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Having formed this opinion of “GlycoThymoline," I have concluded to report a few clinical cases where it has given me

good results. For nervousness, sleeplessness and sexual

Case No. 1–M. L., age 23 years, came excitement, characterized by erections or even chordee, various authorities vary in

under my care suffering with a distressing

case of ozena. The turbinated bones on their recommendations. Ringer recommends

both sides of her nose presented a condition the use of aconite and camphor. Bartholow

of marked atrophy; there was a complete and Phillips both advise the administration

loss of smell and taste, and a formation of of lupulin. The value of Hyoscyamus has

crusts in the nasal chamber; the stench of been appreciated by many medical men for a

same was foul. She complained of conlong time, and it is quite valuable. Bromidia

tinual headache, and other symptoms of a is to be highly recommended, since it consists of chloral

, bromide, hyoscyamus and depleted and run down system. I placed cannabis indica, and acts as a somnifacient, internally ; locally I ordered the use of

her on a tonic of iron, arsenic and strychnia, spinal sedative and hypnotic. The dose is a drachm to two drachms an hour before “Glyco-Thymoline” in a K. & O. Douche

three times a day, diluted. After one bedtime. -American Journal Dermatology.

month's treatment the crusts had ceased to form; there was a complete restoration of

taste and a slight return of smell; the LACTO-SANTAL IN THE TREATMENT OF

general health was improved, and the paPROSTATITis.

tient herself well satisfied with results. To supplement the routine treatment by

Case No. II—C. A., age 8 years, came to intravesical irrigation of potassium per

me suffering with a severe otorrhea followmanganate (1/5000 rising to 1/2000), and ing scarlet fever. There was a mucolater, silver nitrate solutions (1/1000), cap- purulent discharge from both ears that rensules of lacto-santal are very useful, and

dered the child completely deaf; the auditory especially so in the catarrhal form of pros

canal was excoriated and sore, and the tatitis.

general health below par. I used cod liver Lacto-Santal or santalol lactate is best oil internally, and syringed the ears three given in capsules of five minims each, every

times a day with “Glyco-Thymoline.” At hour until frequency of micturition becomes

the end of one month the discharge of pus normal, when it may gradually be discon- had stopped; the hearing much improved, tinued.

and the child's general health very much better.




whole question of treatment is one of exW. HARPER SLOAN, M. D.,

pectancy. There are no specifics and thereChief Ear Department, Medico-Chirurgical fore the physician has to exercise his skill College, Philadelphia, Pa.

in keeping the heart of his patient going

until the disease runs its natural course and There are many alkaline preparations on ends by crisis or lysis as the case may be. the market that are used daily with varied “From the incipiency of this disease, to results in conditions where such a prepara- and through the convalescence, the condition is indicated. I have tried most of tion of the heart is a haunting concern." then in all conditions and after an impar- (Dr. Frank S. Mears, N. Y. Medical Jour., tial trial, I am compelled to say that the Jan. 8, 1910). preparation known as "Glyco-Thymoline," "All treatment is of no avail if the heart made by Kress & Owen Co., stands at the is not watched closely ; here lies our success head of the list; its formula is one that or failure." (Dr. W. H. Kahrs, American would commend its use, the ingredients Medicine, June, 1910). being of an antiseptic and non-irritating In Digalen the physician has a valuable nature.

aid in the natural cure of these two ailments,


In the Treatment of


Ferro-Salicylata combines the most prominent methods for the treatment of rheumatic affections, namely:


AMMONIUM CITRATE FIRST:-The Alkaline Treatment. (So highly recommended in the Alkaline

method of Dr. W. H. Fuller, of London.) SECOND:--The Treatment with

Salicyl Compounds.

(Natural Oil).

THIRD:-The Ferric Treatment.


(In Tasteless Form).


1. ALKALINE TREATMENT Advo- 3. THE FERRIC TREATMENT — Dr. cated by Dr. W. H. Fuller, and consists in Russell Reynolds, London, first employed Tr. administering and pushing salines to the Iron Chloride in rheumatism. Writing in point of producing alkalinity of the secre- the British Medical Journal he states that, tions.

"Its relief of the joint affections was definite,

uniform and speedy, and unpleasant 2. TREATMENT WITH SALICYL COM- The late Professor Bartholow says:

symptoms were produced by the medicine.”

"Iron POUNDS—"The treatment of rheumatic fever with salicylates has at times proved treatment of acute rheumatism.

is one of the remedies most useful in the

As was unsatisfactory to the physicians owing to originally suggested by Reynolds, the tincthe remedy not being pushed sufficiently. ture of the chloride is most serviceable. It Salicylic acid should be given in doses of is most especially adapted to the treatment from 7 to 10 graips every 2 hours. It should be continued to the full physiologic effect,

of pale, delicate, cachectic subjects." manifested by roaring in the ears, when it FERRO SALICYLATA AFTER GRIP. should be decreased, but not entirely withdrawn. Sodium salicylate should be given It is unquestionably the most prompt and in from 10 to 15 grain doses every hour effective tonic for the depressed conditions until a similar effect is produced, when it attending the convalescence after grip. In should likewise be decreased. The 'natural fact, in the whole range of applied therapeusalicylic acid (from natural oil) and its salt tics, there are few instances in which the should always be specified. For old or ane- patient responds so quickly to the medicine mic patients, the ferro-salicylata."

prescribed; the good effects being noticeable -American Medicine. almost from the first dose administered.

Prescribed : Ferro Salicylata--Merrell Usual Dose : One or two fluid drachms in water three or four times daily


The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company


for by its deep intramuscular injection, or tient later on, and no precaution can be reits administration by mouth or rectum, the garded as extreme which contributes the enfeebled heart can be toned up and cardiac slightest positive assurance of its purity. syncope avoided. Furthermore, the marked

"Not only must the horses be in good hyperleucocytosis which is said by Mirano general condition when inoculated; they ("Riforma Medica," No, 23, 1907), to be

must be kept so. They are fed, stalled, produced within 7 or 8 hours after the injec- groomed and exercised for no other purpose tion of Digalen, and which becomes nearly than to maintain to the full their self-prodoubled in the next 24 hours, is an impor- tective, antitoxin-producing powers. Thirty tant factor that ought not to be forgotten in miles removed from the noise, smoke and the treatment of pneumonia, typhoid fever dust of the city is our stock farm, equipped and the infectious diseases.

with model stables and supervised by expert Dr. M. Hartwig, Buffalo, N. Y., Consult- veterinarians. Here, at Parkedale, on more ing Surgeon Erie and other hospitals, than three hundred acres of sunny slopes, makes this statement :-"Digalen has given at an altitude of six hundred feet above the me, in a few positively desperate cases, such level of the Great Lakes, live the horses unmitigated satisfaction that I am perfectly which we employ in serum-production. willing for the profession to know of my in Amid these favorable surroundings they dorsement. I am convinced that in any case maintain the physical condition so essential of defective heart compensation where to satisfactory service as serum producers. Digalen fails, no remedy known today will

"These are preliminary considerations. accomplish anything."

Young, healthy, well-kept horses, indis(Digalen is a sterile solution of Cloetta's pensable as they are, would be of little use soluble digitoxin and is marketed by The in the elaboration of a reliable antitoxin Hoffmann-La Roche Chemical Works, New

unless the work of injecting them with toxin York. Samples are furnished to physicians were conducted accurately, aseptically, syson request).

tematically, and throughout a period long enough to allow physiological reaction up

to the limit of attainable immunization. We The MANUFACTURE OF ANTITOXIN.

have horses enough, so that there is no occaIn the treatment of diphtheria the physi- sion to be in a hurry with any of them; the cian of today uses antitoxin as a matter of

exact length of time required for complete course. It is his first expedient and his

reaction is determined in each individual inlast resort. He believes implicitly in stance by carefully scheduled observations. its efficacy. But does he understand and "It goes without saying that in the prepappreciate all that is involved in the aration of the toxin and its injection into the production of that antitoxin—the scientific horses, as well as in obtaining the blood knowledge, the skill, the caution, the serum, the most rigid bacteriological techminutiae of detail? This thought is nique is maintained. The methods we emforced upon the

the writer

writer through the ploy agree substantially with those of Roux, perusal of a recent publication of Parke, Aronson, and Behring, and are from first Davis & Co., which deals in part with the to last in charge of experts. The varying subject of antitoxin manufacture. Here is susceptibility of different animals, whether a specimen chapter:

guinea-pigs or horses, to the diphtheria "In the selection of the horses which are poison; the more or less rapid physiological to act as the living laboratories for the pro- reaction; the variation in strength of the duction of the antitoxin, we apply not com- antitoxic serum from different horses; the mercial or academic knowledge merely, but, absolute purity of the finished productwhat is more to the point, veterinary skill. these are all important and delicate questions The animals must be vigorous and healthy. demanding for their determination a high They are carefully examined, their tempera- degree of skill and scientific accuracy of obture noted for several days, and the presence servation. These qualifications, in our of glanders excluded by the delicate mal- judgment, outrank all other considerations lein test. It is the blood-serum of these in the work of producing a reliable antianimals that is to be injected into the pa- diphtheric serum.”

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ADVANTAGES OF NEW SYRINGE: ASEPSIS, contamination impossible. POSITIVE WORKING: The metal plunger screws into the rubber plug, adjusting

pressure and making action positive. Metal finger-rest with rubber guard at top of syringe prevents any possibility

of syringe breaking or injuring operator's hand. Needle attached with flexible rubber joint permits motion of patient without

danger of tearing the skin-a great advantage in administering to children. Our new adjustable rubber packing possesses great advantages; it is readily

sterilized, does not harden, shred, absorb serum or become pulpy. Simplicity and accuracy-no parts to get out of order.

Mulford's Antitoxin is Accepted

Everywhere as THE STANDARD The higher potency enables us to use much smaller syringes.

Minimum bulk-maximum therapeutic results BROCHURES AND WORKING BULLETINS SENT UPON REQUEST

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