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whose hearts are with God. No additional communicants, although I have spent so many hours this last month with two families on this important subject. May God, in his good time, open their eyes to the importance of it. Blessed Lord, if it be thy good will, prosper the labours of thy minister, imperfect as they are, in this place. O let the light of Thy truth shine into the hearts of this people, that they may understand the things that belong to their peace before they are hid from their eyes; and let not any unworthiness of the minister, prevent Thy blessing from descending freely upon the people committed to his charge. Amen, for Jesus's sake, Amen."

"Mr. Hey spent the day. He told us a curious anecdote of some of the Dissenters in Yorkshire, who, in speaking of the Church of England service, described it thus: they disliked it, because there was so much paper and packthread to be got through, before they could come at the figs."

66 Preached at Christ Church for the benefit of the sufferers by the late inundation. I was unfortunately overpowered by my subject; but, thank God, the collection did credit to the attendantsit amounted to £53: 88,"-1809.

Ash-Wednesday. "Received a note at Church from a member of my congregation, requesting to see me had a long conversation with her on the state of her mind. God grant that I may become the instrument of administering true comfort to her."

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Good-Friday. "Preached to an overflowing congregation-more crowded than I ever saw the Church before. God be praised! May this, through his blessing, continue and prosper."

At Bradley. "Buried William Francis this morning. Great sinner that he was, I trust that he truly repented. Appointed Sunday next to preach a funeral sermon on his subject: God grant that it may be productive of good effect. To this end I most earnestly beseech Thee, O God, unworthy minister as I am, to bring the subject home to the hearts of those whom it may concern; that, inconsiderate as too many of them now are, they may, through Thy grace, see and understand the things which belong to their peace, before they are hid from their eyes."

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Preached on the death of the late William Francis. All the Meetingers attended: every part of the Church crowded, so that there was scarce standing room-upwards of a hundred at the door, unable to get in."

"Went to Bradley for the week. The poor increasing. God grant that my attention to them may proportionably increase, and that I may not experience the curse of riches treasured up to their owner's hurt."

"Called on Mrs. -, who, I believe, is nearly in a dying state. Every one who well considers what this world is, and as a Christian looks beyond it,

can only wish to prolong his continuance in it, till, through Divine grace, his faith has been so strengthened, his repentance and obedience so perfected, and his soul and body so sanctified, that he may be in a condition to be admitted into eternal glory, through the infinite merits and mediation of the ever blessed Jesus. That such may be my condition, and the condition of all those belonging to me, may God of his mercy grant, for the sake of the same Christ Jesus, our blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen."

"Paid my respects to his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester. Had a long conversation with him on Church matters; and was highly gratified to hear the Prince talk on them so correctly and so zealously." 1808.

No. XI.

"Sent a benefaction to the Society for the Conversion of the Jews to Christianity. May God prosper the undertaking, to the promotion of His honour, in the salvation of many souls; that those who now sit in darkness may see the light of Divine truth, and that we may become one fold, under one shepherd, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Amen.

"A time will come when we shall think that money only has been profitably expended, which had the advancement of God's honour and glory in the world for its object."

"If it were the business of man to make a religion for himself, the Deist, the Theophilanthropist, the Stoic, or even the Epicurean himself, might be approved; but this is not the case. We are to believe what God has taught us, and to do what he has commanded.'

"To talk, therefore, in the liberal language of the day, that every man has a right to worship God in his own way is downright nonsense.


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April, 1810. Finished my letter to Sir John Nicholl, God be praised! Bless, O Lord, I beseech Thee, my humble endeavours in Thy service, to the promotion of Thy honour, and the preservation of Thy Church among us. Amen, Amen."

No. XII.


"Amid the abundance of good things with which a gracious Providence has been pleased to bless me :—far, very far beyond my deserving-thank God that I possess a contented mind; there being nothing that this world hath to give that I can either covet or desire; the only thing for which I wish to live in it, being, that through Divine grace, my repentance, faith, love, and obedience, may be so far perfected, that this life ended, I may be received into everlasting favour, through the infinite



merits of that dear Saviour in whom I trust. With respect to those most dear to me, who may be left behind after the ample provision which Thou, O Lord, hast been pleased to enable me to make for them, as to the things of this world—I have nothing to desire, but that Thou wouldest bestow them upon plentifully of Thy grace and heavenly wisdom, that they may become Thy accepted servants; so trusting in Thee, so loving Thee, and so walking with Thee faithfully in this world, that in the world to come we may all meet together in eternal glory. Amen, for Jesus' sake, Amen."

Obliged to stay at home from Church all day. O Lord, Thou knowest what is best for us under all circumstances. Not my will, therefore, but Thine be done. But whilst my body is pressed down with infirmities, O, let my soul be raised up unto Thee, for unto Thee alone do I look for health and salvation. Thou art good, and doest good -teach me Thy statutes.-In the words of Bishop Patrick, who hath thus paraphrased upon this verse, Thou art in thine own nature kind and good; and nothing else can proceed from Thee, who designest our good even when Thou afflictest Take what methods Thou pleasest with me, only teach me effectually to do as Thou wouldest have me to do. Amen.'



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My adorable God, I humbly beseech Thee to accept the sacrifice I here, in all humility, (and I trust in all sincerity) desire to make unto Thee of the remainder of my life, to be entirely devoted to

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