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[Act 334, P. A. 1919]

An act to provide for the registration of architects, engineers and surveyors; to regulate the practice of architecture, engineering and surveying as professions and establish their relation to public works and the surveying and platting of land; to provide for a board of examiners of architects, engineers and surveyors; to repeal act number one hundred twenty of the Public Acts of nineteen hundred fifteen, entitled "An act to provide for the registration of architects and regulating the practice of architecture as a profession," and to provide for the transfer of the funds and records accumulated under said act.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 1. Any person who represents himself to be an architect or as an engineer, or as a surveyor in any of the branches hereinafter mentioned, in the State of Michigan, shall be registered as hereinafter provided. Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent any person, firm or corporation from preparing plans and specifications for buildings to be erected by themselves.

Section 2. Any person who shall have been qualified in this State to use the title "registered architect" before this act takes effect shall be considered as registered under this act. Any citizen of the State of Michigan who shall have been engaged in practice as an engineer or surveyor as a principal, or in the responsible charge of design or supervision of engineering works for not less than two years before this act goes into effect, shall be granted a certificate authorizing him to use the title of the branch of engineering in which he has been so engaged.

Section 3. The Governor shall, within thirty days after this act goes into effect, appoint a board of seven examiners, which shall be composed of two architects and five engineers, who shall have been in the active practice of their professions as principals for not less than ten years previous to their appointment and who are otherwise qualified, of whom one of the appointees shall be from the Upper Peninsula.

Section 4. The members of the board shall be appointed to hold

office until one, two, three, four, five, six and seven years respectively, after July first, nineteen hundred twenty, or until their successors shall have qualified, and thereafter, upon the expiration of the term of office of each person so appointed, the Governor shall, on or before the first day of July in each year, appoint a successor to hold office for a term of seven years. The members of the board so appointed shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed by the constitution and shall file the same in the office of the Secre tary of State. By virtue of appointment the engineer members of the original board shall become registered engineers, and thereafter no person who is not a registered architect or a registered engineer shall be qualified for appointment to said board.

Section 5. Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the board shall be filled by the Governor for the unexpired term of such membership, subject to the provisions of section three hereof.

Section 6. The board shall adopt rules and regulations for its own organization and for the examination and classification of candidates for registration, and the issuance of the certificates thereto, and for carrying out the provisions of this act, and may amend, modify, and repeal such rules and regulations from time to time. The said rules and regulations and any amendments thereto shall become effective upon approval by the Attorney General.

Section 7. The board shall have power to classify the applicants into the respective branches of engineering as follows: Civil engineer, mining engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer and surveyor, and such other branches of engineering as the board may consider subject to this act, and shall have authority to issue a certificate entitling the registrant to use the title of "registered civil engineer," "registered mining engineer," "registered mechanical engineer," "registered electrical engineer," "registered chemical engineer," and "registered surveyor," or such other registered titles indicating more limited qualifications as the board may designate, and to practice in the branch of engineering in which such person is registered; and further shall have power to issue certificates to persons qualifying under this act as architects to use the title of "registered architect." Nothing in this section shall prevent any person qualified hereunder from registering in any and all branches of engineering herein specified or in architecture. No person shall use the title "registered architect" or "registered engineer" or "registered surveyor" or any variation of the same, or use any word, letter or device to indicate that the person so using the same is a registered architect or a registered engineer or a registered surveyor, after the first day of January, nineteen hundred twenty, without being registered as an architect or engineer or surveyor, in

accordance with the provisions of this act. The board shall before issuing any such certificate examine into the character and qualifications of the applicant to practice in the branch or classification for which he makes application and become satisfied that such applicant is a proper person and qualified so to do, before it shall issue the certificate for which application has been made. No person shall use any of the titles "registered architect," "registered civil engineer," "registered mining engineer," "registered mechanical engineer," "registered electrical engineer," "registered chemical engineer," or "registered surveyor," or any other registered title that the board may designate, unless he has been duly authorized to do so by the board: Provided, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to engineers or architects employed by railroad or other interstate corporations whose employment is confined to such corporation, whether such employe is or is not a citizen of this State.

Section 8. The board shall hold its first meeting within thirty days after its members are appointed and thereafter shall hold meetings not less than four times each year, and shall submit to the Governor biennially a report covering its activities.

Section 9. The members of the board shall be entitled to no compensation for their services; they shall, however, be reimbursed for traveling, and other actual expenses incurred in the performance of their specific duties under this act, and for clerical and other assistance: Provided, That all expenses of the board shall at no time exceed the amount of moneys received and on deposit to the credit of the board under the workings of this act.

Section 10. All moneys and fees collected or received under this act shall be properly recorded and receipted for and deposited with the State Treasurer.

Section 11. All moneys expended by the board shall be paid through the State Treasurer on properly drawn vouchers, signed by the president and secretary of the board.

Section 12. All moneys received by the State Treasurer under the provisions of this act shall be kept in a separate fund to be drawn against only for the expenses of the board.

Section 13. Any citizen of the United States of legal age and of good moral character, who has had not less than six years of practical experience in architectural or engineering work or surveying under the direction or supervision of a registered architect or a registered engineer or a registered surveyor, or of an architect or engi neer or surveyor of equivalent pofessional standing, or who is a graduate in architecture or engineering of a college or school of recognized standing, and who has had not less than two years of such experience under like conditions, who desires to begin the practice

of architecture or engineering or surveying as a principal or in responsible charge of such work, may upon the payment of a fee of five dollars, apply for examination for a certificate under this act, and before receiving such certificate shall satisfactorily pass an examination in the English language and in such other appropriate subjects as are established by the board, and satisfy it as to his practical experience and general standing and ability; and shall pay the fee hereinafter provided for the certificate of registration: Provided, That time spent as a student of architecture or engineering in a college or school of recognized standing shall be considered the equivalent of an equal amount of practical experience.

Section 14. The board shall register architects and engineers of other states and of foreign countries to engage as principals, in the practice of architecture and engineering within the State of Michigan, when they are recognized as consulting specialists in some branch of their profession and have had at least ten years of experience as such, or when they present credentials showing that they have qualified for such work under equivalent laws of their own states or governments, and are still in good standing thereunder: Provided, That such laws extend similar privileges to registrants under this act.

Section 15. The result of every examination or other evidence of qualification, as provided by this act, shall be recorded by the secretary of the board, and the board shall issue a certificate to every person having passed such examination and being otherwise qualified to receive the same. All certificates issued before the first day of January, nineteen hundred twenty-five, shall expire on that date, and those issued thereafter shall expire on the first day of January of nineteen hundred thirty and of each fifth year thereafter, and shall be subject to renewal upon application therefor not less than thirty days preceding the date of expiration, upon payment of the fee hereinafter provided.

Section 16. The board may by a five-sevenths vote revoke any certificate upon written notice to the holder thereof giving him not less than thirty days' notice of an opportunity for a hearing before the board, upon proof that such certificate has been obtained by fraud or misrepresentation, or upon proof that the holder of such certificate has been guilty of malfeasance or gross incompetency in connection with his practice of architecture or engineering or surveying.

Section 17. Every person having passed an examination as hereinbefore provided shall pay upon registration a fee of fifteen dollars to the board and every person registered without examination shall pay a fee of twenty dollars to the board, and each person shall thereupon

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