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from Heverus, the son of Ca- nification of the name of Hinaan. This people at first dwelt vites, which in the Phænician in the country, which was af- language signifies serpents. terwards possessed by the AVITES, a tribe of the Sa. Caphtorims, or Philistines. maritans, which came from A. The Scripture says expressiy, vah, or Ivah, supposed to be that the Caphtorims drove out in the north-west of Chaldea, the Avims, who dwelt in Haz. and to be destroyed by Sennaerim, even unto Azzah, Deut. charib; they worshipped the ii, 23. By Azzah is under- idols Nibhaz and Jahtak, 2 stood Gaza, and by Hazerim is Kings xvii, and Isaiah xxxvii, probably meant Hazeroth, 13. Num. xi, 35; irear to which AVITH, the capital of Haplace the children of Israel had dad, king of Edom. Gen. one of their stations, as they xxxiv, 35. were marching through the AZEKAH, a city in the desert.

tribe of Judah, Josh. xv, 35. There were also Avims or The Philistines, in whose army Hivites, at Shechem, or Gibeon, was Goliah, were encamped at and consequently in the centre Shocoh and Azekah, 1 Sam. of the promised land; Josh. xi, xvii, 1, which lay to the south 19, for the inhabitants of Shec. of Jerusalem, and the east of hem, and the Gibeonites were Bethlehem, about four leagues Hivites. Lastly, there were from the former, and five from some of them beyond Jordan, the latter. Eusebius and Jer. at the foot of mount Hermon. ome tell us of a town in their Bochart thinks that Cadmus, time, called Ezeca, between who conducted a colony of Eleutheropolis and Jerusalem, Phænicians into Greece, was a which might probably be this Hivite. His name, Cadmus, Azekah, as this lay in that comes from the Hebrew Ke. neighborhood. Lat. 31, 34. dem, the east; because he came AZEM, a city of Judea, be. from the eastern parts of the longing to the tribe of Simeon, land of Canaan. The name of Josh. xix, 3. his wife Hermione was taken AZMAVETH, or Beth. from mount Hermon, at the AZMAVETH, Neh. xii, 29, root of which the Hivites dwelt, and vii, 28, a city thought to The metamorphosis of, Cad- be in the tribe of Judah, adjamus's companions into ser. cent to Jerusalem and Anas pents, is founded upon the sig. thoth,

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AZNOTH-TABOR, Josh. ple of that place took seventy xix, 34, or simply Azanoth, pieces of silver, and with this or Azoth, a city which Euse- sacrilege rewarded Abimelech, bius places in the plain, not the demagogue of the day, for far from Diocesaria. Lat.32,52. aspiring to destroy the republic,

AZOTH, Azotus, and changing it to a monarchy, see Ashdod. Joshua utterly putting the crown on his own destroyed all the Anakims in head. With this money he the land of Israel, excepting hired a mob to follow and aid in the cities of Gaza, Gath, him in murdering seventy of and Ashdod. Josh. xi, 22. his brethren, that he might

AZZAH, see Gaza. have no rival, Judg. ix.

BAALAH, otherwise Kır. Lat. 32, 6. JATHJE ARIM, Josh. xv, 9, and BAAL-GAD, a city situati Chr. xiii, 6. A city of Ju- ed at the foot of Mount Herdah, which was yielded up to mon, Josh. xi, 17, and xii, 7, Simeon, not far from Gibeah; which lies to the south of Lihere the ark was stationed forbanus and Damascus, at the some time.

It stood on the north-east part of the promised road ftom Jerusalem to Dios. land. Bonfrerius places this polis, ten miles distant. Lat. town in the valley between 31,49. See Kirjathjearim. Lebanon and Hermon. Lat.

Baalah,a mountain of Israel 33, 32. in the tribe of Judah, toward BAAL-HAZOR, a city in Askalon and Gaza. Lat. 32,21. the tribe of Ephraim, where

BAALATH, a city in the Absalom kept his flocks, 2 tribe of Dan, Josh. xix, 44, and Sam. xii, 23.

Sam. xii, 23. It lay between 1 Kings ix, 18. This is also Bethel and Jericho, eight miles the name of a city, which was from Jerusalem. Here Absabuilt by Solomon. See 2 Chr. lom had his shearing feast and visi, 6. Others, however, sup- murdered bis brother, because pose, that the city built by Sol. he had two years before violaomon Inight be Balbec, which ted his sister,

ted his sisterLat. 31, 51.

BAAL-HERMON, a moun. BAAL-BEER, a city lying tain of Canaan near Lebanon, to the south of the tribe of on the confines of the country, , Simeon, Josh. xix, 8.

it is generally placed northward „ BAALBERITH, a temple of the tribe of Issachar, and of Baal on a hill, not far from the great plain, i Chron. v, 23. Shechem, from which the peo. Some suppose it a part of


Lat. 31,

mount Hermon, or that it was grove of palm trees. a temple of Baal on Hermon. 52.

BAAL-MEON, a city in BAAL-ZEPHON, a place the tribe of Reuben, Num. on the Red sea, “uver against” xxxii, 38; 1 Chr. v, 8. The one of the encampments, of Moabites took Baal-meon from Israel in the wilderness, bethe Reubenites, and were mas tween Migdol and the sea. ters of it in the time of Eze. Baalzephon is thought by ma. kiel, xxv, 9. In the time of ny learned men to have been Jerome, it was a populous vil- the name of an idol, which was lage, near Baaru in Arabia, supposed to keep the borders where were hot-springs or of the country and to hinder baths. It was destroyed by their slaves from running away. the Chaldeans, Numb. xxxii, Zephon is thought to signify 38; it seems, however, to have to watch or spy; but it is also been rebuilt, and a city of some signify north. This, importance in the time of the then might be a temple standMaccabees. Lat. 31, 34. ing at the North point of the

BAAL-PERAZIM, the Red sea, where Suez now is. place were David put to flight BABEL, or BABYLON, a the Philistines, 2 Sam, v, 20. term, which in the original imIt cannot be far from Jerusa- port of the word, signifies conlem, since it lay in the valley fusion, and, therefore, used for of Rephaim. Some place it the name of the city and provfour miles from Jerusalem, ince in which the famous tower south-west.

of that name was building, BAAL-SHALSHISHA, 2 when God confounded the lan. Kings, iv, 42, a place, which guage of those men, who were according to St. Jerome, and employed about this edifice, so Eusebius, is situated at the that they could no longer undistance of fifteen miles north derstand one another. Gen. xv, of Diospolis, in the tribe of 9.

See Babylon Ephraim or Dan.

The sybils say, that when BAAL-TAMAR, the place mortals spoke one tongue and where the children of Israel would build a tower by which engaged those of the tribe of they might scale heaven, the Benjamin, Judg. xx, 33, which gods sent a whirlwind and oaccording to Eusebius was verturned the tower, and pronear Gibeah. The Canaanites duced divers languages among here worshipped Baal, in a them. Various are the senti

ments of authors concerning selves, who knew nothing of the manner in which the con the scriptures, make the son of fusion of languages at Babel Belus, whom they will have was effected. But as a dis. to be the founder of Babylon, quisition of that kind is a mat- to have lived two thousand ter of mere curiosity and con- years before Semiramis. Othjecture, and no part of the ers ascribe the foundation of it, proper subject of this work, we to Belus the Assyrian, father must refer the curious reader of Ninus, and others to Semtto the commentators, for their ramis. Marsham brings down exposition upon this point. the foundation of this city, as

Some modern travellers pre- late as the time of Nabonassar. tend to have found out the ru. But the opinion most generalins of this renowned structure; ly followed and best groundbut they differ much in their ed, is, that Nimrod founded accounts, concerning the situ- it, Belus enlarged it, and Semation of them. Some think iramis added so many great they have met with these ruins, works and otherwise adorned about eigh or nine miles north. it, that she might not improperwest of Bagdad; while others ly be called the foundress. But pretend to have found them, Nebuchadnezzar was the perthirty-six miles to the south- son, who put the finishing hand west of that city upon the Eu- to it, and made it one of the phrates. Others again look for great wonders of the world. them considerably lower upon The following is a descripthat river. They vary no less tion of Babylon in its greatest in their description of these splendor, chiefly collected from ruins; and indeed by their sev. Herodotus, who was upon the eral accounts of them, it is ob- spot, and is the oldest and served that none of them ap- most reputable author, that has pear to be the remains of the treated upon this matter. The original tower of Babel. whole city, which stood on a

BABYLON, the capital of large plain, consisted properly Chaldea, built by Nimrod, of two parts, which were diGen x, 10; in the place where vided by the river Euphrates. the tower of Babel was begun. The walls were every way proBabylon being the capital of digious; they were in thickness, Nimrod's empire, its antiquity 87 feet, in height 350 feet, and is not to be questioned, and in compass, 480 furlongs; these indeed profane authors them- walls were drawn around the

city, in form of an exact square; towards the streets stood the they were surrounded on the houses. The space within, outside, with a vast ditch, full in the middle of each square of water, and lined with bricks, was void ground, employed for on both sides. In every side yards, gardens, &c. of this great square, were 25 A branch of the river Eu. gates, that is, an hundred in phrates ran across the city, all, which were made of solid from the north to the south brass; between every

two side: on each side of the river gates, there were three towers, was a key on an high wall and four more at the four of the same thickness with corners, and three between those of the city. In these each of these corners, and the walls over against every street, next gate on either side, every that led to the river, were gates one of these towers was ten of brass, and from them defeet higher than the walls. scents, by steps to the river. From these 25 gates, in each The bridge was not inferior side of this great square, went to any of the other buildings, 25 streets in straight lines, to either in beauty or magnifithe gates over against them on cence; and before it was bethe opposite side; so that the gun to be built, they turned whole number of streets was the course of the river Euphra50, each fifteen miles long, of tes and laid its channel dry, which 25 went one way and for the purpose of laying the 25 the other, directly crossing foundation more conveniently, each other, at right angles; and and to raise artificial banks on besides these, there were also both sides the river, to secure four half streets, which had the country from those annual houses only on one side, and inundations, by which it over. the wall on the other; these flows its banks.

The river, went around the four sides of being turned out of its course, the city next the walls, and to facilitate these works, was were each of them, 200 feet received into a prodigious ar. broad and the rest about 150. tificial lake, dug, for that pur By these streets thus crossing pose, to the west of Babylon; each other, the whole city was this lake was 52 miles square, cut into 676 squares, each of and 35 feet deep, according to which was four furlongs and Herodotus, and 75 according a half on every side. Round to Megasthenes, Into this lake these squares, on every side was the whole river turned by

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