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Governor of North Carolina. DEAR SIR:-In compliance with the law creating the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I herewith submit to you and the General Assembly the Second Annual Report of this department for the year 1888.

The subjects embraced in this Report are contained in six chapters, as follows:

Chapter I.--Reports from Mechanics.
Chapter II.-Reports from Mechanical and other Employers.
Chapter III.-Apprentices.
Chapter IV.—Manual and Technical Training.
Chapter V.-Public Roads.
Chapter VI.-Agricultural Statistics.

Chapter I is devoted to reports from mechanics in reply to inquiries in reference to their wages, hours of labor, &c., and their educational, moral and financial condition. A large number of this class of correspondents have responded to our inquiries, and we have thought best to give what they have said in full. Their replies make a very extensive and interesting chapter-one presenting much valuable information, as well as opinions and suggestions as to what would benefit this class of our citizens and the producing classes of the State generally.

Chapter II is from mechanical and other employers of labor.' The reports made are in regard to capital employed, wages paid, articles produced by the business reported, and also information in reference to the condition of the employees in them. The purpose being to get employers to give facts and opinions in reference to their business affairs, (to be used in a general way,) as well as information upon those points upon which employees expressed themselves in the previous chapter. It is hoped and believed that having these expressions from employers and employees coming together will prove a mutual benefit to both.

In Chapter III, the present apprentice law of the State is exam: ined, and opinions obtained from the Clerks of the Superior Courts of the State, and others who were supposed to be familiar with the

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