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Showing therefore that it should be treated as a WHOLE!



Veins of the Human Body, showing that we are like a Tree.

Circulation of the Blood discovered by Harvey.

Purification of the Blood by the Vegetable Universal Medicines discovered by JAMES MORISON, the Hygeist.

People of Europe :

The foregoing Engraving of the Veins ought to convince you that the human frame should be treated in disease as a whole, and not piecemeal, as if it were disjointed machinery: Here lies the great difference between Hygeists and Doctors. Doctors, by their organic theory, contend that diseases should be treated locally, independently of the blood. Hygeists deny this, contending that in all cases of disease or sickness it is the blood which is really the suffering principle, and that therefore the only thing required to cure is a medicine which may purify the stream of life.

On this question the happiness and well

being of Millions depend. This Plate is taken from Dick's Christian Philosopher,' pages 163-5.


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fasten easily in front, fit closely, and retain the original symmetry of their adjustment. Their beautiful resilient action, elegant appearance, and anatomical correctness, have won for them the highest admiration. They are judiciously adapted to every varying condition of the female form. Ladies in health, convalescents, and invalids wear them with equal satisfaction; and once having experienced the comfort and advantages they ensure, will not return to the ordinary stays and their attendant evils.

The oblique transverse resilients have each a distinct action in accordance with mascular movement; and are variable in number, size, and position, as individual configuration may require. Under the open transverse-work quilted silk, fine flannel, or coutil, is inserted

at the option of the wearer, preventing chilliness in the back, and promoting the general health. The additional resilients in the lower part of the front are given in the Corsaletto only.

Bodices of plain Coutil or Jean, with cotton elastic resilients, at prices from 14s. to 20s. (Children's 4s. to lls.) Corsalettos, from 21s. The finest silk elastic resilients are used in Bodices of best single Coutil, at 21s. Corsalettos, from 31s. 6d. ; and Bodices of best double Coutil, at 25s. and upwards. Corsalettos, from 35s.

LADIES' RESILIENT SUSTAINING BELTS, of fine woven silks, self-adjusting, without fastenings, and affording an agreeable and unvarying support in any temperature. Prices from 12s. to £2 2s.

ALL COUNTRY ORDERS SENT POST-FREE. Enlarged Trospectus, with tinted Illus. trations, papers for self-measurement, &c., sent free on receipt of two stamps for postage


(NEAR THE MARBLE ARCH.) OPINIONS of SIR JAMES CLARK, the Queen's Physician; Dr. J. FORBES, Physician to Her Majesty's Household ; Sir

B. C. BRODIE, Serjeant-Surgeon to the Queen ; Dr. J. C.B. WILLIAMS, Dr. PARIS, Dr. HOLLAND, Dr. THOMPSON, Dr. LAYCOCK, Dr. WALSUE, Dr. CONQUEST, Dr. Rowe, and ONE HUNDRED eminent Physicians and Apatomists,

ON THE INFLUENCE OF STAYS AND CORSETS UPON THE HEALTH OF WONEN. Elegantly printed in Crown Quarto, with Illustrations ; forwarded Post-free on receipt of JE INN twelve postage stamps.

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