ac- localized in the scrotum, the inguinal curate history it is important to determine groove, penis, and the perinæum, extendas nearly as possible the date of the com- ing sometimes to the anal region. The pamencement of nightly micturition, i. e., tients thus attacked suffer generally from · micturition, during the night. The most diabetes or arthritism in its varied forms constant and reliable information is given (gout, obesity, biliary or urinary affections, by rectal examination in the discovery of a emphysema, etc.). hard tumor or a part of one. In making an The characters vary. In the scrotum the examination of this the points to be borne in skin, covered with vesicles, becomes moist mind are the hard, irregular, nodular sur- and finally crusts, and squamæ coat the face, any lateral processes that may be pres- surface. The itching is very severe, and ent, and the presence or absence of isolated if the affection is not treated, the skin benodules lying near to the tumour. Pains on comes lichenified. micturition, or at any time, "rheumatoid" On the penis, cedema of the prepuce is pains, sciatica, and further, hæmaturia, observed, due to the laxity of the tissues. spontaneous or after instrumental interfer- In such cases the urine should be analysed ence, are frequently absent in the commencing stages. The absence of these symp- Intertrigo of the inguino-scrotal groove toms, therefore, must not be estimated too may be confounded with eczema, but the highly. Cachexia does not show as a rule; inflammation being due to irritation of the it is a later symptom; the notion that the teguments by accumulation of secretion, the growth is not a malignant one shoull never, itching is replaced by a burning sensation under any circumstances, be assumed from especially if fissures are present. its absence. The same may be said of re- In women, the eczema is observed on the missions in the troubles attending mic- vulva, in the vagina, and frequently on the turition, improvement in the general con- perinæum. Nine times out of ten, diabetes dition, and increase in weight. In all cases is the exciting cause. of enlargement of the prostate in which Eczema of the anus is a very troubleBottini's operation has been performed, the some affection. The region is red, secreting Med. Press and Circular, Dec. 7, 1910.

Med. Press and Circular, Oct. 26, 1910.

for sugar.

, 1910

} New Series, Vol. V., No. 12.

a viscous liquid, while fissures radiate from and four inches in width, are impregnated the edges of the anus. The itching is some- with dry plaster and steeped in warm watimes intolerable, preventing all sleep. ter at the moment of using. The body of

Eczema of the articular folds (elbow, the patient is wound round several times axilla, popliteal, inguinal) is frequently ac- with these bands, after which he is suscompanied with inflammation of the sweat pended, the points of his feet alone touchglands, especially in the axilla, requiring ing the ground, by the aid of straps passincision.

ing under his chin and the occiput, and Varicose eczema is frequent by reason of drawn up tight by means of a pulley fixed the dilated veins which contribute to its in the ceiling. By this suspension perfect extension. It generally yields to rest. hyperextension of the rachis is obtained.

Eczema of the palms of the hands and The plaster jacket should meet the rethe soles of the feet is generally chronic. quirements of the region. For the lumbar The skin becomes horny, and in winter fis- region it should be moulded on the pelvis sures are frequently observed.

It is ex

and reach to the axillæ. It should maintremely tenacious.

tain the lumbar vertebræ in forced lordosis.

Where the disease is situate in the dor

sal region, the jacket should mount to the TREATMENT.

cervical portion forming a collar, while if Pott's Disease.1_ The treatment of the lesion be above the sixth cervical Pott's disease has made marked progress vetrebrae, or sub-occipital Pott's disease, in the hands of Dr. Calot, the celebrated the head must be kept in hyperextension orthopædic surgeon, whose establishment by a deep collar moulded on the shoulders at Berck-sur-Mer has been visited by sur- and reaching half way down the thorax. geons from all parts of the world.

The plaster jacket should be renewed Dr. Calvé, one of his assistants, resumes every three months, to clean the skin, and the treatment of the above affection as ap- correct, if necessary, the attitude. An openplied by the distinguished professor. The ing, or window, is made over the seat of treatment is naturally general and local. the threatened gibbosity, and the space The former needs no development: tonics, filled with layers of cotton wool, which, by cod liver oil, arsenic, iodides, etc.

their compression, tend to force the rachis The local treatment is of the greatest im- forwards, while a large opening is made portance, and is addressed to the deformity in front to give free play to the chest walls, and possible complications. The principles and to relieve the epigastric region of any are the same, whether the seat of the dis

pressure. ease is in the cervical, dorsal or lumbar re- To limit and correct a pre-existent gibgions, to suppress the effects of compres- bosity, curves of hyperextension above and sion through the ulcerative process, to below the gibbosity, styled compensating avoid the formation of a gibbosity, or to curves, should be obtained by renewing the diminish and correct an already existing jacket every two months. gibbosity. The only really efficacious means If an abscess forms it should not be of suppressing the effects of compression opened with a bistoury, but tapped with an is to place the patient for months in the aspirator, and through the cannula left in horizontal position which relieved the situ a modifying liquid injected (iodoform vetebræ from all weight, and diminishes in ether, olive oil, with guaiacol and iodocontraction.

form, etc.). To meet the second requirement (to pre- The cannula of the aspirator should be vent the formation of gibbosity from in- passed first through the healthy skin beflexion forwards of the vetebral column) fore reaching the abscess proper occlusion. hyperextension of the affected region The patient should be kept in the horishould be practised, and this is effected by zontal position for at least two years. At the employment of a plaster jacket. The

the end of that period he might be allowed confection of this apparatus is very simple.

to sit up in bed for an hour or so each Bands of tarlatan, of five yards in length day. After the third year he is permitted to

Med. Press and Circular, Dec. 7, 1910. get up and walk a little; the plaster jacket

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may also be replaced by a movable ap- 7. Epithelioma of the nose, treated with paratus, made of leather or celluloid, and As,Og, Dr. Eberhard W. Dittrich. removed at night. Where possible, the patient should be

PAPER OF THE EVENING: placed, from the very outset of the treat- The Physician in Court, Dr. Lincoln R. ment, at the seaside, and in a dwelling ex

Graham. posed to the sunlight and to the full breeze Supplemented by addresses of the Hon. of the sea.

Joseph I. Green and the Hon. Frank F.


This important paper will appear in the SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS.


SURGICAL HINTS. The regular monthly meeting of the Eastern Medical Society of the City of New Persistent lymphedema of the breast may York was held at the Cafe Boulevard, Fri- be the first, and for a long time the only day evening, December 9, 1910, President sign of a scirrhus carcinoma. Rongy in the chair. A large amount of executive business was attended to, including The injection through a ureter catheter the annual election of officers, a full list of sterile olive oil against or, preferably, of which will appear in our next issue. behind a small stone lodged in the ureter

After the executive session, the annual very often determines its expulsion into the address was delivered by James J. Walsh, bladder. M. D., LL. D., on the subject of Psychotherapy in Organic Disease. This will ap

Prostatic massage for gonorrheal prostapear in full in the January number. Follow

titis is not limited in its usefulness to chronic ing adjournment a collation was served

cases. In some cases of fairly acute gonorand enjoyed by the large number present.

rheal prostatis the symptoms do not abate until daily expression of the pus by massage

is undertaken, and then they subside very THE YORKVILLE MEDICAL

So quickly. Such a treatment must be under

taken only upon proper indications, howCIETY.

ever; otherwise employed in acute cases it The regular monthly meeting of the

will cause mischief.-Amer. Jour. of SurYorkville Medical Society was held at the gery. Aschenbroedel Club House on Thursday evening, December 1,

1910, President In a case of known or suspected visceral Dittrich in the chair. The following was

carcinoma, the finding of small nodules in the scientific program of the evening :

or just beneath the skin is of vast diagnostic I. Gynaecological specimens, Dr. Sid

and prognostic importance. If an excised ney D. Jacobson.

nodule is shown to be cancerous this will at 2. Complicated ectopic, Dr. Joseph Gut- once establish both the diagnosis and the freund.

futility of operation. In cases of intra3. Situs inversus of the heart, Dr. Sig- abdominal carcinoma these superficial mund Breitenfeld.

metastases are curiously, most often found 4. A typical case of Hansen's disease, in the skin to the left of and below the umDr. Ludwig Oulman.

bilicus.-Am. Jour. of Surgery. 5. A case of chronic nasal pansinusitis, Dr. Otto Glogau.

When the appendix is so placed that its 6. Chronic Appendicitis in a case of tip is not readily delivered the “retrocomplete situs inversus, Dr. Jacob Heck- grade” removal of the organ is often the

simplest and safest method.


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