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Then shall the Priest use this my hand upon thee ; In toPrayer.

ken that thou art devoted to ALmighty and everlasting the faith and obedience of

God, who haft vouch- Christ crucified, and that his safed to regenerate these thy holy Spirit will be ready to servants by water and the Ho- affist thee, and to enable thee ly Ghost, and hast given unto manfully to fight under his them the sign of the forgiv- banner against fin, the ness of their fins; strengthen world, and the devil, and that them, we beseech thee, O thou múft continue Chrift's Lord, with the Holy Ghoft faithful Soldier and Servant, the Comforter ; and daily in- unto thy lives end. Amen. crease in them thy manifold [Note, The seal of the Cross gifts of grace ; the spirit of ought to be made with the wisdorn and understanding ; holy Ointment.] the spirit of counsel and Then shall the Priest say, ghostly ftrength; the spirit WE yield the humble of knowledge and true godli- thanks, O heavenly ness; and fill them, OLord, Father, that thou haft vouchwith the spirit of thy holy safed to call us to the knowfear, now and for ever. A- ledge of thy grace and faith

in thee; Increase this knowThen shall the Priest add as ledge, and confirm this faith follows,

in us evermore. Give thy Sign and

seal these Persons, Holy Spirit to these persons ; O Lord, for thine own that being now born again, self, that they may be thine and made heirs of everlasting for ever, by the holy cross falvation, through our Lord and passion of thy Son. Con- Jesus Christ, they may confirm and strengthen them tinue thy fervants, and attain mercifully with the inward thy promises, thro' the same unction of the Holy Ghoft; our Lord Jesus Christ thy that they may daily increase Son, who liveth and reignin the graces of the same Spi- eth with thee now and for rit more and more, until they ever. Amen. come to thine everlasting Then all standing up, the kingdom. Amen.

Priet fall use this ExhorThen the Priest jall

seal them tation following feverally with the lead of the FOrasmuch as you have Cross on their foreheads ; promised in the presence and severally lay his hand of this Congregation to reupon their heads, saying, nounce the devil and all his N.I feal thee with the seal works, to believe in God,



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and to serve him; ye muft jesty ; We make our humremember that it is your part ble fupplications unto thee and duty to perform that for these thy servants, upon solemn vow, promife and whom I have now laid profession you have now my hand, to certify them, made before this Congrega- (by this sign) of thy favour tion. And you are also to use and gracious goodness toall diligence to be farther wards them. Let thy Farightly instructed in God's therly hand, we beseech thee, holy Word, that fo you may ever be over them ; let thy grow in grace, and in the Holy Spirit ever be with knowledge of our Lord Jesus them ; and so lead them in Christ, and live godly, righ- the knowledge and obediteously and soberly in this ence of thy Word, that in present world.

the end they may obtain AND as you have now by everlasting life, through our

Baptism put on Christ, Lord Jesus Chrift; by whom it is your part and duty, be- be glory, honour, and adoing made the children of ration to thee for ever and God, and of the light, by ever. Amen. faith in Jesus Christ, to walk Notę also, from the Constituanswerably to your Christian tions that if there he neither calling, and as becometh the Oil nor Ointment, Water is children of light : remem- sufficient, both for the anointbring always that Baptism ing, and for the seal, and representeth unto us our pro- for the confession of him that feflion ; which is, to follow is dying together with Chrift. the example of our Saviour And that the Persons who Chrift, and to be made like are to be baptized are to fast unto him; that as he died, before their Baptism, the and rose again for us, so whole Church usually faping should we who are baptized, with them. Which Circumdie from sin, and rise again stances fitted best to the Eve unto righteousness, continu- before Easter: to which time ally mortifying all our evil the annual folemn celebrati. and corrupt affections, and on of this ordinance was at daily proceeding in all vir- first usually appropriated. sue and godliness of living. Then the Bishop fall bless. And this Colleet, all kneeling. them, saying thus, Almighty and everlasting THE bleiling of God Al

God, who workest in us mighty be upon you, both to will and to do those and remain with

you things that be good and ac- ver. Amen. ceptableunto thy divine Ma

for en


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Note, There ought none to be munion, until they be Bap

admitted to the holy Com- tized and Confirmed. And if any have been Baptized, but not Confirmed, the Of

fice may begin with the most folemn Confeffion and Absolution, and then go on with the Renunciation and Confeffion, and what follows here, excepting what immediately concerns Baptism itself; but with some such verbal Alte

rations as the case will make necessary.
Instead of the usual Church Catechism, let these following
Instructions be learn'd by all the Catechumens, and ex-
plained on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays by
the Catechists.

The Ten Commandments, Exod. XX.
Hese Commandments God in vain : for the Lord

God spake in the twen- will not hold him guiltless,
tieth Chapter of Exodus, that taketh his Name in
saying, I am the Lord thy vain.
God, which brought thee IV. Remember that thou
out of the land of Egypt, keep holy the Sabbath-day.
out of the house of bondage, Six days shalt thou labour,

1. Thou shalt have no and do all that thou haft to other Gods but me. do; but the seventh day is

II. Thou shalt not make the Sabbath of the Lord thy to thy self any graven Image, God. In it thou shalt do no nor the likeness of any thing manner of work, thou, and that is in heaven above, or thy son, and thy daughter, in the earth beneath, or in thy man-fervant, and thy the water under the earth, maid-fervant, thy cattle, Thou shalt not bow down and the stranger that is withto them, nor worship them. in thy gates. For in six days For I the Lord thy God am the Lord made heaven and a jealous God; and visit the earth, the sea, and all that fins of the fathers upon the in them is, and refted the children, unto the third and feventh day; wherefore the fourth generation of them Lord blessed the seventh that hate me; and Thew day and hallowed it. mercy unto thousands in V. Honour thy father them that love me, and and thy mother, that thy keep my commandments. days may be long in the

III. Thou shalt not take land, which the Lord thy the Name of the Lord thy God giveth thee.

VI. Thou


VI. Thou fhalt do no Communicate the Necessamurder.

ties of Life to the Needy: VII. Thou shalt not Avoid swearing faldly, and commit adultery.

fwearing often, and in vain; VIII. Thou shalt not steal. for thou shalt not be held

IX. Thou shalt not bear guiltless. Do not appear befalse witness against thyfore the Priests empty; and neighbour.

offer thy Free-willOfferings X. Thou shalt not covet continually: Moreover, do thy neigbours house, thou not leave the Church of fhalt not covet thy neigh- Christ; but go thither in the bours wife, nor his servant, Morning, before all thy nor his maid, nor his ox, work; and again meet there nor his ass, or any thing in the Evening to return that is his.

Thanks to God that He has TheChristian Explication and preserved thy Life: Be dili

Improvement, Conftitut. gent, and constant, and laLib. II. c. 36.

borious in thy Calling: OfHAVE

AVE before thine Eyes fer to the Lord thy Free-will

the Fear of God, and Offerings ; for fays he Ho always remember the Ten nour the Lord with the Fruit Commandmentsof God. To of thy Labours: If thou art love the one and only Lord not able to cast any thing God with all thy Strength: confiderable intothe Corban, to give no heed to Idols, or yet at least bestow


the any such other Beings, as Strangers one, or two, or lifeless Gods, or senseless Be- five Mites. Lay up for thy ings, or Dæmons: Consider Self Heavenly Treasure, which the manifold Workmanship neither the Moth norThieves of God, which received its can destroy. Beginning through Chrift; The Beatitudes, Matth. v. Thou shale observe the Sab- BLelled are the poor in fpibath, on account of him who rit for theirs is the kingceased from his Work of dom of heaven. Blefled are Creation, but ceased not from they that mourn, for they his Work of Providence.'Tis shall be comforted. Bleffed a Reft for Meditation of the are the meek, for they shall Law, not for Idleness of the inherit the earth. Blessed are Hands. Reject every unlaw- they which do hunger and fulLuft:everything destruc- thirst after righteousness, for tive to Men: and all Anger: they shall be filled. Blessed Honour thy Parents, as the are the merciful, for they Authors of thy Being: Love Thall obtain mercy. Blessed thy Neighbour as thy self; are the pure in heart, for they



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shall see God. Bleffed are the mentof the Holy Ghoft. Let
peacemakers, for they shall him learn the Order of the
be called the children of God. several Parts of the Creati-
Blefled are they which are on, the Series of Providence,
persecuted for righteousness the different Dispensations of
sake, for theirs is the king- the Laws: Let him be in-
dom of heaven. Blessed are structed why the world was
ye when men shall revile you made, and why Man was
and persecute you, and shall appointed to be a Citizen
fayall manner of evil against therein ; let him also know
you fallly, for my fake: Re- his own Nature, of what
joice, and be exceeding glad, fort it is ; let him be taught
for great is your reward in howGod punished the Wic-
heaven: for so persecuted ked with Water, and did
they the prophets which glorify the Saints in every
were before you. [See also Generation ; I mean Enoch
that w hole Sermon at the and Noah, and Abraham, and
Mount, Mat. v. vi, vii.) his Pofterity, and Melchife-
S.Paul's Heads of Catechetick dech and Job, and Mofes, and

Instructions. Heb. vi. 2. Joshua, and Caleb, and
THerefore leaving the Phineas the Priest, and those

principles of the doc- that were holy in every Ge-
trine of Christ, let us go on neration, and how God still
unto perfection; not laying took care of, and did not re-
again the foundation of re. ject Mankind, but called
pentance from dead works, them from their Error and
and of faith towards God, Of Vanity to the Acknowledge
[* Dippings, the doctrine of ment of the Truth at various
or Baprifons.] *immersions, and Seasons, reducing them from
of laying on of hands, and of Bondage and Impiety unto
resurrection of the dead, and Liberty and Piety, from In-
of eternal Judgment. justice to Righteousness, from
The Heads of Catechetick Death Eternal to Everlasting
Instruction out of the Consti- Life. Let him that offers
tutions, Libr vii. c. 39, himself to Baptism learn
40, 41.

these and the like things in
HE who is to be Catechi- his Catechizing:

zed in the Word of Pie. Let him also be instructed
ty, let him be instructed be- in the Doctrines concerning
forehis Baptism inthe Know- our Lord's Incarnation, and
ledge of the Unbegotten in those concerning his Paffi-
God; in the Understanding on, and Resurrection from
of his only Begotten Son; the Dead, and Ascension.
in the assured Acknowledge


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