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We are glad to be able to say that, so far, the Magazine is a

So many have subscribed to it that we are able to print forty-eight pages instead of thirty-two, as we first intended.

We should not have been able to have our badge printed on the title-page of this first number, but for the kindness of our Head-Mistress, who has made us a present of the engraving; for this, as well as for her hearty co-operation in the whole scheme, we offer her our warmest thanks. The contributions have far exceeded our expectations; we have received so many, that notwithstanding the enlargement of our number, we are obliged to omit some that we should have liked to put in. The following shew great merit, but cannot be printed till next number: A Christmas Story; That little Man and Maid; Griselda ; The four-legged Ghosts; The lost Ship; Dr. Rook; The everlasting Showers; Acrostics; A NewYear's Story; The Autobiography of a Pig; Thoughts of a worn-out Broom ; A Sketch from a Diary kept in 1879.

Rejected manuscripts cannot be returned this term. Next term some other arrangement may be made, if wished for.

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