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I especialy to be the needling ourselves wholly to his holy will and that believe in him should not perishe ar verence, therur

me true holiness and righteousness, all the Hear also what St. Paul saith.
days of our life. Amen.

This is a true saying, and worthy of
I Then shall the Bishop say to those who all men to be received, that Christ Jesus

come to receive the Communion, came into the world to save sinners. YE TE who do truly and earnestly repenti Tim. i. 15.

you of your sins, and are in love Hear also what St. John saith. and charity with your neighbours, and If any man sin, we have an Advocate intend to lead a new life, following the with the Father, Jesus Christ the right

coinmandınents of God, and walkingseous; and he is the propitiation for our 1. also bless thy tady from henceforth in his holy ways; draw sins. 1 John ii. 1, 2.

near with faith, and take this holy Sa-i After which the Bishop shall proceed, crament to your comfort; and inake

saying, your hunible confession to Almighty Lift up your hearts. God, devoutly kneeling.

Answer. We lift them up unto the lo T'hen shull this general Confession be Lord. made by the Bishop and all those who Bishop. Let us give thanks unto our are minded to receive the Holy Com-Lord God. munion, humbly kneeling.

Answer. It is meet and right so to do. A

LMIGHTY God, Father of our Lord Then shall the Bishop turn to the 12

Jesus Christ, Maker of all things, Lord's Table, and say,
Dion of the Baran bewail our manifold sins and wicked- duty, that we should at alı times,

ness, which we from time to time most and in all places, give thanks unto thee,
prievously have committed, by thought, Lord, (* Holy Father,] Almighty, ever-
word, and deed, against thy divine Ma-lasting God.
jesty, provoking most justly thy

wrath T Here shall follow the proper Preface, that Cup. Forast and indignation against us.

We do according to the time, if there be anja carnestly repent, and are heartily sorry specially appointed; or else immediate W receive that her for these our misdoings; the remem- ly shall be said or sung by the Pishop brance of them is grievous unto us; the

and People, warmis de terenuo forthesen ha vintolerable. Have THEREFORE anw which are the cand f Lord; repeat registre most merciful Father: for thy Son our pany of heaven, we laud and magnify Save a livelrundaren Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive us all thy glorious name; evermore praising our Saviour

app that is past; and grant, that wemay ever thee, and saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord perfect claritas bereafter serve and please thee in new- God of Hosts; heaven and earth are bo meet partaker vices of life, to the honour and glory of full of thy glory: Glory be to thee, O most humle and my Lord. Amen. ries. And, above all the thy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Most High. Amen.

1 PROPER PREFACES. "the Father, the 1,29 I Then shall the Bishop stand up, and i Upon Christmas-day, and seven days. turning to the People, say,

after ther, who,

thine only Son, born ./ elf, eren 10 the da promised forgiveness of sins to all those as at this time for us; who, by the ope us miserablesinden who with hearty repentance and true ration of the Holy Ghost, was made very and the shadow Ad faith turn unto him, have mercy upon man, of the substance of the Virgin

you; pardon and deliver you from all Mary his Mother; and that without spot toererlasting life. Your sins; confirm and strengthen you in of sin, to make us clean from all sin:

All goodness; and bring you to everlast-Therefore with Angels, &c. great love of our Varm mg lise, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Upon Easter-Day, and seven Days Then shall the Bishop say,


UT chiefly are we bound to praise holv Westeries 314 Hirn to him. Cor us, he hath no baviour Christ saith unto all who truly thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord: For he

is the very Paschal Lamb, which was ofOME unto me, all ye that travel and fered for us, and hath taken away the are heavy laden, and I will refresh sin of the world; who by his death hath

destroyed death, and by his rising to life To him therrore, ndege you, St. Matt. xi. 28.

So God loved the world, that he gave again, hath restored to us evni lasting mnost bounded, amzulle only begotten Son, to the end that all life: Therefore with angels, &c.

* These words • Holy Father,' must be omitted on Trinity Sunday,

danger great

, if we noget

brethren, that we

for the redeirpiu s'1 death and passion of vers both God and was the

A The Who God, our heavenly F, BECAUSE Ithou didst give some

make us the children's

should arrested

Jesus Christ

, thus drive Amen.

innunnerable beness cious blood-stelling to

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and for a continua senger death, to our grea asta

the Holv Ghost,

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freigel witte him in glory: Therefore with A ble for be to thee, A funigha y Sonidan

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(c) Ande

1 Upon Ascension-day, and seven days and that we may evermore dwed after.

him, and he in us Amen.

" Son Jesus Christ cur Lord; who, Table, hath so ordered the Bread La

In Surat after his niost glorious resurrection, ina- Wine, that he may with the more readilatih me nifestly appeared to all his Apostles, and ness and decency dreak the Bread on thesion, in their sight

ascended up into lieaven, fore the People, and take the Crep into to prepare a place for us; that where his hands; he shall say the Prayer of he is, thither we might also ascend, and Consecration, as followeth: angels, &c.

our fortha i two "Upon Whitsunday, and six days of thy tender mercy, didst give slije after.

only son Jesus Christ to sutier degree HROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord Jupon the cross for our redemption; wh mise, the Holy Ghost came down as atselfonce offered, a full, perfect, and su this time froin heaven, with a suddenfficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfa great sound, as it had been a mighty tion, for the sins of the whole world; ai wind, in the likeness of fiery tongues, did institute, and in his holy Gospel com lighting upon the Apostles, to teach mand us to continue a perpetual menon them, and to lead them to all truth; of that his precious death and sacrifi giving them both the gift of divers lan- until his coming again: for, in the nig guages, and also boldness, with-fervent in which he was betray, Zeal, constantly to preach the Gospelled, (a) he took bread; (a) Herel unto all nations; whereby we have been and when he had given Bishop is brought out of darkness and error, into thanks, (6) he brake is, take ike Pal the clear light and true knowledge of and give it to his disciples, into his hand thee, and of thy Son Jesus Christ: saying, Takc, eat, (c) (b) and he Therefore with angels, &c.

this is my body, which is to break 1 Upon the Feast of Trinity only, may in remeinbrance of me.

given for you: Do this Bread. be said, WH0e art one God, one Lord; not likewise, after supper

, erlaykiskan one only person, but three per when he had given Breud. song in one substance: For that which we believe of the glory of the Father, the thanks, he gave it to , (d) Herehe same we believe of the Son, and of the fall of this; for (e) this

is into his hand

them, saying, Drink ye to take the Ca Holy Ghost, without any difference or my Blood of the New (e) and he inequality: 'Therefore with angels, &c. \Tesiament, which is he is to lay a or else this may be said, the words shed for you, and for hands upon Holy Father being retained in the in.

miany, for the remission ery ressel troductory Address.

of sins: Do this as oft as which there FO POR the precious death and merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, membrance of me.

yé shah drink it, in re- any Mine to

consecrated, and for the sending to us of the Holy Ghost the Comforter; who are one with WHEREFORE med- The Oblatio thee in thy eternal Godhead; Therefore venly Father, according to the instit with angels, &c.

tion of thy dearly beloved Son our 1 Then shall the Bishop, kneeling down viour Jesus Christ, we, thy humble se

at the Lord's 'Table, say, in the name vants, do celebrate and make here befor of all those who shall receive the thy divine Majesty, willi these thy he Communion, this prayer following: gifts, which we novy offer unto thice,

VE do not presume to come to this inemorial thy Son hath commanded, ing in our own righteousness, but in thy blessed passion and precious death, manifold and great mercies. We are mighty resurrection and glorious asce not worthy so much as to gather up thesion rendering unto thee most hear crumbs under thy Table. But thou art thanks for the innumerable bencfils pr the same Lord, whose property is al-cured unto us by the sanje. And we und ways to have mercy: Grant us therefore, humbly beseech thee, gracious Lord, so to eat the flesh of thy o merciful Father, to

The Inrocation dear Son Jesus Clirist, and to drink his hear us; and of thy Alinigkty goodne blood, that our sinful bodies may be vouchsafe to bless and sanctify, willi made clean by hts body, and our souls Word and Holy Spirit, these thy washed through his most precious blood, and creatures of bread and wine;

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seven days and that we me

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den ficient sacrifice, we

t/in which he was better


, (6) he brake in

ikewise, after oppe

be look te coo; 24 ben he had pita iks, be gare it! m, saying, Drink ons of this; for (c) this inter

Blood of the Man ament, which jki

for you, and the \, for the remain 29. Do this as ofta 11 drink is in rance of me TEREFORE O

Lord and her ather, according


201 y beloved " What We Bide un nue, receiving them according to thy cording to the Form before prescribed; : who, Table , het wetente sonour Saviour Jesus Christ's holy in

beginning at-All glory be to thee, 2012 , Ina Wave, Walkeagate mitution , in remembrance of his Death Almighty God--and ending with these

words- Partakers of his most blessed beaven, fore the People, del nuost blessed Body and Blood. And we Body and Blood. there his hands and carnestly desire thy fatherly

goodness, when all have communicated, the de and Conseratera, filmet mercifully to accept this our sacrifice of Bishop shall return to the Lord's Tawith L.Lglors de votre praise and thanksgiving ; most humbly blé, and reverently place upon it what our heavenly Preno beseeching thee to grant, that by the

remaineth of the consecrated Ele days of thy tender beg, dia merits and death of thy Son Jesus Christ, ments, covering the same with a fair

only Son Jesus Custom and through faith in his blood, we, and Linen Cloth. pro- bade there, by his omasion of our sins, and all other benefits of Prayer, the People repeating after

him every petition. Beli unto thee, O Lord, ourselves, our

UR Father, who artin

Heaven, Haldid institute, audintis boly, and living sacrifice unto thee:icome; Thy will be done on Earth, as it ch mand is to continue dumbly beseeching thee, that we, andlisin Heaven; Give us this day our daily h: of that his precrus dedo o others who shall be partakers of this bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as to junto ai coming as a team or precion: noney and record of we forgive those who trespass against

not and when he had piraka race and heavenly bencdiction, and the Kingdom, and the Power, and the made one body with hiin, that he may Glory, for ever and ever.

Amen. saying, Take, eualthough we are unworthy, through our and give it to his disciples well in them, and they in him. And After which shall be said as folloroeth.

LMIGHTY and everliving God, we

most heartily thank thee, for that given for you: Do this the critice; yet we beseech thee to accept thou dost vouchsafe to feed us, who have I remembrance of this our bounden duty and service, not duly received these holy Mysteries, with

offences; through Jesus Christ our Lord; Body and Blood of thy Son our Saviour by whom, and with whom, in the unity Jesus Christ; and dost assure us thero: of the Holy Ghost, all honour and glory by of thy favour and goodness towards be unto thee, O Father Almighty, world us; and that we are very members inwithout end. Amen.

corporate in the mystical body of thy " Here shall be sung a Hymn, or Part Son, which is the blessed company of

of a Hymn, from ine Selection for the all faithful people; and are also heira Feasts and Fasts, fc.

through hope of thy everlasting king. * Then shull the Bishop first receive the dom, sy the merits of the

most precious Communion in both kinds himself, and death and passion of thy dear Son. proceed to deliver the same to the Bi- And we most humbly beseech thee, o shops, Priests, and Deacons, in like heavenly Father, so to assist us with manner, and after that, to the People thy grace, that we may continue in that also in order, into their hands, all de-holy fellowship, and do all such good voully kneeling: And when he deliver works as thou

hast prepared for us to etk the Bread, he shall say,

walk in, through Jesus Christ our Lord';

to whom, with thee and the holy Ghost, THE Bdy of our Lord Jesus Christ, be all honour and glory, world without chy body and soul unto everlasting life: T Then shall be said or sung, all standTake and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for thee, and feed on him

ing, Gloria in Excelsis, or some pra iu thy heart by faith, with thanksgiving.

per Hymn from the Selection

LORY be to God on high, and on 1 And the Bishop, delivering the cup, earth peace, good will towards

men. We praise thee, we bless thee, Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, we worship thee, we glorify thee, we

which was shed for thee, preserve give thanks to thee for thy grcat glory thy Body and soul unto everlasting life: O Lord God, heavenly King, God the Drink this in remembrance that Christ's Father Almighty: blood was shed for thee, and be thank- O Lord, the only begotten Son Jevus

Christ; O Lord God, Lamb o: God, Son If the consecrated Bread and Wine be of the Father, who takest away the sins spont before all have communicated, lof the world, have mercy upon us : Thou the Miskop is to consecrate more uc 'who takest away the sink of the wmid,

My dearly tebrania sus Christ

, we 2 celebrate andre

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ch we power

thy Son hat having in 100% sion and De rrection Pring into the

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shall say,

he innumerat

ich thee, ather, Ne

of the day lexander air pist, , of burada

2 A2

have mercy upon ns: Thou who takest, and minds in the knowledge and love away line sins of the world, receive our of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ prayer: 'Thou who sittest at the right our Lord: And the blessing of God At hand of God the Father, have mercy mighty, the Father, the Son, and the upon us.

Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and reFor thou only art holy; thou only art main with you always. Amen. the Lord; thou only, o Christ, with the at If any of the consecrated Brend and Holy Ghost, art inost high in the glory" Wine remain after the Communion, it. of God the Father. Amen.

shall not be carried out of the Church, T Then the Bishop shall let them departl but the Bishop and other communi. with this blessing.

cants shall, immediately after the THE peace of God,

which passeth all Blessing, reverently cat and drink | understanding, keep your hearts) the same. Here endeth the Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion.


Consecration of a Church or Chapel,

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According to the order of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States

of America, as established by the Bishops, ihe Clergy, and Laity of said Church, in General Convention, in the month of September, A. D. 1799.

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T 'The Bishop is to be received at the entrance of the Church of Chapel by the

Churck-wardens and Vestrymen, or some other persons appointed for that pur pose. The Bishop and the Clergy who are present, skall go up the aisle of the Church or Chapel, to the Communion Table, repeating the 24th Psalm aller rately, the Bishop one versc, and the Clergy another. Psalm xxiv.

11 The Bishop shall go within the rails

with such of the Clergy as can be The earth is the Lord's and all that

therein is: the compass of the world, there accommodated. The Bishop, siland they that dwell therein.

ting in his chair, shall have the in2 For he hath founded it upon the struments of donation and endowinent, Bcas, and prepared it upon the floods. if there be any presented to kim, and

3 Who shal ascend into the hill of ihen standing up, and turning to the the Lord, or who shall rise up in his! Congregation, shau holy place?

Even be that hath clean hands and D EARLY beloved in the Lord; foras his mind unto vanity, nor sworn to'de-well under the law as under the gospel, ceive his neighbour.

moved either by the express command 5 He shall receive the blessing from of God, or by the secret inspiration of the the Lord, and righteousness from the blessed Spirit, and acting agreeably to God of his salvation.

their own reason and sense of the natural 6 This is the generation of them that decency of things, have arecced houses seek hiin; even of them that seek thy for the public worship of God, and sepa face, O Jacob.

rated them from all uulallowed, world7 Lift up your heads, 0 ye gats; and ly and coinmon uses, in order to till men's be

ye lift up, ye everlasting doors and minds with greater reverence for his the King of Glory shall come in. glorious Majesty, and affect their bearts

8 Who is the King of Glory? it is the with more devotion and humility in hje Lord strong and mighty, even the Lord service; which pious works have been mighty in battle.

approved of and graciously accepted by ỹ Lift up your heads, ye gates; and our heavenly Father: Let us not doubt be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors: and but that he will also favourably approre the King of Glory shall come in. 10 Who is the King of Glory? even place in solemn manner, for the perfor

our godly purpore of setting apart this the Lord of Hosts, he is the king of mance of the several offices of religious Glory.

worship, and let us faithfully and do

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voutly beg his blessing on this our un- sins, and all other beuefits of his passion." dertaking.

Amen. Then the Bishop, kneeling, shall say...Grant, O Lord, that by thy Holy word the following Prayer.

wirich shall be read and preached in this ETERNAL God, mighty in O

place, and by thy Holy Spirit grafting it

power and of majesty

incomprehensible, inwardly in the lieart, the hearers there whom the keaven of heavens camot

may both perceive and know what contain, much less the walls of temples things they ought to do, and may have made with hands; and who

yet hast been power and strength to fulfil the same.

graciously pleased to promise thy espe-

presence, wherever two or three of Grant, O Lord, that whosoever shal My faithful servants shall assemble in be joined together in this place in the thy nane to offer up their praises and holy estate of matrimony, may faithfully upplications unto thee; vouchsafe, o perform and keep the vow and covenan

cord, to be present with us, who are between them made, and may remain here gathered together, with all humility in perfect love together unto their lives' und readiness of heart, to consecrate

end. Amen. This place to the honour of thy great that whosoever shall draw near to thee

Grant, we beseech thee, blessed Lord, uame; separatiog it henceforth from all inhallowed, ordinary and commonuses,

in this place, to give thee thanks for the and dedicating it to thy service, for read-benefits which they have received at thy Ing thy holy word, for celebrating thy hands, to set forth thy most worthy holy sacraments, for offering to thy glo- praise, to confess tileir sins unto thee, rious Majesty the sacrifices of prayer and and to ask such things as are requisite thanksgiving, for blessing thy people in and necessary as well for the body as for thy name, and for the perforniance of all the soul, piay do it with such steadiness other holy offices: accept, O Lord, this

of faith, and with such seriousness, afservice at our hands, and bless it with fection, and devotion of mind, that thou such success as may tend inost to thy mayest accept their bounden duty and flory, and the furtherance of our liappi- service, and vouchsafe to give whatever ness both temporal and spiritual, tlırough in thy infinite wisdom thou shalt see to Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Sabe most expedient for them: all which viour. Amen.

we beg for Jesus Christ's sake our most blessed Lord and Savior:r.

* After this the Bishop shall stand up Then the Bishop, sitting in nis Chair,

and turning his face towards the
Congregation, shall say,

the scntence of Consccration is to be FGARD, O Lord, the supplications

read by some person appointed by him,

and then laid by him upon the Com ever shall be dedicated to thee in this

munion Table,-after which the Bihouse by Baptism, may be sanctified by shop shall say he Holy Ghost, delivered from thi Bhi Wath pleased thee to put it into the wrath and eternal death, and received u a liviaig inember of Christ's Church, jhearts of thy seryants, to appropriate and may ever remain in the number of and devote this liouse to thy honour and thy faithful children. Amen. worship; and grant that all who shall

Grant, O Lord, that they who' at this enjoy the benefit of this pious work, place shalt in their dwn persons renewinay show forth their thankfulnese, by or which we.e made for them by their thy blessed name, through Jesus Christ Bureties at their Baptism, and thereupon our Lord. Amen. shall be confirmed by the Bishop, may si After this the Minister appointed is to receive such a measure of thy Holy Spirit, that they may be enabled faith

roud the service for the day. fully to fill the

same, and grow in grace PROPER PSALMS, 84-12---132. urto their lives end. Amen. FIRST LESSON. 1 Kings 8th, verse Grant, O Lord, that whosoever shall

22 to verse 63. receive in this place the blessed sacra- SECOND LESSON. Heb. 10th, verso ment of the body and blood of Christ,

19 to verse 27. may come to that holy ordinance with faith, charity, and true repentance; and IT Morning Prayer being endod, then being filled with thy grace and heavenly shall be sung from the Book of Pealmi benediction, may, to their great and end in metre, Psal. xxvi vene 6, 7, 8, with lens confort, obtain remission of theirt - the Gloria Patri.

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