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GERMILETUM is Really a Specific in CATARRH

That which has proven to be the ideal solvent Being myself the unhappy possesser of chronic and stimulating alkaline artiseptic is GERMILE- nasal catarrh, which has run the gauntlet of treatTUM, its persistent use twice or thrice daily, full ment, out of desperation I commenced GERMIstrength, or diluted when the mucous membrane is LETUM with the most satisfactory results. sensitive, will effectually cure the worst advanced

Dr. B. A. Lauberman, Los Angeles, Cal. case of chronic nasal catarrh. Dr. A. W. Latimer, late physician to the St.

I have used GERMILETUM in the most agLouis City and Female Hospitals.

gravated cases of catarrh, and have cured some of

the worst cases. I consider it as near a specific in I have used GERMILETUM in many cases of catarrhal affections as can be. catarrh. I consider it a most efficient remedy and

Dr. H. Jordan, Nashland, Tex. i really a specific in catarrhal affections. Dr. A. U. Williams, Hot Springs, Ark.

Nasal catarrh, which has long been an odium

of medicine, may now be successfully combated I have used GERMILETUM in many cases of by the alkaline antiseptic-GERMILETUM. rhinitis with most excellent results. It is also Dr. A. H. Ohman-Dumesnil, Professor of Derthe most efficient remedy in catarrhal affections. matology in the College of Physicians and Sur

Dr. E. W. Watkins, Washington, D. C. geons. GERMILETUM is also Unexcelled in ECZEMA

Literature Mailed on Application Complete Visiting List and Call-book for 1905, containing 126 pages, also Lock Bill File with

Full Size Bottle of Germiletum Free to Physicians, they Payiag Express Charges DIOS CHEMICAL CO.

St. Louis, Mo.




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RELIEVES Valvular Heart Trouble

by reducing number of heart beats, giving the heart rest, increasing the force of the Systole, causing valves to close more thoroughly, thus preventing regurgitation, relieving the dyspnea and in

creasing heart nutrition. Cirrhosis of the Liver

by equalizing the circulation, dilating the arterioles, thus relieving obstruction in the branches of the bepatic artery and portal radicles, securing better circulation in the liver and more nutrition to the cells and interlobular connective

tissue. Ascites and Anasarca

by causing resorption of the effused serum into the circulation, whence it is

easily eliminated with salines. Exophthalmic Goitre

by its inhibitory power over the cardiac fibres of the pneumogastric, controlling the heart's action indefinitely without detriment, thus preventing enlargement, or restoring to normal if already enlarged, the thyroid arteries and the vessels behind the globes which cause prominence of the eyeballs and enlargement of the thyroid gland, both of which

are consecutive to the cardiac disorder. Bright's Disease

by its power to relieve distal engorgements through its wonderful equalizing effect on the circulation, dilating the arterioles and establishing a normal physiological balance between arterial and venous systems.


Sample and Literature

to Physicians


pay for information of good location. Give fuil particulars. Box 197, Bridgeport, Ohio.

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London Agents

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will buy a nice residence in a small town aear

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BECAUSE 1.-Antiphlogistine is far more efficient than a poultice or any other external application. 2.-Antiphlogistine draws the blood to the surface-bleeds but saves the blood. 3.-Antiphlogistine, by reflex action, contracts the pulmonary vessels, thus depleting

the lungs into the dilated superficial capillaries. 4.–Antiphlogistine's anodyne effects enable it to allay pain. 5.-Antiphlogistine relaxes the muscular and nervous systems, thereby tending to

induce sleep. 6.-Antiphlogistine works persistently and continuously for 24 hours or longer. 7.-Antiphlogistine is neat and clean. 8.-Antiphlogistine is easily applied and stays exactly where it is put. 9.-Antiphlogistine comes off nicely at the proper time, leaving the parts comparatively


10.-Antiphlogistine can do no harm and is certain to do good.

IT IS ONLY A QUESTION OF PROPERLY APPLYING Directions For Applying In Pneumonia.—Prepare the patient in a warm room. Lay him on his side and spread Antiphlogistine thick and as hot as can be comfortably borne over one-half the thoracic walls. Cover with a good, warm, cotton-lined cheese-cloth jacket. Roll the patient over on the dressed side and complete the application. Then stitch the front of the jacket. Prepare everything beforehand and work as rapidly as possible. The dressing should be renewed when it can be easily peeled off, generally in about 24 hours.

To ensure economy and the best results, always order an original package and specify the size required-Small, Medium, Large or Hospital Size.






Average Dose 10 grains.

Roported to bo

The Safest Hypnotic

A DISTINCT ADVANCE over all other hypnotics. Its therapeutic value thoroughly established. Does not affect the circulation, the heart or the kidneys; stated by prominent observers to be the safest hypnotic, old or new.


MERCK & CO., New York


Antiseptic Sphenoids


Curative in Vaginal Troubles. Antiseptie Sphenoids have passed the experimental stage and have taken a place in the estimation of the medical profession beyond that of any similas remedy. To those who have had no clinical ex: perience with Antiseptic Sphenoids, we will send, upon request, a free sample, with complete llter ature. PRICE, in One-Halr

Gross Boxes,

$1.00 Paid.



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