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If the deaths under one month, numbering 130 from all causes, be deducted from the total deaths under one year, the resultant rate will be 46 deaths of infants per 1,000 weekly average birth of 1913.

Mortality Among Children, IVeek Ending January 4, 1913.

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. Includes Small Pox, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough.

Deaths According to Cause, Annual Rate per 1,000 and Age, with Meterology and

Number of Deaths in Public Institutions for 13' Weeks.

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Total deaths... 1,274 1,393 1,243 1,238 1,149 1.302 1,216 1,354 1,251 1,420' 1,333 1,481 1,403 1,519 Annual death

} 12.85 14.05 12.53 12.48 11.59 13.13 12.26 13.65 12.62 14.32 13.44 14.93 14.15 14.75 rate........ Typhoid fever.. 15 15 18

14 9

6 Malarial Fevers.

7 Small-pox. Measles

3 Scarlet Fever....

7 9 3 Whooping Cough 7

7 3 Diphtheria and Croup. 13 19 13

15 17


19 30 27 26 Influenza .....

8 5 5

16 Cerebro-Spinal

17 Meningitis.) 5 3



3 Tuberculosis Pulmonalis 155

123 135 140

152 166

153 175 Other Tubercu

i 147

28 18 26
13 33 18



26 Acute Bronchitis 15

18 Pneumonia....

13 52 64 90 89

83 89 77 115 98 127 135 150 Broncho Pneu

JAT 191 monia......


69 79


80 68
Violent Deaths..

73 69
98 59 73 76 87


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Mean barometer. 29.99 29.94 30.03 29.85 29.86 29.97 29.87 29.91 29.93 30.02 29.96 29.81 29.93 29.69 Mean humidity.. 64.4 69.6' 59. 74.9

62. 63.6 63.6 55.3

71.7 152.9 64.9 10.4 68. Inches of rain

0.31in 3.79in .8oin 2.26in .28in. or snow....

.99in .65in .72in 1335 in 2.3zin Mean tempera

ture (Fahr- 59.19 63.47 57.90 56.4° 54.40 151.6° 51.70 148.3° 40.1° 48.° 33.4° 41.1° 33.6 43.6°

enheit). Maximum temperature 78. 81.o 72.o 69. 72. (67.0 72.° 66. 55.0 64.° 46.

44.° 57.0 (Fahrenheit) Minimum tem

perature 39.° 49. 40.0 47.° 37. 31.° 35. 32. (Fahrenheit)

34.° 18.0 32.° 24.° 30.




Headquarters: S. W. Corner Centre and Walker Streets, Borough of Manhattan

Telephone, 6280 Franklin
Borough of The Bronx, 3731 Third Avenue.

. Telephone, 1975 Tremont Borough of Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue and Willoughby Street

Telephone, 4720 Main Borough of Queens, 372-371 Fulton Street, Jamaica, L. I.

Telephone, 1200 Jamaica Borough of Richmond, 514-516 Bay Street, Stapleton, S. I.,

Telephone, 410 Tompkinsville Office Hours-9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 m.m. to 12 m.

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Manhattan--West Side (linic, 307 West 33d Street. Telephone, 3171 Murray Hill.

East Side Clinic, 81 Second Street. Telephone, 5586 Orchard.
Harlem Italian Clinic, 420 East 116th Street. Telephone, 5584 Harlem.
Southern Italian Clinic, 22 Van Dam Street. Telephone, 412 Spring.

Day Camp, Ferryboat " Middletown," foot of East 91st Street. Telephone, 29:57 Lenox.
The Bronx--Northern Clinic. St. Pauls Place and Third Avenue. Telephone, 1975 Tremont.

Southern Clinic, 493 East 139th Street, Telephone, 5702 Melrose.
Brooklyn--Main Clinic, Fleet and Willoughby Streets. Telephone, 4720 Main.

Germantown Clinic, 55 Sumner Avenue. Telephone, 3228 Williamsburg.
Brownsville Clinic, 362 Bradford Street. Telephone, 2732 East New York.
Eastern District Clinic, 108 South 3d Street, Williamsburg. Telephone, 7-10 Greenpoint.

Day (amp, Ferryboat "Rutherford," foot of X. 24 St., Williamsburg. Tel., 795 Greenpoint
Queens-- Jamaica Clinic, 10 Union Avenue, Jamaica. Telephone, 1386 Jamaica.
Richmond--Richmond Clinic, Bay and Elizabeth Streets, Stapleton, Telephone, 440 Tompkins.


Manhattan--Gouverneur Slip. Telephone, 2916 Orchard.

Pleasant Avenue and 118th Street. Telephone, 972 Harlem. Brooklyn--330 Throop Avenue. Telephone, 5319 Williamsburg..

124 Lawrence Street. Telephone, 5623 Main.

1249 Herkimer Street. Telephone, 2684 East New York. The Bronx-580 East 169th Street. Telephone, 2558 Tremont.

HOSPITALS Manhattan-Willard Parker Hospital, foot of East 16th Street. Telephone. 1600 Stuyvesant. The Bronx - Riverside Hospital, North Brother Islandi. Telephone, 4000 Melrose. Brooklyn-Kingston Avenue Hospital, Kingston Avenue and Fenimore Street. Telephone, 4100 Flatbush.

Otisville, Orange County, N. Y. (via Erie Railroad from Jersey City). Telephone, 13 Otisville,

Diagnosis Laboratory, Centre and Walker Streets. Telephone, 6280 Franklin.
Research Laboratory. Chemical Laboratory. l'accine Laboratory. Drug Laboratory.

Foot of East Sixteenth Street. Telephone, 1600 Stuvvesant.

TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITAL ADMISSION BUREAU Maintained by the Department of Health, the Department of Public (Charities, and Rellevue and Allied

Hospitals, 126 First Avenue. Telephone, 8667 Madison Square. Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m,



522-A-19 (B) 2000

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Report for Week Ending January 11, 1913


antitoxin in diphtheria and the performance of intubation by the Inspectors of the Department of Health of The City oi New York was begun in 1895, the objects in view being not only the cure and prevention of the spread of the disease, but also the education of the medical proiession and the general public. These ends have been accomplished. The death rate of the disease in Manhattan and The Bronx has fallen from 15.9 per 10.000 of population in 1894 to 2.2 in 1912. In 1894 twenty-nine out of every one hundred cases reported died. In 1912 less than nine cases out of every hundred died. Since 1895 almost 40.000 cases have been injected with antitoxin furnished by the Department of Health, and of these less than 6 per cent. proved fatal. Finally, the records show that at the present day practically every case of diphtheria receives antitoxin.

On and after February 1, 1913, therefore, the present system of free administration by Inspectors of the Department of Health or diphtheria antitoxin and performance of intubation at the homes of patients, at the request of the attending physician, will be discontinued. After that date, when it becomes necessary for the Department of Health to administer antitoxin or perform intubation in any case of diphtheria the patient will be at once removed to one of the hospitals of the Department for further observation and treatment. Diphtheria antitoxin may still be obtained free of charge by physicians from supply stations at drug stores for use, where payment for the same by the patient would be a hardship.

REPORTING OF VENEREAL DISEASES. The Department of Health has' undertaken an extensive study of the venereal diseases in New York City and is desirous of obtaining as full information as possible as to the prevalence of these diseases. By virtue of the resolution of the Board of Health of The City of New York, dated February 20, 1912, the Superintendents of all public institutions have been required since May 1, 1912, to report promptly all cases of syphilis, chancroid or gonorrhæal infection coming under observation. All physicians were requested to furnish similar information concerning their private patients (omitting name and address), but no attempt was made at that time to reach every physician in the city.

Cases reported by private physicians will be filed by case number, which will be given the physician for future identification, when his report is acknowledged. A supply of report cards to be used for this purpose will be forwarded on request

. All information is regarded as absolutely confidential and is not accessible to the public nor are the records deemed public records.

DIAGNOSIS OF VENEREAL DISEASES. The Department of Health, makes, without charge, the Wassermann test for the diagnosis of syphilis, and also provides facilities for the free bacteriological examination of discharges for the diagnosis of gonorrheal infections.

Outfits, with full directions for obtaining specimens, can be had free at any of the Department supply stations, a list of which will be mailed on application.

A diagnosis clinic for venereal diseases is held daily between 9 and 10 a. m. at the central office of the Department of Health at Centre and Walker streets, where patients may be referred by physicians for the performance of the Wassermann reaction and for examination of fresh specimens for the presence of treponema. Vo patients are examined unless referred by physicians (excepting those who have no physicians), and under no circumstances are the results of examinations reported to the patients. A similar clinic is held at 307 West 33d street on Wednesday evenings, between 8 and 9 p. m., for the benefit of applicants unable to attend during the day.

For further information application should be made to the Department of Health, Division of Communicable Diseases, Centre and Walker streets, New York City.

IMMUNIZATION AGAINST Typhoid FEVER. Immunization against typhoid fever, or the inoculation of a healthy person with sterilized typhoid cultures, in order to prevent infection with typhoid fever, has

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